Max Boot: What Does The GOP Even Stand For?

I’m a populist and nationalist voter.

I’ve never been a mainstream conservative. I was never attracted to conservatism because I never trusted these people. I wasn’t alone in smelling a rat.

Washington Post:

“This is a portrait of a party that can’t be saved — at least in the foreseeable future. The GOP remains a cult of personality for the worst president in U.S. history. It has become a bastion of irrationality, conspiracy mongering, racism, nativism and anti-scientific prejudices. So what should a sane, center-right voter — someone who might have voted for the GOP in the past — do under those circumstances? …

But we won’t transform our political system anytime soon. In the meantime, centrists have a binary choice: Support either an increasingly extremist and obstructionist Republican Party or a Democratic Party that, under President Biden, is working to solve our most pressing problems. …”

As many you might recall from the Iraq War, there is no one in American politics who is saner than folks like Max Boot and Bill Kristol. They’ve gone over to Joe Biden and become Red Dogs now. Just out of morbid curiosity, I still read and keep track of these people. We developed our views in the 2000s by rejecting these people and virtually everything that they believe in.

The Bulwark:

“Or just maybe—and hear me out—it’s not that CEOs are being hoodwinked, or that they are foolishly working against their own best interests (as the Wall Street Journal editorial board avers), but rather that they see clearly that the GOP’s transformation into a party of deceit and anti-democracy is bad for the country, bad for political stability, and therefore bad for business.

The GOP’s new populism isn’t about policy; it’s about power. Mitch McConnell is not giving back any corporate donations. He’s not giving up any of that easy corporate cash. He wants to see if he can make those corporations buckle, and run from Democrats, back into his arms with sweet promises of protecting their low tax rates. …

Amanda Carpenter is a blast from the blast.

Wasn’t she associated with Ted Cruz during the 2016 election? Amanda is upset that no one is standing up for the real victims in America … CEOs and multinational corporations.

Tim Miller was Jeb Bush’s homosexual communications director. He also used to fancy himself as a Republican political strategist. We saw how that went in the 2016 election.

The Bulwark:

“Awkward, but kind of true. Corporations are made up of people who make choices based on our politics. Sometimes companies move to states with lower taxes. Republicans like that. Now, some are moving out of states if they pass bigoted laws like restricting trans-bathroom options or voting rights. If you, the consumer, don’t like the political stance a company takes, then go ahead, drink yourself a gross-ass Pepsi or shotgun a can of Goya beans instead. This is America, b—–s. This is how the free market works.

And that’s something Republicans used to understand.”

This faggot goofball now makes cringe videos like this:

Moral of the story: this is what mainstream conservatism used to be for decades. It was run by people like Charlie Sykes, Tim Miller, Max Boot, Bill Kristol, Amanda Carpenter and so forth. BTW, that is also why nothing was ever conserved. They’re all quite open about it now.

Note: I laugh when I think that people like Rusty Reno or Rod Dreher were once allied with these people. They were “mainstream.” Maybe they should have listened to all of those “extremists” who criticized them? If you can’t trust Charlie Sykes, Max Boot and Bill Kristol, who can you trust?

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  1. These people, the Max Boots of the world, are quite literally the only people on this planet that make me feel an infinitesimally small urge to defend the GOP.

    They are that loathsom

  2. That is an easy one Max. The Republicans are homosexual Nazi’s that love Jews and of course love the Moshiach.

  3. In my lifetime, the GOP has done very little with power once they get it except feed what Ike called The Military Industrial Complex with endless occupations and one war after another, and giving big tax cuts to people who really don’t need, or in my mind deserve tax cuts.

    This has been accompianied by teaching people to worship the military and the U.S. flag, none of which helps our people, meaning European Americans.

    As far as Max Boot goes, where in the fuck do they find these people, he looks like the villain in a bullshit movie about the CIA.

  4. It’s uncanny how fantastically useful Mr. Boot is for me.

    Why, he is the perfect barometer, because it never fails : every single thing he values is the very opposite of me.

  5. The Republicans, along with the Democrats, aren’t worth voting for. None of them represent me. The whole “voting system” is a joke.

  6. ” If you, the consumer, don’t like the political stance a company takes, then go ahead, drink yourself a gross-ass Pepsi or shotgun a can of Goya beans instead. This is America, b—–s. This is how the free market works.”

    Goya is a very woke corporation notwithstanding its CEO Robert Unanue’s shitstorm generating virtue signals in support of Trump. Ultra-white Iberian Robert Unanue doesn’t even have de-facto control of the company his father founded anymore. He supported the Obamas in their heyday. Goya is totally open borders, La RAZA woke. Ditto for Pepsi.

    Your only consumer choice as a boycotter in today’s market is to buy generic/house brands and even then you can’t be certain than some of those products aren’t made under contract by some of these shit bird companies. At least they won’t make their full customary profit margins on the generics.

  7. …the GOP’s transformation into a party of deceit and anti-democracy…

    Who do they think will be convinced by such mendacious tripe? Why weren’t the D’s “a party of deceit and anti-democracy” when they told elaborate lies about “Russian collusion” non-stop for four years in an attempt to cancel the results of a democratic election?

  8. Moral of the story: this is what mainstream conservatism used to be for decades. It was run by people like Charlie Sykes, Tim Miller, Max Boot, Bill Kristol, Amanda Carpenter and so forth. BTW, that is also why nothing was ever conserved. They’re all quite open about it now.

    I have a quibble with this narrative: Among the conservative rank-and-file, and among the old Fox News and Talk Radio superstars (such as Rush Limbaugh), the “conservative” names you just mentioned were all roundly rejected and marginalized, or otherwise had no relevance in the Conservative Movement because they were so boring. Max Boot in particular is a Rockefeller Republican. Here’s the story on them from a Conservative POV:

    Starting in 1964 with the Barry Goldwater campaign, and 1976 when Ronald Reagan almost ousted a sitting President in the GOP Primary, there was a decades long push to ex-communicate the Rockefeller Republicans from the GOP and the Conservative Movement. We unfortunately tolerated neocons like Bill Kristol because they touted militaristic rhetoric that appealed to us (that was a mistake), and yes, it is true that the Republican Party failed to conserve the things that Pro-White types care about.

    BUT, if we’re being honest with ourselves, the Conservative Movement did in fact succeed in dragging Republican rhetoric to the Right over the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Some of this was the GOP itself capitalizing on what got Reagan elected twice, and what continued to work all the way through the 2010 midterms, but frankly, a lot of it was the rank-and-file and the aforementioned Conservative media superstar dragging the Republicans in that direction. By 2016, the Rockefeller Republicans were ejected for good. Here’s how Wikipedia described it:

    ”With their power decreasing in the final decades of the 20th century, many moderate Republicans were replaced by conservative and moderate Democrats, such as those from the Blue Dog or New Democrat coalitions. Michael Lind contends that by the mid-1990s the liberalism of President Bill Clinton and the New Democrats were in many ways to the right of Eisenhower, Rockefeller, and John Lindsay, the Republican mayor of New York City in the late 1960s.[21] In 2009, CNN published an analysis describing how liberal and moderate Republicans had declined by the start of the 21st century.[22] In 2010, Scott Brown was elected to the Senate to fill the seat once held by Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy. He was considered to be a moderate Republican in a similar mold as Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine.[23] However, by middle of the century’s second decade, only Senator Susan Collins of Maine remained as a moderately liberal Republican representing the New England at the federal level.”

    That entire “History” section of the Rockefeller Republicans is worth a read.

    In so many ways, the Pro-White Movement was ahead of the curve on Conservatives when it comes to calling out things like how the language and morals of the Left have become hegemonic, and how Conservatives aren’t very good at stopping the Left. However, based on what I’ve been reading here on OD about the Biden Administration, its clear to me that it was Conservatives who were ahead of the curve on the Pro-White Movement when it comes how awful Progressives actually are, and by extension, how nasty the Democratic Party has become.

    The shit we are seeing under Joe Biden was imminently predictable for anyone who was part of the Tea Party Movement in 2009 and 2010. Biden said in August 2012 to some Black college that if Romney and the Republicans get elected, they are going to “put y’all back in chains.” Arizona passed a law in the summer of 2010 called SB 1070 that was designed to combat illegal immigration. It was widely condemned as “racist,” was compared to Jim Crow, and the Obama DOJ sued all its important parts out of existence.

    The Democratic Party has been in thrall to its DILE base for as long as I’ve been following politics, which goes back to 2005. I wasn’t aware of their demographic makeup at the time, but the rhetoric coming from Democratic politicians and from their hacks in the media, – which included all of MSNBC and most of CNN – was as toxic and vile 15 years ago as it is now.

    The major change since then was the introduction of explicitly anti-white rhetoric, which began in August 2014 with the Michael Brown shooting. That was when I saw the phrase “White Privilege” appear on Yahoo News, and I knew the shark had jumped. I thought it might be too soon for the media to go there since Whites were still a 60% demographic majority, but turns out, it wasn’t too soon at all. The same DILE base that gave us bomb throwing TV hosts like Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Democratic politicians like Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi was all to eager to eat up the anti-white rhetoric that the Jew run media decided to go full steam ahead with.

    Getting back to my point, Conservatives may have failed to stem the cultural tide, but they successfully engrained in their rank-and-file that Liberals/Progressives are awful human beings with sinister intentions whose every move is calculated to bring about a top down totalitarian government that will oppress their enemies and humiliate them. Conservatives like Rush gave us an entire framework for how to understand Liberal rhetoric and Liberal policies. And it made sense. The framework was basically accurate.

    I propose a Hegelian synthesis between that anti-Progressive framework and the Pro-White worldview. Dunking on conservatives no longer serves a purpose. David French has been reduced to licking the asses of Liberals at TIME Magazine. No one in the conservative rank-and-file takes his kind seriously. The Enemy of the Pro-White cause are Progressives. They always have been. Phony Conservatives and Rockefeller Republicans like Max Boot may have once stood in the way, but now, they are telling their own circles to abandon ship and join the Democrats. This is a cultural victory. The Republican Party has been purged of its moderate elements, and its only a matter of time before the actual politicians in it reflect that.

    To be clear, I’m not proposing some Pro-White “take over” of the Republicans, I’m proposing that we focus all our rhetorical arrows squarely at Progressives. It is not the QAnon tards who are policing us and deplatforming us. Its Progressives. It is not Breitbart Readers and “Stop The Steal” marchers who have shut down debate on immigration restriction and crime, its Progressives. All the cultural power lies with Liberals, not Conservatives. At this stage in the game, if you are still dunking on Conservatives like Richard Spencer does, its because they are Progressives themselves, and therefore identify too strongly with their own kind to call them out and demonize them as the enemies of the White Race. Aunt Sally from Nebraska isn’t the Enemy. Chris Hayes is.

  9. Neocons are Jews who have an obsessive hate for Russia because the goyish Stalin defeated the Jewish Trotsky and had him killed. When the Bolshevik revolution happened, Jews thought the world’s largest country and all its resources, and all its people, were theirs and they can’t bear that it was all taken away from them. Max Boot, in particular, was actually born in Russia, so he’s even more steeped in Trotskyite Jewish supremacy than US-born neocons. It’s rather appropriate that the term “neocon” includes “con” because the notion that these vermin are patriotic Americans who uphold the interests of America is preposterous. They are entirely motivated by Jewish supremacy and a desire for revenge against a country that has done much better than the US at guarding itself against domination by them.

  10. > We developed our views in the 2000s by rejecting these people and virtually everything that they believe in.

    Wasn’t he a big fan of George W. Bush and the Terror War? Max Boot wants us to bomb other countries then ship the survivors over to America to get revenge. Max Boot wants to do to Americans what he did to Arabs.

    Max Boot is an extremist hatemonger. He should be canceled.

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