Tucker Carlson: Democrats Are Importing a Third World Electorate

You’re not supposed to say these things out loud, Tucker!

You can get in big trouble for saying what everyone knows is going on in this country. We have at least a dozen -isms and -phobias right here which we made up and decided are “immoral” which makes talking about this subject off limits, out of bounds and a foul ball in the “mainstream.”

Sure, we can drop nothing but rhetorical nukes on you and call you every name in the book – a racist, a white supremacist, a fascist, a Nazi, Jim Crow on steroids, etc. – but you must never respond to our attacks. In order to be a “mainstream” respectable loser, you must always play by David French’s one-sided Marquess of Queensbury rules. Those are the rules of the “mainstream” which were set by the legacy media that virtually everyone despises and holds in contempt now like 70 years ago.

You’re going to burn in hell now for the sins of “xenophobia” and “nativism.” Don Lemon is going to get really offended by what you have said here. He might even call you a “racist.”

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  1. The entire concept of “democracy” is a joke when the politicians can just import new voters to vote against the citizens. “You are going to vote against me, so now Jose and Chan are with me and we have outvoted you.”

  2. It is a deliberate and open intent to nullify the vote of the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN HISTORIC MAJORITY VOTE……And this is FOREIGN election interference……

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act



  3. The H1B..L1 B Visa Program was another way to nullify the nullify the Native White Vote…You can see this in California and NJ…..In 2021, the Hindus taunt our people about this on twitter…The Hindu scab labor have now become our oppressors.

    When the Native White Man first walked on the Moon in August 1969…America was 90 percent White…The Hindu in America wants to much sure this never happens again……

  4. At its slimy inner core, the Democratic Party is the homosexual pederast party…

    At its slimy inner core, the Republican Party is the homosexual pederast party….

  5. Tucker doesn’t care about White minoritization. He said it’s not morally wrong to replace a people with a new people, and is a staunch magic soil civnat. I’m sick of this clown.

    • One has to wonder about all of these “nation of immigrants” and “melting pot” folks. Don’t they have children or family that they’d care about their futures?
      How well do they think they will fare in a nation full of nonwhites? South Africa and Rhodesia should tell them a lot.

      • They don’t believe South Africa can happen to them. They want to “prove they are good people”.

  6. No shit, Tuck? This has been part of The Plan since the 80s. Ol’ Tuck has a keen eye for the obvious.

  7. Catholics and Jews are importing a new electorate, would be a really politically incorrect thing to say on TV. But, true!

  8. It’s really NOT about voting. It’s about pushing us out and replacing us. The voting system isn’t even honest, so they aren’t importing voters. Millions of foreigners, right now, sit on our public assistance programs, and we pay for it. Since we have no choice in this, it makes us slaves.
    We even pay for their interpreters, too.

  9. Whenever Tucker covers Democratic Party open ANTIPATHY towards Native White Folks he always has on to provide commentary one of his Hindu “American” and Pakistan Muslim “‘American buddies. But these same South Asian buddies of Tucker are quote ok with Hindus and Pakistani Muslims voting the NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America….This is the part Tucker leaves out…

    The nullification of the Native White Vote commenced with the passage 1965 South Asian LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT which continues apace in 2021……..Tucker Carlson’s buddies…

    • This is important. There are plenty of white people who hate themselves or hate other whites. As for non-whites, they basically all hate whites. At best, some of them won’t say anything because they are smart enough to recognize they enjoy the benefits of white civilization, and don’t want to upset too many carts.

      The most obvious, groan-worthy examples are those whites who think there are all these “conservative, family value” asians supporting Republicans. Bullshit! The only verifiable group I can think of in this cohort is baby-boomer age Vietnamese refugees. Those were, and are, huge Trump supporters. The rest of asians are pretty much all liberals and democrats! That goes double for the Hindu’s, whose hatred for white people is only second to Jew’s!

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