Rising: Billionaires Go All Out To Fight Tax Hike

I’ve always hated these people.

Why is it so hard to elect politicians who don’t sell out to them?


“The Business Roundtable today will release a survey in which 98% of 178 CEOs polled said that increasing the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%, as President Biden proposed, would have a “moderately” to “very” significant adverse effect on their company’s competitiveness.

By the numbers: 75% of CEOs said an increased tax burden on U.S. companies would negatively affect investments in R&D and innovation. …

National Review:

“Democracy is indeed under siege in states such as Georgia and Texas, but these states’ new voting laws aren’t the biggest assailants. Rather, it’s stakeholder capitalism — the new dogma demanding that companies no longer simply make products, but also craft our society’s moral norms.

Stakeholder capitalism is now in full bloom in the Peach State and beyond. Over 100 companies spoke out against Georgia’s new voting rules. This past weekend, dozens of CEOs gathered on Zoom to plot what Big Businesses should do next about voting laws under way in Texas and other states. A formal joint statement is expected soon from companies ranging from PayPal to PepsiCo to T. Rowe Price Group.

“The legislation is unacceptable. It is a step backwards and does not promote the principles we have stood for in Georgia,” declared James Quincey, CEO of Coca-Cola. “Our focus is now on supporting federal legislation that protects voting access and addresses voter suppression across the country.” Delta CEO Ed Bastian added: “The final bill is unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values.” But why should Americans care about whether an election statute matches the values of a private airline company or a soft-drink manufacturer? Mr. Bastian didn’t say. Apparently he holds such truths to be self-evident. …

Liberals are no longer just cheering as CEOs wade into politics. They’re demanding it — or else. In recent weeks, activists staged a “die-in” at Coca-Cola’s museum in Atlanta. …”

We’ve already seen that these people aren’t even paying taxes at the official rate because of all the tax credits and loopholes in the tax code.

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  1. The White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class

    That’s what they are…

    But what they really are…just call them:IT


    Just think of the Judge from Cormac McCarthy’s novel BLOOD MERIDIAN…..

  2. Why does the economic health of America require Chinese…Koreans…Pakistani Muslims…Hindus…Sihks……(((Israelis)))….coming to America LEGALLY and voting THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY into a violently persecuted White Racial minority within the borders of America?

    Neoliberal Economics=WHITE GENOCIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If only Pat Buchannan had made what I wrote above the central….page after page…unrelenting theme of his three books….Instead Pat’s three books were policy wonk uninspiring vapid handouts from FAIR….CIS….NUMBERSUSA….all run by childless White Women……..

    Who is for importing Asian LEGAL IMMIGRANTS into Our America?

    Answer:Fatso Alex Jones…..

    • Some out there still think it’s about the Democrats versus the Republicans. I had someone tell me the other day that things were improving until the last two months. It’s just mind-blowing that someone would gauge things based on their own personal luxuries.

  3. When a corporation evolves from eyeing a “target market” to eyeing the “global market,” it becomes not itself. This process of political disembodiment is, essentially, the self-annihilation of said corporation. Coke is “woke” and Delta’s wings clipped. Neither product able to provide its previous “high.” A lot of dead meat giving the appearance of something still viable. Collapse of market-share imminent.

  4. If Big Business doesn’t like something then I automatically support it. What’s the matter, don’t those “woke” corporations believe they have a social obligation to pay their fair share? Don’t they feel the need to give something back to the community? I thought those billionaires were great philanthropists and humanitarians, no?

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