Russia and China Are Openly Challenging Neoliberal Joe

Who knows?

Maybe it was a good time for “white supremacists” to get purged from the military and to let our trans girls and minorities serve? While Chuck Todd, Lloyd Austin and Alejandro Mayorkas are focused on “domestic extremism,” China and Russia appear to be focused on Taiwan and Ukraine.

PMCs in this country have been crowing that Joe Biden is FDR. As some of you might be aware, FDR guided the United States and the Allies to victory in World War II in Europe and the Pacific. There appears to be some deep skepticism among America’s geopolitical rivals that Joe Biden is FDR. China is laughing at America’s Baizou. The Chinese recently laughed in U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken’s face and told him that we were weak and were not going to be bossing them around anymore.

After Joe Biden leads America to victory in World War III like FDR, he can push a Second GI Bill through Congress which will grant free college tuition, student loan debt forgiveness, gender reassignment surgery and a lifetime supply of gender bending hormones to our trans girl veterans. Ibram X. Kendi could lead America’s Double V campaign for wokeness and neoliberalism. Just like FDR, we would be fighting Russia and China in Europe and the Pacific and “white supremacy” at home in World War III.

Note: In this scenario, Mexico and Central America retake the Southwest from Alejandro Mayorkas.

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  1. Russia is leading the way with hydrogen production. China has discovered helium 3 on the far side of the moon. Meanwhile in the collapsing West we’re celebrating Trans Children and criminals. High IQ populists should figure out how to seek refuge in Russia or even China at this rate. There is no point in putting time and effort into a collapsing Empire.

    • As a tested and proven genius, I tell you, fleeing the US is not a solution. The entire world falls when the US falls. Christ has goshens prepared for His elect in every land. If you don’t get led to one, then you will not survive. Only 144,000 of us will survive.

  2. What did they expect? The Mao suits began arriving on American Universities in Feb 1979..Jimmy Carter begged the leader of China for their HAN youth to attend American Research Universities. Our Taxes paid for the Han Peoples’ phds in mathematics…Physcics…All Engineering disciplines….Computer Science….monumental treason on Carter’s…Reagan’s…and the Bush Family’s part…..Why is anybody shocked that China is a Military Powerhouse? And it was all LEGAL…LEGAL….no illegals.

    And the Chinese from China have been coming to America LEGALLY to nullify the vote of the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY at POTUS Election Time….for 42 years……CAL BERKELY and SUNY Stony Brook are owned by the Chinese demographically(White Folk’s tax dollars paid for it)…What was the point of WW2?…I’d rather be speaking German….

    NIXON opened the HAN Conveyor Belt to America….but since it was legal…Alex Jones said it was ok…..just do it by the CONSTITUTION that Alex Jones jerks off to…..

  3. The Chinese and Russians are just waiting for the US to implode completely and than all bets are off. As long as we have nuclear weapons and psychos willing to use them, there’s not much they can do without destroying themselves. They’re not afraid of our military since it has become a joke, it’s the WMD that keeps them at bay.

    • I would put good money that little if any of the US nuclear arsenal has been maintained and is ready to use. Israel probably controls the launch codes anyway even if there are any viable nukes left that haven’t been stolen and relocated by Greatest Ally. We are just along for the ride.

  4. In the original Star Trek, a Roman Procouncil and a fallen Star Fleet captain explain to Captain Kirk why Rome was always stronger than her enemies.

    “The games have always strengthened us, death becomes a familiar pattern, we don’t fear it as you do.”

    Later in the episode, Kirk and crew must fight to the death to escape a 20th-century Roman Empire.

    Escape from Rome.

  5. Russia is doing well, but could do a better job of preventing American culture from leaking into Russia. Any Russians who know English are basically on the path to becoming SJWs and adopting American political viewpoints because everything else has been more or less deplatformed from the English language internet.

    China’s biggest issue is PR (optics). Everyone else on earth hates them, so it’s really easy to agitate against them. China hatred is one of the only issues that unites left and right in the USA, despite the intense polarization. China could easily solve that problem by building up a culture industry for export. The Korean government created K-pop as a psyop to boost their country’s image. China could do similar, along with building up movie and video game industries.

    At this point, other countries need to treat the USA like a contagion and work to quarantine it. Build their own internal culture industries and social media platforms and hinder American ones. I wouldn’t outright ban western social media because that could backfire, but put a lot of roadblocks in their way. Throttle their speeds, heavily tax them, give them regulations that are impossible to meet, etc. Allowing unfiltered English language social media is just asking for trouble.

    • The very racist Chinese could probably do quite well if they went into producing anti-woke entertainment media of all types for Western consumption. Chinese aren’t expert propagandists and emotional manipulators like the jews are, though.

    • Dart is an ignorant hypocrite, proposing to punish the only really good people on earth for the sins of a few loudmouths who are about to be exterminated in the civil war they’re gradually starting. There are far more armed conservatives in America, who are near the limits of our tolerance, than China and Russia’s standing armies combined. NYC is Mystery Babylon. It’s about to fall. Enjoy the show. Because when it falls, the entire world follows.

  6. White Working Class Tax $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for 42 years have subsidized the training of China’s fighter jet designers..and nuke bomb designers…………WHILE YOU WERE YELLING “WHAT A STUD TYRONNE!!!!!” in SEC STADIUMS in America’s Deep South……How fucking dumb can you get?….HOW FUCKING DUMB CAN YOU GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • The Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRANTS were studying aerodynamics and structural engineering at American Universities…along with mathematics and physics and computer science….

  7. Do you notice how the Irish are singing that anti-China song? Do you notice? First it was the Muslims, now the Chinese…….whites Christians. Bet on it.

      • How am I a sub human? I, as a civilized human being, defend the weak and the innocent. What cause do you have for hating the innocent, you worthless Irish Mick?

        Oh and Mick, being from the south fork of Long Island does not make you a southerner.

    • I’ve fookin’ warned ye, Brownshite – the boys’ll be round shortly. You’ll be wishin’ ye was in H block wi’ Bobby Sands!

  8. The Chinese practically own this country already. We depend on them for almost everything from dog food to those stupid face masks that millions of white Americans wouldn’t dream of removing. The trade deficit with China runs hundreds of billions a year in their favor. The US government has borrowed trillions from Chinese banks. The interest being paid on those loans must be astronomical. Their students dominate America’s top science, medical and engineering schools. Whatever technology is developed here they steal and copy it right away, making all the profits instead of us. They could crush this stupid country if they wanted to. But they would rather be our landlords and collect rent from us for the next 300 years.

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