Hillary Clinton: Big Tech Platforms Must Be Reined In Before Things Get Worse

This is what Hillary Clinton truly believes.

Hillary Clinton was entitled to be president and we ruined it.

The Deplorables cannot be allowed to freely share their political opinions on the internet without the supervision and permission of hall monitors. Their views have to be banned like cigarettes. It is simply too dangerous for people to be allowed to talk and make fun of our ruling class.


“Clinton said this in a Hold The Line interview with Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, to be aired on Wednesday, April 14.

“We’re in a situation with these platforms [that] if they’re not reined in, it’s not just the threat and the reality of the world on fire right now, it is even worse than that. It leads to a form of not just populism and nationalism, but fascism, of totalitarianism, of a kind of mind control that people have fallen into without awareness and certainly without permission,” Clinton said.

“Just like we had to rein in smoking once we learned that it caused lung cancer, we’ve got to rein in the tech platforms before they truly undermine everything that we believe in,” she said. …”

This would obviously include us too.

We were also banned from virtually everything in 2017. It had to be done to stop “fascism” and “totalitarianism.” The political establishment was losing too badly on the internet. Ricky Vaughn had to be stopped by the DOJ. He was like “a field commander in the assault on our democracy.”

BTW, Hillary Clinton is telling us what the political establishment really fears here and why they became so worried about us. They don’t fear mainstreamers who try to fit in and suck up to conservatism. They definitely don’t fear Elmer Fudd with his shotgun storming into a synagogue. The real threat to them is relentless, brass knuckles, destructive online criticism and mockery that goes viral.

Note: Pedro Gonzalez has a timely new article on the Ricky Vaughn witch hunt.

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  1. Good luck with that. They can annoy people by trying to shut them up, but that horse is out of the building. The hubris is amazing.

    • They can shoot the messenger but they can’t shoot the message. We’re about 5-10 years where USSR was before they fell.

  2. The US is going to do a war in Crimea because blacks can’t stop rioting. And while people in large enough number screamed Uncle and went with Joe. It’s pathetic.

    • Weren’t you Brits in the Crimea about 165 years ago, fighting with the Turks against the Russians? WTH were you thinking????

  3. I have a suggestion for the Republicans. When you get back in power, instead of being the useless libertarian, low taxes/legal immigration for big business, Israel first shills that you have always been, use your state power to ban Hillary Clinton from social media. Also, for all universities that have used public funds to brainwash students with woke/anti-white politics, charge them with tax fraud, and make them pay back every tax deductible donation they’ve taken over the last 50 years.

    If you won’t do the second at the very least, then you aren’t worth voting for, and deserve everything Democrats like Hillary do to you.

  4. The old hag still can’t handle losing to blumpf . As payback she wants big tech to emulate china’s no online criticism of state endorsed political parties during voting season.

    Criticise the dnc and get hit with ridiculous fines for a libel. Twatter already basically runs like that now you can only agree with global homo talking points or you get the banhammer for riling up some libtard or making them cry because you had the audacity of a different viewpoint. They already blocked you but that isn’t enough they want you banned off the platform and lose your followers

  5. This is just another intra-Jewish squabble. Leftist Jews and their libtard followers disagree with Zionist Jews and their patriotard followers. True nationalism is not tolerated from either side and never has been. The Jews who run Facebook and YouTube will allow a certain amount of anti-China and anti-Islam content because it satisfies the vast majority of Whites who have ‘xenophobic’ tendencies and prevents them from finding White nationalism.

    The Ricky Vaughn types were not a step in the right direction, they were a step backwards. Have we forgotten how Douglass Mackey tried to get everyone to stop denying ‘the Holocaust’ and compared White nationalists to Islamic terrorists? Leftist persecution of kosher nationalists like Mackey is a positive development. It means there is no strategic advantage in ignoring the JQ and helps ensure future dissidents are authentic.

    • I think you are missing the point.

      We stumbled onto the right strategy in 2014-2016. The correct strategy was ridiculing our elites. Ricky Vaughn was doing this, but everyone was doing it at the time including people who later had a falling out with him. Unlike the old mainstreaming or vanguardism strategies, this actually shook our elites. Also, we spent just as much time in 2014-2016 attacking mainstream conservatism in the primary

      • I don’t know, HW. Have you seen those dumb boomer memes on Gab that attempt to make fun of Obama, Biden and Pelosi? Portraying them in orange jumpsuits behind bars with a caption that reads Trust the Plan? CRINGE!

    • “Just like we had to rein in smoking once we learned that it caused lung cancer, ”

      Only 30 yrs after NSDAP established that scientific fact.

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