INSURRECTION! Violent Protests Erupt In Minnesota After Daunte Wright Police Shooting

There was another insurrection last night in Minneapolis after the police shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center. The Minnesota National Guard had to be mobilized and sent in to put a stop to the rioting and looting. The insurrectionists even shot up a police station.

FOX News:

“But that plan was expedited in order to quell what devolved into violent demonstrations over the fatal officer-involved shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright earlier Sunday in the city of Brooklyn Center, located in Hennepin County, on the border of Minneapolis. …

The Minneapolis area erupted in looting and riots late Sunday after an unidentified officer fatally shot Wright during a traffic stop just 10 miles from where Chauvin had Floyd pinned to the pavement last May. A citywide curfew was issued by Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott until 6 a.m. CT Monday. …

A police headquarters in another neighboring city of Brooklyn Park was “shot up” around 8 p.m. Sunday, Fox 9 Minneapolis reported. Multiple rounds were fired through the building’s glass front doors with some shots reaching the lobby. No injuries were reported. …”

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are mobilizing direct actions.

They are saying this guy is their next hero and excuse to riot and destroy even more property.

Newsweek is saying that his death has reinvigorated the “Defund the Police” movement which has been pushed by progressive activists.


“Almost a year on from George Floyd’s death, calls to “defund the police” have resurfaced following the killing of Daunte Wright.A 20-year-old Black man, Wright died in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, on Sunday afternoon after being shot by a police officer. …

Defunding the police isn’t a particularly new concept. For years, campaigners have argued federal and state governments should cut or altogether eliminate funds for policing and redirect those resources to reinvest them in services such as education, healthcare, housing and employment. …”

I was under the impression that Minneapolis had abolished the police last summer. The Minneapolis City Council voted to disband the police at the height of the George Floyd mania. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe this is the excuse that they need to move forward with that.

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    • I mean – according to him and Krafty Wurker – the Roman Catholics are the real problem in the US and not the Blacks and the kikes

      • The Roman Catholic political leaders give the Jews and Blacks whatever they want! Without the Catholics in Congress, the State Houses, and city governments, the Jews and Blacks would be powerless!

        Sonny, this is not opinion, it’s fact. You only have to look at Biden, Pelosi, Durbin, AOC, McCarthy etc. etc.

      • I have a problem with the Irish, not Catholics. The Irish have betrayed Christ and his teachings. I have asked your kind many times for an answer as to why the Irish hate Muslims and not a one of your kind has been able to tell me why. To my mind you and yours are no different from the Jews who hate Christ and can’t not tell us why either.

        • According to Tom Watson the Jews and the Vatican entered into a formal political alliance over 100 years ago into regard to US politics.

          Someone, probably a US diplomat or diplomats was feeding Watson high level information on the Vatican’s doings in Europe. I doubt that it would still be classified information today, and is probably gathering dust in the National Archives or Library of Congress waiting for someone to say what the heck is this? Maybe the Watson Family has a copy under lock and key.

        • I am a Christian but I will not hide behind the BS that goes along with (((modern Christianity))) – my Lord is an angry and vengeful Lord who threw the kike moneychangers from the Temple.

          • cd—–You hate the innocent, Christ killer. No way in hell you a Christian. Why did you kill Christ, kyke?

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            The Jews killed Christ because they did not like what he had to so.

            Are you getting my point there Mick/kyke?

        • @Robert,
          Don’t shoot the messenger, but you know the Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Cornish are the same race, don’t you? Celtic. They have possible origins in what is now the part of Europe just north of Italy.

    • REtodd, I am for protecting the innocent. That includes the innocent victims of rioting and looting. Are you slow or something kyke? You need to find God, and quit worshiping that thing with a tail and horns.

      • It’s going to be funny as hell if there is such thing as Judgement Day and the Lord tells you to get lost, Browning! Who’d want to spend Eternity with a real-life Church Lady?

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  1. They’re just warming up for a Chauvin not guilty verdict. You ain’t seen nothing yet and TPTB will do little or nothing to stop it. I suppose this cop will be tried for murder too, assuming he’s White? Anarchy USA, the Birchers predicted it 60 years ago.

    • Any verdict in that cop’s trial is a win for White Nationalists- guilty and it shows that Blacks receive preferential treatment and not guilty the nibbas “burn this bitch down”

      • I believe almost any outcome of this trial — short of an on the spot judicial execution of Chauvin — is going to used as a declaration of open-season on Whites unlike anything we have seen yet. No one in the power structure is going to defend us. It has long seemed clear to me that we are way past the point where black violence towards Whites can be contained. Seems TPTB are even losing interest in reigning it in.

    • Birchers were a CIA op and fake opposition. Like all fake opposition they say 95% of what whites want to hear with a few twists like “there might have been election fraud but it was not enough to cost Trump the election”.

      • I rather believe that William F. Buckley Jr. and his National Review were CIA operations. The Birchers were just a group of impotent reactionaries.

    • If the country goes up in flames following a mild judgment on Chauvin, watch Russia, China and Iran launch a three-pronged assault on the Gay Jew Imperium and our gay trans allies.

    • “They’re just warming up for a Chauvin not guilty verdict.”

      I think you are correct. This POS under discussion is why the Brookdale shopping Center had to close- the area had become bLACK- and it therefore LACKs enough humanity to keep the animals in their cages.

      I thank GOD I moved from the Twin Cities when I did. When the Chauvin charade ends, NO ONE will be safe for a fifty-mile radius around Cedar and Lake St.

      God have mercy on the poor ignorant Whites who think bLACKs are human….

  2. The left’s wet dream:
    A disarmed, disenfranchised White America with a neutered police and diversified military.

    Then, they can proceed with the real plans.

  3. EVERY one of these shootings follow a familiar, well-worn script.

    First, young black thug is confronted by police or pulled over.

    Second, there is fighting, resisting arresting arrest, trying to kill the cops, etc. (This is what the media calls, “scuffling” or “tussling” with the police.)

    Third, deadly force is used by the police in the form of gunfire, taser (which causes heart attacks) restraint, choke-holds, etc. which results in death of the unfortunate thug.

    Forth, Mama (or Mammy) who looks like a body-double for Aunt Jemima, gets in front of the cameras and says the lines we have all heard a million times, “My baby din du nuffin. He was turnin his life around. Dem po-leese murdered my baby…..”

    Fifth, violent, bloody riots ensue and stores are looted and then reduced to ashes. (The media calls this “peaceful protests” and “the outpouring of community grief.”)

    It is all so tiresome.

    • Except in this case the mother looks like a fatter and trashier version of the white woman from HoneyBooBoo.

    • Duante’s fambly just won da ghetto lottery!

      “Ize gon spend dat munny on sum new weaves an a pink Escalade!” – Mammy Wright

      • @Spahn,
        I wonder how many nogs were killed by other nogs that same day, or how many whites were killed by them?!
        No riots on behalf of these vics!

    • Cops are pussies – unless they are writing speeding tickets or busting some White kid with a Marijuana cigarette they are basically worthless

  4. I don’t know how she mistook her pistol for a taser. I’ll still stand by my opinion that women shouldn’t be cops. It is gonna be toasty tonight.

    • Apparently this ‘cops mistaking a pistol for a taser’ has become a thing, there are other cases of police shooting with this claimed confusion, one sees in search results

      But now, will they be accusing the white police ladies of just pretending to be confused about weapons, as a cover for ‘white supremacy?

      At the press conference on this shooting, the Mayor of Brooklyn Center Minnesota, Mike Elliott, looked an awful lot like Tiger Woods when he talked about the shooting in his locale

      Another curiosity, is that the police officer Derek Chauvin who kneeled on George Floyd in that now-historic video, looks actually a bit more like actor Ben Bailey from ‘Cash Cab’, than he looks like the Chauvin who we see on trial there

    • Women shouldn’t really be anything other than menial laborers. Even at their best, they’re slightly worse than a mediocre man at anything. The opportunity costs of employing women have been immeasurable.

    • No, women should absolutely not be cops. Or firemen. Or military combat troops. I’m not completely sure they should be allowed to drive. Many of them are looking down at their phones when I meet them on the road.

  5. This is the best thing that could have possibly happened to us. We get to bring black violence and destruction into the forefront, the left will push to defund the police again, and best of all we no longer have Trump around to demoralize and divide us and blather about Platinum Plans. It also derails Biden very badly.

  6. Mass shootings every day, this stuff now (and the police chief is throwing the officer under the bus and saying it was an “accidental discharge”). That’s sure going to help matters with the chimpouts.

  7. Imagine getting all worked up over the death of a truly worthless nigger like Daunt’e. If anything the Negroes should be thanking the po-leece for capping his ass.

    • They glorify thugs and criminals. Really just a great bunch of people. They’re really nice when you have a bunch of them in your neighborhood.

  8. Look at the video of the rioting, it’s still cold in Minn. now, about 50 Deg. F. during the day (at most), in the 30’s at night. In spite of these cool temperatures the rioting goes on. What will it be like this summer when temperatures hit the 80’s F. in Minn., NYC, LA and the rest of the country?

    Inevitably there will be more POCs killed by the police, there will be more Asians attacked, some killed, by the nig nogs and blamed on White people. There will be an ineffective police response to the rioting. This summer looks like it will be nig nogs/Antifa on the rampage again, perhaps worse than 2020 but with a President even more ineffective than last time, if such a thing is possible.

    Dementia Joe doesn’t know his ass from his elbow, he would be declared non compos mentis if he were not the nominal President. Dementia Joe is useful to the shadowy people behind the scenes; BHO, his ugly girlfriend Susan Rice and a cast from a horror movie, no doubt. Whomever is really in charge is going to find the country ungovernable and in disarray by August, at the latest.

    This situation will only rebound to our benefit. The professional Left, PMCs in the suburbs, the Lügenpresse, corporate scumbags etc. will have all gotten what they wanted, good and hard, too. They will find they are choking on it and will also show their boundless incompetence and hatred for the founding stock, Christianity and later European immigrants AKA known as real Americans. It will all be out in the open on live TV, too. How can this not help us?

    • Once the first horde of chimps tries it on in an armed White area and the hunters pick them off with their deer rifles, sheeit beez beginnin’ in earnest.

    • The police are going to have to crack down quite viciously on the Ghetto Gremlins this summer.

    • “How can this not help us?” Just you wait and see; they will. And the majority of deracinated Whites will only make a whimper of protest, if even that.

  9. .If these were Whites, “protesting” a White man being shot, you can bet real bullets would be used to stop it. The media would be calling it domestic terrorism/ insurrection and demand the govt crack down on lawless”White” supremacy behavior. Since they’re blacks and commies, the excuses will be made and the criminals will be called victims.

    • Basically this country is now run by violent blacks. Biden is some pathetic old man who sold his soul to blacks to get elected. Minnesota is really getting a great taste of die versity. Another useless black or racially mixed criminal with da bay bay as the media pretends he is a true dad instead of a knockin boots gangster. America has been die versitarded to death.

      I crack up when some numbers cruncher will compare 1950s or even 1970s America to today and every dysfunctional measure is radically higher today. Yeah well look around. Crappy areas have increased dramatically and good areas have gotten too expensive. It 100% has to do with race. No wonder so many of these big money guys always point to Asia as the future and America as the fading ex Heavyweight champ.

      We are being killed from within with hordes of black criminals crapping out more future criminals in an unmarried mess. We are now being purposefully invaded south of the border thanks to Gramps Biden who reminds me of the last White guy standing just before he fades away or gives so much of the store away that it resembles a giant third world ghetto.

      I watch some of these money guys on tv and they say our absurd debt bubble has to pop at some point or simple inflation will chop up the strength of our dollar. Just what Tyrone and Rufus need to hear for another looting episode.

      The White cops are like, “Why did I remotely choose this gig?” The Democrats will make sure being a police officer is as popular as scrubbing toilets in the projects.

      All Gramps Biden does is appoint Marxist lunatics and talks about another ” person of color” appointed or a waahhhmen.

      I am also so sick of goofball conservatives ” worried” that black businesses will suffer due to things like the All Star game moving from Atlanta. I don’t care if they suffer. Blacks vote Democrat all the time. They are voting for this 24/7 racial slobbering.

      In the end, America’s utter obsession with black people is its undoing. Throw in other groups of people not American in truth and an evil, lying, deception filled media and America does not appear to have God’s Grace on thee. But diversity is a strength. Yeah, when looking at types of pizza to buy!

  10. @ there going to up thee ante, so far a replay of last year, thee peaceful protestors, practising their craft in portland, iowa and minnesota will be bringing their show to a neighborhood near you, this is orchestrated and escalating, more iconic attack, i’m thinking how soon infrastructure attack, i dont think v.putin wants war with us, but thee satanic goverment of ours are pushing hard on him, south china sea most dangerous territory in the world, iran, israel sooner or later , we all know it , stay ready friends, dont let your guard down.

  11. A new worthless poster boy for a worthless cause.
    He was shot because he was a perp, not because he was black. In any white, run country, you’ll rarely encounter the police………if you just contribute to society in a positive way……….and obey the fucking law!

  12. Is that daunte wright’s photo above holding a 9mm and a blunt?! What a nice young man who truly didn’t do nuffin.

    Typical pos thug, I swear gangster rap music is a curse for blacks at least Bill Cosby was a better idol to emulate for young black men. I mean before he a was a drugging rapist and was just the Jello mascot guy The Jays are evil for promoting this satanic garbage disguised as muzak called gangster rap

  13. Anorher worthless nigger punk made good, this time by an incompetent bitch “cop” who can’t tell a bright yellow taser from a black Glock…lol. I watched the vidya: the male porker had the situation well in hand, almost had the monkey in custody – then Wonder Woman inexplicably barged in, moving the man out of the way & pulling on niggy’s arm just as it was about to be cuffed. And then the predictable fun began.

    Twatted “cops” should never be anything other than secretaries, dispatchers & meter maids; that goes triple for female “soldiers”. But I no longer give a shit: let Shmuel Lipshitz’s assclown circus descend into ever greater chaos as I watch & laugh. We can rebuild on the ashes of the big top.

  14. @ why hasn’t president harris flown in to minnesota and taken charge of thee situation, its not like she is doing anything else, i really wish someone would tell her, there is a thing called shopping online!? She has got too be thee worst dressed president ever!!!

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