INSURRECTION! Black Lives Matter Storms Iowa State Capitol

Did you hear about this?

Black Lives Matter stormed and occupied the Iowa State Capitol on Thursday and fought with Iowa State Troopers.

The Sun:

TROOPERS clashed with Black Lives Matter activists during a protest at the Iowa State Capitol on Thursday.

Footage from the scene appears to show protesters wearing face masks, holding signs and chanting inside of the building in Des Moines. …

State troopers were then seen clashing with the activists. One woman was seen getting forced to the ground and arrested by the officers.

“Woah, woah, woah, what are you doing bro?” one protester is heard shouting at an officer as he appears to detain the woman.

The girl is then seen restrained on her front as the man who is filming frantically claims “she’s a f**king kid bro.” …”

This was an insurrection by the Black Liberation Movement.

We Are Iowa:

“DES MOINES, Iowa — Black Liberation Movement activists and the Iowa State Patrol clashed at the Capitol Thursday afternoon, resulting in a Norwalk high schooler being dragged to the ground and arrested on the first floor of the rotunda. 

According to the Des Moines Black Liberation Movement Collective (DSM BLM), community members gathered at the Iowa State Capitol to protest several bills. …

One video posted by Cortez Rice shows the demonstrators move from outside the Capitol to inside. Rice calls himself a nephew of George Floyd, the man who died during a confrontation with Minneapolis police last summer. Rice is not a blood relative.

Demonstrators walked through the public entrance at the front of the Capitol, with troopers watching them as they moved their protest inside. 
Protestors yelled “Black lives matter” as they walked through the doors and metal detectors with their signs. Rice’s phone even goes through the metal detector during the live stream. …”

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    • To what end? Even if America “collapsess”, the UN will just step in and take over. And the whole “go form miltias in the Forrest” thing is retarted. Most will end up killing eachother.

    • Fortunately the Iowa governor just refused the Federal government’s request to house a bunch of border jumping invader children. She stated that it was Joe’s fault, that it is Washington’s problem, and that we have our own children in this state who need help. As I predicted, the Federal government is going to make every attempt to turn red states blue, using hordes of brown people. Actually, it is not about red and blue, it is about replacement, ethnic cleansing, and eventual genocide of Whites.

      • It’s Mexico’s problem. No other country would be dancing because some American children showed up at their border. They should be sent back, whether they are from another Central American country or Mexico.
        Once those kids get in, their families and extended families get to come here, and they, too, will get free housing, food, medical care, and more. Children are just being used in the invasion effort, because they think most Americans won’t turn them away.

  1. So they came in only to lie down on the floor? That’s customary in the bus and train station waiting rooms where I live. I applaud black bums who move their bed closets to government facilities that I never visit, unlike the stations, so I never have to see them again.

    • That’s a silly question. Too many. The goal should be zero. And, they can take their looney white saviors with them. And, that’s how you keep them out. We have a negro problem because we have a white problem. We have a Jew problem because we have a white problem.

      I just don’t want to live with any of them.

  2. I love the screams of “that’s a child” or “that’s a woman”. Equality means never having to say your sorry. Acting like an adult or acting like a man will win you adult and manly prizes.

    The downside to having phone cameras is that, in the good old days, you use to be able to kick the sh*t out of them and say they fell.

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