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  1. I have to mention that Nosferatu was implied to be a jewish menace that was stalking Europe. It was no accident that the jews created Hollywood as a means to produce propaganda that would rival the European movies of that time period.

  2. “Why does this creep have the power to censor the internet?”

    Mr. Greenblatt is a creature of White Gentile Weakness, an alarm bell, if you will, that is a gift from God to awaken.

    Yet, if there is no awakening, White Gentiles, collectively, could find themselves sitting outside of the garden with Satan, for a very very long time.

  3. It looks like Newsmax TV is a cuck network that makes FOX news look brave. What about OAN? How are they covering this story? It seems like both of these pro-Trump rivals to FOX are actually cuckier than the original. They seem to appeal only to true con type movement conservatives/trump cultists and have zero buzz.

    Tucker Carlson ‘Replacement’ Segment Praised by White Nationalists, Attacked on Newsmax


    • Uh, yeah – Jewsmax and OAN is part of International Jewry’s global media empire – nobody gets that type of major media airtime unless it is kosher.

  4. They fear the cross and have no self-reflection. Yes, they are vampires. The myth probably came from their blood libel practice.

    • Vampires most certainly are the representation of the jew. Down to the finest details matter of fact. Guess what Adolf Hitler was nicknamed by the other NSDAP leaders and friends, “the wolf.” Also, his first HQ bunker was named “Wolf’s Lair.” The Werewolve is said to come from long ago when Ayrans and their [exclusive] tamed wolves would, together, go out on full moon nights to hunt the [nocturnal] neanderthals (jews) who even back then were abducting Ayran children/women to eat. The movie series “Twilight” is really Ayrans vs. jews. Most people are just too deluded, lost, and removed from their ancestral history and mythology to know it. So if anyone is looking for pro-white symbol to “fly” that won’t get you any heat, wolf imagery is your best friend, as they’ve always been. \o

  5. Vampires fear the sun, and all symbols of the sun. Is it just a coincidence that a race of vampires fear the cross and the swastika alike?

  6. I’d just like to point out that Nosferatu was made in the Weimar Republic. It was an interesting period of German history. But then again all periods of German history are interesting.

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