Tulsi Gabbard Slams Joe Biden’s Surveillance State

What is progress?

The definition of progress is inverting the social order so that things which were formerly taboo and bizarre have become mainstream and celebrated by our degenerate elites and what used to be normal is pathologized as immoral or evil. We see this in countless areas like anti-White discrimination, vicious attacks on Christianity or the demonization of heterosexuality by LGBTQIA activists.

Progress is expanding the rights and liberties of “marginalized groups” like illegal aliens or blacks while simultaneously attacking and curtailing the rights and liberties of the people whose ancestors built this country on the basis of their race. The progressive version of Social Justice is anti-White, anti-Southern, anti-Christian and anti-male. It has less and less to do with economic fairness.

We saw the destructive aspect of Social Justice on display last summer in the mobs of brats who destroyed hundreds of monuments. We saw that any monument would do. It is important to understand that Social Justice is anti-traditional. Everything that is old is offensive whether it is Aunt Jemima or Dr. Seuss books or Confederate monuments or the Constitution or statues of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It all has to be wiped out so that Heaven on Earth can be created by the Elect.

Note: As I explained the other day, this issue is why there has been such a sharp change in tone on this website toward the Biden administration. It is nice that Joe wants to build infrastructure, but can people who are being put on an FBI No Fly List over their politics enjoy it?

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  1. Methinks Miss Tulsi is eyeing a run for The Oval Office, at some unspecified point in the future.

    Though I do not agree with her on some issues, I think she has the guts and moral compass to be a good leader – far better, in fact, than the vast majority of White Politicians we’ve had for decades, on either side.

    Having watched her for several years, I am struck by the impression that you can neither intimidate her nor buy her off.

    • She was by far the Democrat with the highest character the first time she ran. So of course, the MSM did all they could to mock and marginalize her.

    • Tulsi Gabbard is fantastic on a very small number of issues that are important to the pro-White movement. Such as being anti-war and, as she demonstrates in this interview – showing her concern about the creeping totalitarianism and infringement upon the personal liberties of American citizens.

      But, aside from that – she is a rabid liberal who is anti-Second Amendment and big proponent for every Soviet-style gun control / gun ban idea that the Communists in the Democrat party have come up with.
      Also, remember – when asked during the democrat debates to raise her hand if she supported FREE HEALTH CARE for illegal, criminal aliens – paid for by native born American citizens who are struggling to pay for their own health care needs – she, along with every other democrat on that stage, raised her hand and agreed with this insane and treasonous idea.

      Do not let yourself be enchanted by Tulsi Gabbard’s good looks. She is not someone who should ever be allowed to become President.

  2. To be clear : President Biden’s ‘Surveillance State’ is The Surveillance state designed by George Bush and greatly expanded by President Obama.

    And, as is typical for White Southern lunacy in recent decades, The Jew England Yankee Surveillance Globalist Empire has been actually supported by White Southern politicians, none more in love with surveillance on his fellow White Southerners than my own Tarheel State’s disgraced Senator Burr; he who, as chairman of The Senate Intelligence Community, never found it within him to investigate and call down the NSA, FBI, CIA, and God knows who else, who were, in broad daylight, spying on Candidate Trump and then relentlessly endeavouring to overthrow his presidency.

    That leadership of this country is a damn scandal – that’s what it is – scalawags and scoundrels so many of them, and nary a functioning pair of balls on the lot of them.

  3. Middle and working class white people represent the only obstacle to a complete judeo-bolshevik takeover of the USA. So they are automatically classified as extremists.

  4. ‘Progress’ usually means change that benefits fags, invaders, trannies, diversities and those with low IQ’s and an inability to contribute to the nation. Progress never means helping us…….the straight, white Christian Europeans.
    As with words and phrases like ‘social justice’, ‘diversity’,
    ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘human rights’, ‘progress’ is a word every ordinary white in flyover America, Canada, Europe or Australia should be wary of.
    Human rights for everyone……… except us.

  5. ” It is nice that Joe wants to build infrastructure”

    Not really.
    The level of federal debt has reached such a level, that any form additional spending will drain the economy, not grow it.
    We have crossed an invisible threshold, Nat debt > GDP, where any new spending can have cascading negative effects. Most directly felt in much lower living standards.
    We will see the consequences, just wait.

  6. Let me correct OP’s whine fest with a history lesson.

    things which were formerly taboo and bizarre have become mainstream and celebrated by our degenerate elites and what used to be normal is pathologized as immoral or evil.

    It can’t be by just the elites if the majority population accepts it. Man up and admit you failed and continue to fail because most of us, especially those of us who are younger, reject your agenda.

    vicious attacks on Christianity

    School prayers used to be mandatory even in public schools before the fearless Madalyn Murray took it to the Supreme Court and won. Believe your Jewish carpenter rabbi or whatever you want, but don’t freaking push it on the rest of us. How difficult is that for you to comprehend?

    Progress is expanding the rights and liberties of “marginalized groups” like illegal aliens or blacks while simultaneously attacking and curtailing the rights and liberties of the people whose ancestors built this country on the basis of their race.

    Equal opportunity for all doesn’t necessarily mean curtailing the rights of the majority. The Civil Rights and Hart Celler Acts were passed almost a century after the Civil War. The LGBTQ community won equal rights almost half a century since the Stonewall riots. Women won the vote in every state only 101 years ago. All these major changes weren’t overnight and they were achieved in legislative and judicial bodies within our Constitutional framework. The majority population failed to halt any of them because it was either complicit or supportive of all of them. You can’t seem to get it through your skulls that your side’s been ineffective, lazy or just plain outnumbered and that’s why you’re shaking your fists in the wind.

    • You fail to understand the role that propaganda plays in shaping the opinions of the masses. It’s painfully obvious that you’ve never questioned anything you’ve ever been told by those in power. Now, for your own history lesson, start with “Culture of Critique” by Kevin MacDonald. Maybe you’ll learn something about Jewish ethnic-activism in the U.S. and why it has often sought to undermine the European foundational stock of this country. Of course, that would require you to be able to think critically about important issues, which judging from your post, is probably a long shot. Also recommended is “The Century of the Self.” (documentary)

    • I don’t think the rightwing expected it to ever get this bad. Complacent but not lazy. Too busy scratching a living to reverse political developments, and then once engaged in a survival mode unaware of just how rotten the entire system has become. Also not willing to dash out the brains of paracitic urban populations when the riots started. If whites submit to being disarmed after watching the rioting and the freakish lies about Anti Asian violence it will be volunteering for genocide.

    • Nobody denies that stupid people who lack critical thinking abilities, such as yourself and other women, will gobble up whatever is fed to them by degenerated elites like the cud-chewing bovine retards they are. However, popularity with unthinking morons is not sufficient justification for the policies themselves.

      • All I see replying to my posting are unachieved, bitter, low IQ incel males blaming half the world population for rejecting them and scapegoating less than two percent and other minorities in the country for their unhappy lives. Change can’t occur if the masses mobilize and act so my comment about the majority being complicit or supportive still stands, pathetic idiots. Keep crying and whining waaaa ^__^ smh

        • You like going on about education and accomplishment, yet have not offered to disclose your degree. If I had to guess, it’s in something stupid and worthless, as is the case with most “educated” Americans who hold their credential in high regard.

          And change will occur regardless of what American masses want or desire. The USA and its system of values are going down, and there is nothing that can be done to change that, even if Americans had the general competency to do so (they don’t).

        • LMAO.
          Vampire Chick,
          Looks like you remind these alt right tea bagger boomer losers the girl who rejected them in high school?

          Take comfort in the fact the demographics and trends in the country are constantly working against them and they’re impotent to stop this wave. They’ve already lost the major social issue battles so it’s just a matter of time as pre-boomers and boomers are replaced with the younger generations.

          • The demographics work in our favor in the end because their ultimate result is a decline of American global power, which also means the decline of liberalism. As America becomes a pathetic Brazilified garbage dump, then the liberal international order will die with it.

    • @Vampire Chick…

      “You can’t seem to get it through your skulls that your side’s been ineffective, lazy or just plain outnumbered ‘

      No, if you actually paid attention to the comments here, you’d see that everyone gets that.

      As to being ‘outnumbered’, it has never been the case in anything forced upon The South.

      Normal more demonstrative of that than forced integration, forced secularization, the overturning of our ban on abortion, and gay marriage – all issues where the numbers in The South were all on our side – yet these things were pushed on us, in spite of that.

      That’s leadership, or a lack of it, and everyone here gets that.

      We’ve been sold out and constantly lied to, and, instead of seceding, we accepted the rape, and now we have a couple of generations of those, like you, who are trained to think that evil is not only manifestly good, it’s manifest destiny.

  7. Americans gave up their right to privacy years ago. We have been a police /surveillance state for at least 10 years. I believe it happened under Bush called the patriot act.

      • If we had been asked, we would have been denied our will not to have it anyway. Sell-out politicians are only one the many factors that make false the above statements of the Vampire person. Our youth are more brainwashed and mis-educated than the “Boomers” overall.

    • @John,

      Read the Church (Frank) committee findings on domestic surveillance going back to the 1960s and 1970s. The alphabet agencies were already in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

      • @November…

        That’s very true, though, under Bush and Obama, the 4th amendment was made extinct.

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