Rising: Top 55 Corporations Paid ZERO Taxes in 2020

I have a radical proposal.

Instead of saber rattling about Woke Capitalism and doing nothing about the problem, we should actually start taxing Corporate America which doesn’t even currently pay the official corporate tax rate. After all, the Chamberpot of Progress has gone over to the Democrats anyway. What if the politicians didn’t always sell out to wealthy donors and corporate interests? Would they get credit for that?

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  1. “Rising: Top 55 Corporations Paid ZERO Taxes in 2020”

    If you do not understand how things are, this makes no sense.

    On the other hand, if you understand the structural complexities of the Globalist/Corporate-United States’ Government industrial complex, then you have no problems understanding it, because no government pays taxes to itself.

  2. Can’t do this, with free trade.

    Foreign corps, samsung, LG, Toyota , all show their profits in their home nation and report little to no profit in US. This would cripple domestic corps and give the advantage to foreign corps.
    Importers use trading houses to buffer their taxes. Showing all profits in the nation of the trading house, ie Panama.
    Example: auto parts.
    Import a starter for 100$, sell for 105$. Only 5$ profit in America. Starter’s real cost 20$ to trading house, then sold for 100$ to importer.
    (Importer owns the foreign trading house).

  3. Just a thought here– publicly traded corporations (woke or otherwise) don’t pay taxes; their customers do. They only act as “on the down low” tax collectors.

  4. I have a radical idea.

    Instead of fantasizing about tax policies we have no control of, we should all take direct action in our own personal lives and start boycotting woke capital.

    If you haven’t even done the basic bare minimum – boycotting Hollywood – then I say with 100% confidence that you are 100% fake controlled opposition.

    If you have a cable TV subscription and yet claim to be pro-White, or Christian conservative, or populist or nationalist or in any way right wing, you are a liar. You are worse than a Fed.

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