Poll: Confederate Monuments Should Remain Standing In North Carolina

We love our polls on this website.

Here is another new poll out on Confederate monuments in North Carolina from Elon University which I believe is where Comrade Megan Squire is based.


“ELON — Nearly 60% of North Carolina residents say they prefer that Confederate monuments remain right where they are, according to a new Elon University Poll.

The survey, published Thursday, also found that a growing number of people want these statues and memorials removed from public spaces.

The new Elon Poll of nearly 1,400 N.C. residents found that 58% want Confederate monuments to stay in public spaces. Another 42% want them removed.

In November 2019, when the Elon Poll asked the same question, 65% wanted these monuments to remain while 35% favored removal. …

Support for removal was greatest among people with a bachelor’s degree or higher (52%), those between ages 18 and 24 (53%), Democrats (67%), Blacks (75%) and city residents (53%).

Support for retaining these monuments was highest among those with less than a bachelor’s degree (63%), people 65 and older (69%) and between 45 and 64 (64%), both Republicans (84%) and unaffiliated voters (62%), whites (70%), and residents of rural (68%) and suburban (60%) area …”

I see some interesting opportunities.

First, we notice that the preservation of Confederate monuments in North Carolina is much more popular than Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Second, the issue is driven by education polarization which we have discussed at length on this website. It is urbanites with college degrees who want to remove Confederate monuments. It is rural and suburban voters without college degrees who are the most opposed to it.

Third, Independent voters agree with Republican voters on the issue. The issue resonates with the Center of the electorate in North Carolina.

Fourth, persuadable blacks do not support the removal of Confederate monuments. There are more blacks in North Carolina who oppose the removal of Confederate monuments than who vote for Republicans.

Fifth, Democrats are split on the issue while Republicans are united on the issue.

The Right would be stupid not to champion the cause of preserving Confederate monuments. After all, progressive activists and anarchists are waging a much broader war on American history now. They’ve made it crystal clear over the past year that attacking Confederate monuments is only the opening wedge in their holy war to erase the entire American past like the Taliban.

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  1. The irony here here is that ultra-woke Elon and its polls are ultra biased to the left.

  2. Yes. If the Republicans weren’t so lazy and scared to death of the word “racist”, these is a lot here for them. They don’t seem to get, that there would be a lot of bratty screaming by the left media, yelling racism, but it would be over in a few weeks. And they would have rendered the word racism pretty useless. People support leaving the statues alone. They would make the woke folks look like asses in the public eye. And build cred for themselves. But that takes courage and work.

  3. The testing and probing is relentless.

    Can we get the plebes to accept……..historic erasure, perverts, pedos, mass replacement, censorship , etc.

  4. M’thinks OD and other Southern nationalists, Southern heritage, race realists should start stepping up the fight and making things personal to traitors in the South who go along to get along with vicious attacks on Southern people, Southern heritage or just Americana type cultural events like the American pastime of baseball.

    WE MUST MAKE THINGS PERSONAL. Exactly who are the corporate leaders at Coke-A-Cola and Delta Airlines that forced MLK to move the MLB Allstar game out of Georgia?

    This is always the mistake that American Conservatives make – they just bitch and moan about supposedly all powerful, evil institutions like “The media”, “the corporations”, “The Democrats”, “The Republicans”, “Liberals” etc.

    They don’t take the logical next step and identify the specific individuals, the flesh and blood men and women who are dispossessing our people, attacking our sacred beliefs, statues, even the graves of our ancestor heroes.

    Take the latest spat about some corporations, including the once Atlanta Georgia very Southern institution Coke-A-Cola attacking th state of Georgia for passing very sensible, practical reforms to prevent massive vote fraud:

    Voters just need to get a state ID proving they are alive and live and vote where they say they do? What’s hateful and controversial about that?

    Well many corporations led by the likes of Coke-A-Cola went to war over this and made Major League Baseball move the MLK AllStar game out of the state of Georgia, moved the game to Denver CO.

    The pathetic Cuckservative GOP Governor Kemp is now trying to spin this that MLB is “racist” against Atlanta GA Blacks because the city is 51% Black African American while Denver CO is much Whiter, so MLB must be pro White racist and doesn’t pander to Blacks like same as Cucks such as GA Governor Kemp and Utah Sen Mittens Romney. What fagg*ts.

    OK, so making things personal.

    I J. Ryan will show you the way – we need a bad guy, a Star Wars Style Evil Emperor:

    Here’s the guy:

    Coke-A-Cola CEO James Quincey


    This guy is a perfect bad guy. He’s not even American born – he was born, raised and miseducated in ….

    LONDON ENGLAND! He’s a bloody Brit Limey!

    He’s attacking the American past time of Baseball. What does he want us to do, give up baseball for Cricket?


    Plus he pedals Coke-A-Cola – which is basically just sugar water soda – destroys little kids teeth, makes them fat causes diabetes.

    This is such a great PR opportunity – we’d have to complete fools and idiots to pass this up. But, American Conservatives can usually be counted on to do stupid things, they don’t call it the “Stupid Party” for nothing.

    Hey Hunter, I haven’t written an OD blog in ages. Can you let me write this anti Coke-A-Cola, anti Coke Brit Limey CEO James Quincey blog? I’ll need hope logging in.

    Jaye Ryan
    Left behind outside of Chicago

  5. Remember the toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein in 2003? Conservatives watched it on TV and believed a crown of Iraqis had rushed to the streets to “celebrate their liberation” by attacking the symbols of the hated dictator.

    But once they released the wide-angle shots, the entire crowd was only forty or so people and the ones you saw on TV tearing down the statue were being paid by the Americans. There were no crowds out in the street “celebrating their liberation.”

    Everything they did to the Arabs they are going to do to the Americans, especially Southerners.

    Historically plenty of fanatics have engaged in iconoclasm and the 20th century Leftists have now honed it to a weapon to be used against everyone.

  6. I’m a college educated urbanite from the Northeast and I say those Rebel monuments must stay put! In fact there should be more of them. And everything in Dixie should be named in honor of Davis, Lee, Jackson, Calhoun and the rest of those Southern heroes.

    • @Spahn…

      Thank you so very much for your kind words.

      You know, in all the many beautiful small New England towns the wife and I traveled through during our 12 years up there, I never liked a single monument (usually right smack dab in the centre of town) to Yankee soldiers, nor did my wife.

      That said, we always respected that it is y’all’s land and that those statues represent your great-great granddaddies’ willingness to lay their lives on the line for a cause that, though I think it was horrendously bad, I respect y’all’s right to think otherwise.

      In fact, when there came a movement in the New York town where we lived to remove the large monument to those ancestors of y’all who had died fighting down here, I was one of the most vocal in saying : ‘Don’t move that monument one inch. Those people gave their lives for y’all, or, at least, that is what they thought they were doing, and now you want to remove them so as to make for a more convenient intersectional flow? Isn’t that shameful?

  7. “The Right would be stupid not to champion the cause of preserving Confederate monuments.’

    Yes, that’s the problem – The Right is not all that clever; or is it that The Right is dominated by a anti-Southern Confederate spirit of New England Yankeedom?

  8. As a Yankee I believe the South has every right to keep their monuments and their flags. History is not hate. I would have fought with the South if I was alive back than. If Thomas (Stonewall ) Jackson lived, I believe the south would have won the war.

    • @John…

      Thank you, Sir.

      I agree with Mr. Griffin – we respect your right to have y’all’s monuments, as well- wherever, whenever, and about whatever y’all want!

    • @John…

      “I would have fought with the South if I was alive back than.”

      If things get too unpleasant for you up there, bring your family to North Carolina.

      You’d be surprised how many Yankees we have here who are here because they agree with us.

      You’ll like it here – we are a friendly welcoming people, civil, and very willing to share our lands with like blood and minds.

  9. @Ivan,

    I am very unhappy here living in tyrant USA, I was looking into N. Carolina but don’t know where to go. I don’t want to be in a big city or a town where the Yankees destroyed (Mostly NY jews) and turned it into a version of the North. Any suggestions? I would appreciate any help or correspondence. A friend of mine lived in West End, N. Carolina. That many many years ago.

    • Dear John,
      Many fabulous small towns in North Carolina, places where, with low taxes, great sunny and warm weather, you would fit right in.

      May I recommend Eastern North Carolina?

      We are the real Olde North Carolina. We have some beautiful historic towns that are entirely controlled by White Southerners.

      Foremost among them are Edenton and Washington. Both are beautiful eccentric towns.

      Edenton is perhaps the most purely Southern town, but, real estate is much more expensive because it is a gor4eougs town and our original capital.

      In Northern Central North Carolina there is Warrenton. Warrenton, like Washington, has plenty of Yankees, but, these Yankees have assimilated to our ways, so they would not disturb you.

      All three of these towns have no significant Jewish influence, never have had, and never will.

      Another picture postcard town is Tarboro. It has a lovely downtown, a large colonial green, very kind people, and some of the best antebellum architecture in the South. Very low taxes, too, and golfing and sports, as has the other towns I have mentioned.

      These towns are also well-policed, and major drug dealers and cartels are careful to avoid our law-enforcement here, and in all but a few of our towns in Eastern North Carolina.

      New Bern is also very beautiful and very very Southern, and it has a lot of Yankees, but, not Jew, Gentiles.

      May I ask you to explore these, in depth?

      I promise you you will not be disappointed, but, if you are, I will make recommendations in other parts of North Carolina and the South.

      I am here practically every day and I will do whatever I can do to get you resituated down here.

      Be well!

      • Ivan,

        Thank you for naming those places. If I need any more info, I will reach out to you. I am going to go on Zillow and check out some of those towns.

        • @John…

          You’re welcome, Sir.

          One thing about Jews.

          You’ll find a small amount of Southern Jews in every little Southern town, particularly White majority towns.

          Southern smalltown Jews are NOT like their Yankee cousins. They are friendly, fit into the landscape, or peoplescape, and do not think that they have an inherent right to rule.

          Many, in fact, are evangelical Christians, like the 2nd amendment, and have no problems with R.E. Lee and the Confederate flag.

          Generally, you are going to find Mayberry RFD in smalltown North Carolina, over and over again. Yes, we have some buttheads and wonkers, but, most of us are the opposite of that.

          Every small Southern town has it’s own personality, and, when you are investigating them on a trip down here, be sure to walk around, talk to folks sitting on their front porch, or clipping their hedges, and ask them questions about what they think about your prospective town.

          These little exchanges can tell you mountains of info you cannot get online.

          If you would like a more modern Southern smalltown, New Bern and Washington, in that order, would be the best.

          If you want a Southern town that still has one foot in 1970 and another in 1840, Murfreesboro, Jackson, Edenton, and Warrenton are the best.

          Murfreesboro does have cell-phones and internet, but, the town is extremely lost in time – ‘backwards’ as Southern Urbanites would see it.

          ‘Backwards’, however, if you like old ways, is a very good thing. One thing you have to know about Eastern North Carolina – we do not care what the nation thinks. They may be doing it on Netflix, we ain’t doin’ it here, or, at least, not most of us.

          In Eastern North Carolina there is almost no open homosexuality, no transgenderism, no flagrant anti-Whiteness, and no feeling that we are on our way to a shiny city on a hill, somewhere in the future.

          The key to getting in good in a small Southern town is pretty similar to that up yonder, and that is to join town organizations, such as Shriners, Ruritan, Historic Preservation, or, most importantly, some ole-timey Methodist or Baptist church.

          Another secret is to not be openly opinionated. Southerners get worn out with Yankees who seem to feel they have the best solution for everything.
          If people want to know your opinion on something, wait until they ask.

          Another thing is to not avoid eye-contact in publick. When folks look at you, smile and say hello. Don’t worry, they’ll say hello back.

          It often is that, in a small Southern town, you can make lifetime friends in the grocery store, just because folks will start talkin’ ’bout this or that.

          Oh, by the way, if you like ole-timey food – such as barbecue, corn bread, Brunswick Stew, fried okra, banana pudding, fried fish (here we fry even rubber tires:) you’ll love our barbecue buffet restaurants – all you can eat for $12-$14 dollars, plus, ice tea so sweet, your blood sugar goes up just lookin’ at it!.

          If you come to check out Northeastern North Carolina, just let us know and the wife and I will meet you for dinner somewhere.

          Last, I don’t get notifications, so, if you make a reply to a remark here, and I don’t reply, it is becasue I just did not catch it. Donj’t get your feelings hurt, just repost your comment to another comment of mine and I’m sure i’ll answer.

          Joe Murray realty, for Northeastern North Carolina is the best – lots of great friendly people who are not sharks. You’ll get steered in the right direction. Houses down here are a fraction of the cost of what it is up north. The wife and I live in an antebellum mansion on an 1 1/2 acres in the middle of town and our monthly mortgage, including insurance and taxes is just $1,130.00

          Good luck!

          • @Ivan,

            Thanks again, you were a lot of help. I have my work cut out for me looking at all the places you listed. I like the way Murfreesboro sounds. If I could go back in time, that’s the time frame I would pick. Also, thanks for giving me the name of a real estate agent in the area.

            You are a true gentlemen.

          • @John…

            Thank you, Dear John, so very very much.

            Yes, Murfreesboro does sound right up your alley. Having read your remarks, I know you would fit right into this very friendly old Southern White Majority antebellum town!

        • @John…

          Here, this video on Warrenton, made by UNCTV, pretty much sums up life in rural-smalltown Eastern NC.

          If you like this, you’ll be at home here.

          • Amazing! I didn’t think those places still existed. I’ll have to work on my Southern accent, so they let me in.

        • @John…

          “Amazing! I didn’t think those places still existed. I’ll have to work on my Southern accent, so they let me in.”


      • Warrenton?? Tarboro?? You forgot to inform John about all the jiggaboos hidden in the woodpiles around those towns.

        • @Flaxen…

          John will make the decision as he evaluates things : would he prefer to continue living in what he refers to as ‘Tyrant-USA’, in all White circumstances, or be much freer, among like White minds, and see Negroes now and then.

          I’ll lay you odds, Dear Flaxen : 1-2 John moves down to Eastern Carolina, as so many Yankees have done, and ignores The Negroes. 1-1 John choose to move down here, but chooses somewhere in Southern Appalachia, a bit more expensive, to not have to see minorities.

          8-1 longshot odds that he stays up yonder in Tyrannyville.

          Would you like to place a bet?

          • Hard to say about John and I don’t like these kinds of bets. I will say, however, that while one may choose to ignore Eastern NC niggras, Eastern NC niggras (like all niggras) will not ignore whitey. I’ve lived in Eastern NC and still have some friends in fairly high places there. I was unaware that Warrenton had become such a Hallmark town. It does have an MLK Blvd. and Warren and Vance Counties have a long record of problems with uppity niggers (Floyd McKissick, Soul City etc.) Tarboro in Edgecombe County (right across the river from Princeville)– yeah sure, nice colonial history and public spaces but there’s just too many crazy niggers in Edgecombe County.

          • @Flaxen…

            I have been to Warrenton many many times, in recent years, and I never had a problem with anyone.

            All I have found is friendly people and a town that is remarkably as the video portrays – charming, historic, cute, and very hospitable.

            But, yes, there are some places in Eastern North Carolina where there very definitely is a lot of self-destructive behavior among Blacks – places like Kinston, Goldsboro, Scotland Neck, Ahoskie, Hertford and Weldon, etc, etc.

            I am not going to play this down – if you live in those communities, you have to take into consideration these things.

            As to Princeville, that’s a Negro neighbourhood that Whites almost never go to, except for law enforcement.

            And that brings up another point – the vast majority of Black violence is committed on Black, or, at least, it is in Eastern North Carolina.

            John is going to weigh all this, and, if he likes it here, he will choose a White majority town and live in a White neighbourhood and things will be just fine.

            On the other hand, if it is too much for John, I’ll make some recommendations for him in the western part of our state, where most towns are 85%+ White, some practically over 95% White.

            By the way, if you are who I think you are, and you were born in Clinton, what would you say about that town, today?

            Also, if you have some recommendations of other places in The South, by all means, please make them!

            In my opinion, John is far more threatened by Crazy Yankee Tyrant Crackers than he ever will be by anyone down here – Southern Negroes included in that statement.

            On a final note, I want to say this – yes, The Negroes are at the worst time in their history because we, The White Southerners, will not stand up for ourselves, and defend our ways against outside meddlers.

            That said, I know many fine Negroes in Northeastern North Carolina, of every sort. Active in local affairs, I have regularly been in many many Black churches and, all in all, I have been treated with utmost kindness.

            What I am trying to say to you is to be truthful – somewhere between your point of view, that Negroes are dangerous & bad, and the Liberal point of view that Negroes are all wonderful souls, who just have been a bit oppressed by Whites, is the truth.

            Negroes are folks, too, and, on a spiritual level, they come in every shape, size, and disposition. Some are truly horrible, some are truly great, but, most are like you and I – somewhere in the middle.

            John will find his middle, and, again, if you think you can help him – by all means. The end goal is his long term happiness, not a validation of my view of Eastern North Carolina or yours.

            In any case – Be well!

  10. I have family in Eastern NC: in Grantsboro, a few miles from New Bern. Good people down there. Situated on the Pamlico Sound. I always loved to visit, haven’t been for over10 years.

    • NBF…

      Thank you for the kind comment, Sir.

      Lots of Northerners have settled into the New Bern area and I have yet to hear of, or meet one, who yearned to head back North!

      Come back down and visit, and while you are here visit Washington and Edenton, two of Eastern Carolina’s other most charming little towns.

      Washington is just an hour North of New Bern, on The Pamlico, Edento is in Northeastern NC, our most beautiful and most completely preserved 128th century town.

      Edenton even has an intact little downtown, this because they refused Walmart permission, oh, about 20 years back, to move anywhere near the town area!

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