Poll: Americans Favor Every Aspect Of Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

The GOP has no one but itself to blame for losing on this issue.

Instead of using budget reconciliation to pass a popular infrastructure bill, they used budget reconciliation to try to pass an unpopular health care bill and the equally toxic corporate tax cut in 2017.

Yahoo News:

“Congressional Republicans have argued that the White House’s definition of infrastructure is too broad. But when asked if legislation should solely address traditional infrastructure such as bridges and roads — which is the GOP’s position — less than a quarter of Americans (22 percent) agree. More than twice that number (49 percent) side with the Biden administration and say the next big bill from Congress should also tackle other types of infrastructure such as energy, water, housing, health care, manufacturing and communications systems. …

A full 56 percent of Americans support that funding stream — twice the number (28 percent) who voice opposition. Likewise, 55 percent of Americans favor a global minimum tax rate designed to help prevent multinational corporations from evading U.S. taxes by shifting profits to other countries; even more (65 percent) want to close loopholes that allow corporations to avoid U.S. taxes by putting their money in offshore banks; and a majority (51 percent) support raising the U.S. corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent to pay for infrastructure investments. Opposition to these Biden administration initiatives is low, ranging from 15 percent (for closing loopholes) to 30 percent (for raising the corporate tax rate). …”

We’re not the problem here.

Do you see the 40% of Republican voters who stand out from the rest here? That’s the Populist Right. The GOP is split about 60/40 on economics. This is why I continue to stress that the resorting of the electorate will tip the scales on economics in another election cycle or two.

The Republican Party is united about 85/15 on cultural issues. The divide is around 60/40 on economic issues because working class voters are coming into the party and the college-educated suburbanites are leaving. This is the reason why Mitch McConnell is striking such a different tone lately.

BTW, this is a very misleading poll. Republican voters generally favor infrastructure spending. They just don’t trust the Democratic Congress to write the bill. The Democratic brand is so toxic that simply attaching Joe Biden’s name to the bill is enough to decrease public support for it. This is why individual items are far more popular than anything under consideration by the Democratic Congress.

Note: Ordinary people are not wrong to be skeptical of Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill.

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  1. “Americans Favor Every Aspect Of Joe Biden’s Infrastructure ”

    Haha haha

    Infrastructure indeed ! This is Obama’s solar initiative, on steroids.
    This is the green new deal, with a false label of “infrastructure”.

    Hey, how about just getting decent internet, in this backward country.
    Estonia has nationwide FREE internet, even in the forests.
    In small cities in Thailand , internet 500/500 19$/mo.

  2. In my opinion, working class voters have left the Republican party in droves. A lot of college-educated suburbanites ARE working class people. We are the professionals out there. But the Republicans don’t represent me or my race at all. They’ve made that very clear. They’ve basically told us to go “f” ourselves. They, just like the Democrats, see us as a taxable slave class, to support their hoards of “immigrants”. If anyone thinks that the Republicans “learned a lesson” or have changed, just be aware that they will say or do anything, just like the Democrats. They were all pretty quiet when the rioters took over police stations and burned and looted businesses. They didn’t care about our votes, and I guess they wouldn’t…since voting is all fake now. Those subsidies are a joke. There are TOO many Americans with useless college degrees, and now they want us to pay for more. Free preschool? Low income housing units? This doesn’t benefit me or my race, and we know it. We already pay for everyone else.

  3. I think that there will be lot of fun with this liking. Especially when people find out that there is a terrible labor shortage and every last job goes to immigrants so those uneducated unqualified rednecks do not need to apply. …. 😀

  4. For every “rebuild it better” ten dollars spent we might get a nickel’s worth (if we’re lucky). Diversity, inclusion and equity will get far more. Hunter Biden et al. and the noses will get even more.

  5. What “infrastructure” means is more money in the pockets of Irish, and, Italian Roman Catholic General Contractors who are friends of Biden, Pelosi, Durbin, Schumer etc. etc.

    Do you know anyone personally who has ever benefited from the so-called infrastructure spending?

    Build another four lane for the hell of it department.

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