Rep. Rashida Tlaib Calls For Police Abolition

I’m glad we agree.

This is what woke progressivism is about now: the celebration and glorification of criminals and mobs of brats vandalizing, tyrannizing and destroying the property of others while being hailed, cheered on and saluted by “journalists” who demonize normal people as the “domestic extremists.”

There is no daylight between racism and white supremacy and law enforcement or between immigration enforcement and fascism. Rashida Tlaib proudly stands for anarchy and criminality. She deserves tremendous credit for being honest about her opinion and making that the choice.

There is a devastating crime wave that is sweeping this country. I believe the insurrectionists were at it again last night in Minnesota and even looted the some of the same stores as last year. It is people like Rashida Tlaib and Black Lives Matter who have stoked and unleashed all of this violence.

Note: BTW, the police state only applies to you. The criminals get to take advantage of anarchy. We live under anarcho-tyranny.

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  1. First they imposed tyranny on us. Now they are unleashing anarchy on us. Sam Francis was right.

  2. In a very real sense people deserve whatever they permit. As a matter of principle God does not make cowardly people free. There has been zero blow back for White people in all this!

    • Incorrigible, self hating White Anti-Whites are lost to us. Their descendants will be brown in a generation or two.

      • Yes. You cannot save anyone that is against ethnocentrism. Stop wasting time trying to, these people are without a survival instinct so it’s good they are leaving the gene pool.


      “In a very real sense people deserve whatever they permit. As a matter of principle God does not make cowardly people free. ”

      Indeed, there is more justice in this world than many wish to realize.

    • @Heartland Separatist Just HOW are whites allowing this? The laws are all against us, and there are so many traitors among our own kind.

  3. When The Left calls for the abolition of the police and, as well, gun control, you know that what they are saying is this : ‘You, Whitey : make yourself defenceless, so that we can take your country from you and do what we want to you and your children.’

  4. If people are really worried about the Republicans, or “civic nationalism” “co-opting” “our movement” here’s how it works.

    The typical GOP shill will say, Rashida Tlaib is a Democrat so therefore she’s saying bad things like “Defund the Police.” The typical Boomer Conservative Zionazi conspiracy theorist shill will say, “Rashida Tlaibis is a Muslim so therefore she wants to Defund the Police so her Al Qaeda friends can sneak into America and institute the Caliphate and kill all the Jews!”

    The reality is Rashida Tlaib is not an American, not white, and for many reasons hates white people in general and Americans in particular, and she is incentivized by the media to be anti-white and anti-American.

    Remember when Rashida Tlaib said something negative about Israel – the foreign country half way around the world, over in Asia? All of a sudden Democrats like Nancy Pelosi joined with the Republicans to call her “anti-semitic” because the ADL told them to.

    So we can see that the ADL and the mass media – ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, FOX – are pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, but are ok with being anti-white and anti-American.

    The Republicans will jump to call Rashida Tlaib “anti-Semitic” will NEVER call her “anti-white” – because if they did their bosses in the ADL will release their Jeffrey Epstein kiddie rapist videos, you know, like what is happening to Matt Gaetz.

  5. Well. Police disappears but law enforcement isn`t going anywhere. We had Cheka first and NKVD later. You probably will have social workers. Formed from criminals like our commies did. Criminals were let out from prisons to form Lenin new law enforcement.

  6. Never heard of this foreign woman. I don’t care what she does in her home country. But she should have no say in what we do here.

  7. @BIG TECH…

    “Never heard of this foreign woman. I don’t care what she does in her home country. But she should have no say in what we do here.’

    Yes, her activity and statements make it abundantly clear that, just as she appears, she is alien to us.

    But, yes, by the same token – in her Palestinian Country she is definitely entitled to be taken seriously.

  8. The democrat party wants to take away guns and police protection from whites so that black criminals can prey on whites without fear as they do in South Africa.

  9. “OUR COUNTRY”. What a disgrace. These appreciative brown refugees never seem to disappoint

  10. The cyst-STEM is perpetual self-annihilation.

    The other half of “white genocide” is “white” racial self-annihilation.

    So there is this symbiotic regression between a mass majority of “blacks” and a hard majority of “white” self-annihilators.

    What is becoming ever more clear is that “killer nigger” is protected and lionized amongst both racially self-annihilating “whites” and “blacks.”

    That dynamic is terminal and complete separation the only viable long term solution.

    Yet, this separation NECESSITATES a desire for “white supremacy.”

    No such desire exists on a scale necessary for a radical paradigm shift.

    • About a decade ago, I read on some blog site where a white woman said it was now our time to move over and let the others have front place. As if whites never worked for anything or did anything to be on top.
      I agree that the jogger is protected by self-hating whites, who think third world natives are superior to us.

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