Bernie Madoff Dies In Prison

Sheldon Adelson died in January.

Jeffrey Epstein and Bernie Madoff are dead now too.


“NEW YORK — Bernie Madoff, the financier who pleaded guilty to orchestrating the largest Ponzi scheme in history, has died in a federal prison, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Madoff died at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina, apparently from natural causes, the person said. The person was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to the AP on the condition of anonymity. …”

It will be interesting to see how Jewish power plays out in the long term. Is this a permanent state of affairs or a passing historical era? As history rolls forward, will people continue to care as much about the Holocaust? What will happen to Jewish power centers like Hollywood which seems exhausted?

There are some reasons for optimism on this front given demographic changes in the Jewish community. History strongly suggests that our Jewish elite is doomed in the long run like all previous elites. Founders eventually produce degenerate grandsons and great-grandsons. We often forget that the sheer passage of time tends to solve even the most seemingly unresolvable problems. Things happen which we do not anticipate and which have unforeseen consequences.

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  1. Jewish creativity in the culture, hollywood, media, arts, etc, is pretty much exhausted. All they generally produce is junk. They were the products of surviving the Nazis, Zionism, etc. Etc. That old world is going away, and the drive that it produced will too. Their numbers are dwindling. It’s sad where they ended up. Jewish culture has produced some positive things.

    • “As history rolls forward, will people continue to care as much about the Holocaust? ”

      Oh, I hope NOT. Why believe in a fraud? At least the Crucifixion has historical verification.
      No one has ever found the genealogical tables of the Edomites who posed as true Judeans, after the destruction of the Temple. And then, when the Khazarian empire became ‘Jews’ well… the Mischling narrative is all they truly possess… that, and being Deicides.

  2. Oh, how perfectly Mr. Madoff typified the ethos of being heartlessly willing to screw everyone in the world, just to improve the material position of yourself and your immediate family.

    A big reason why Chryst manifested in this world, is to help us thwart that little Bernhard Madoff inside each of us.

  3. What’s Rabbi Ivan Turgenev’s opinion on this? Watch as he continues to try to instigate the dead feud of Northerners vs Southerners in order to deflect people’s attention away from the JQ. He does this on every alt right comment section but I’ll continue to remind people of his neverending subterfuge LOL!

    Ivan Turgenev
    MARCH 11, 2020 AT 12:00 PM
    The Establishment gives me 2 choices for 2020 – Vice-President Biden and President Trump.
    The former is a New Englander who actually is honest enough, despite his glaring grafting corruption, to admit that he wants to ‘restore’ the policies of recent decades – as if, somehow, President Trump has really altered them!

    MARCH 11, 2020 AT 1:10 PM
    Biden is not a New Englander.

    Ivan Turgenev
    MARCH 11, 2020 AT 2:12 PM
    Thank you, Dear Atbotl, but, as Joe Biden represents their ideals about what this nation ought be, and they accept him doing such, I will regard him in that New England light, just as I regard Jewry’s foremost advocate in this country as President Trump, even though he has not a drop of their blood.

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    MARCH 14, 2020 AT 3:59 PM
    “I’m factually wrong, but I’m just going to make stuff up to fit my paranoid narrative so I can avoid talking about how Southern people voted en masse for Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman and JFK.”

    Ivan Turgenev
    July 19, 2020 at 12:08 pm
    young New England Yankee Supremacist who normally goes by the handle, ‘ATBOTL’.
    He came here thinking that this was a generic White Nationalist site that would entirely focus on ‘The Jewish Question’, and, thus, as he came face to face with Southern criticisms of his own Yankee Race, he became embittered.
    He is profoundly anti-Southern, unless we agree to adopt his particular form of New England White Supremacy, and often tries to bait Southerners, here on a Southerner Nationalist blog of all places, to engage with him.

    Mel Blank
    July 23, 2020 at 6:34 pm
    This “Ivan Turgenev” makes a lot of mistakes. He recently claimed here that George Washington learned strategy from the French, who won the French and Indian War! (Note: They didn’t win that war.) He also uses that corny “sir” thing when addressing his critics, as if we’re all members of the Charleston Dueling Society as shown on The Simpsons. Whenever I read someone pretending to be Southern or an old-fashioned gentleman by using “sir,” I’m reminded of the Warner Brothers cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn that was shown on TV when I was a kid, which makes me laugh, so Ivan’s not all bad. He’s a fake. If he’s really living in NC and doing the things he says he is, I’ll eat my Dueling Society card.

    • I have Jewish friends and I’m not anti-Semitic, but there’s clearly a double standard reserved just for Jews and Israel. Untalented Nick Cannon made several offensive remarks about whites, but he was never suspended or fired for that. It was only when he criticized Jews that he got the shaft from his employers and he’s been apologizing ever since to avoid getting blacklisted in Hollywood. Israel’s possibly the most racist and discriminatory nation on Earth, but how much do we hear about their anti-Gentile laws in the media? Why can’t we question the Talmud’s attitude towards Gentiles, Holocaust death count, Jewish influence in certain things, communism leading to more deaths than any other ideology, or Israel’s privileged position in US foreign policy like we do everything else? This is really a topic that the alt-left and alt-right can unite on and make a significant change.

      • @ going forward not backward, there will be no unity, no alliance with thee alt left, we are only interested in” going forward not backward” , i repeat!! We are only interested in ” going forward not backward ” Understood? Not get back to the corner and wear your “dunce ” hat ” right”, understood?

  4. Old Sheldon Adelson is dead, sure … but re Jeffrey Epstein, who ‘died’ in the custody of half-Jewish US Atty General Bill Barr … Barr whose family was involved with Epstein for nearly 50 years … factoids:

    1970s – ex-OSS Donald Barr, Bill’s father, is headmaster of the Dalton School, Barr also publishing a ‘fantasy’ novel on s-xual slavery, ‘Space Relations’, you can still find a used copy … Don Barr meets Jeffrey with similar ‘interests’ … Barr helps give Jeffrey his 1st job teaching teen girls … meanwhile son Bill Barr is working at CIA, going to law school at night

    Bill Barr’s eventual law firm, Kirkland Ellis, works for Epstein … Epstein ‘dies’ under Barr, but jail videotapes aren’t working, yeah … 1st announcement of Epstein death is on 4chan, including a poster saying Epstein was driven out of the jail in a van by guys in military-style uniform … People who knew Epstein say the ‘dead Epstein body’ photos don’t look like him

    Hunter tries hard to be ‘normie’ and doesn’t want ‘to be a conspiratard’, but the fact is, intel agencies do stuff

    Fake deaths are a thing, and fake jailings are a thing, too, neither is hard to pull off … Epstein is more likely in Israel … half a chance Bernie Madoff is there too … Faking death makes certain things much smoother

  5. This man must be an absolute god to our overlords. It sure is strange his death is being announced on all networks like anyone gives a shit.

  6. Maybe all the inbreeding that jews engage in will eventually render them too genetically damaged to continue breeding? Or maybe jewish wealth, power and arrogance will be eclipsed by the superior wealth, power and arrogance of the numerically superior Chinese? Jews have been a nuisance for over 25 centuries but they are not indestructible, especially in a world where they now comprise a mere 1/4 of 1% of the population.

  7. (((They known their doomed))) the frustrating part of it is most whites are going down with them and so few of us know the stakes!

  8. David Rockefeller died in 2017, Soros is 90, Chomsky is 92, Kissinger is 97.

    Old Ghetto hardened guards leave the scene and there is nobody to replace them. We are not living anymore in the world where Bear Jews may rise. Easy life and isolation in comfort is bad environment to create leaders.

    And Jews were not very smart. When we take a closer look, all their power was based on few dirty tricks, for example a media control. When people do not blindly believe in media, a lot of Jewish power is gone. They used Big Lie so many times that people are immune to their another lie and defamation campaign.

    Trump build this wall. After Trump, a lot of people know that it is possible to survive horrific defamation campaign.

    • It is very strange that the power of the massive news and entertainment industry has all but disappeared in the space of a single year. Are the jews even trying to rebuild their media empire?

    • @Juri…

      Though major sources of power dying away may be troubling and sad to a tribe of people, it does not deter or change the spirit of that tribe of people, no matter what that tribe of people is.

      The spirit of a people goes on.

      If it were not so, Russia would be, after all the Judeo-Bolshevik attempts to change it, a very different country than it was in the late 19th century, and yet, not only is it not much different, with each passing year it grows more and more like 19th century Russia.

      Same for The Germans – for after the disastrous bloodletting that was WWII for that tribe, they have bounced back and continue along a very similar path.

      You can dress a zebra up different, but, a Zebra never changes it’s stripes.

  9. Why doesn’t Madoff get the Baruch Goldstein treatment? Do you have to kill the innocent to earn the respect of your fellow Jews? Isn’t it good enough just to be a common thief to earn the respect of your own kind?

  10. All the Jews Trump pardoned only hurt Gentiles. Bernie Madoff only targeted and fleeced Jews who, in my opinion, should have known they were participating in an airplane scheme, but figured there were a lot of Gullible Gentiles behind them boarding for the ride. Problem was that there weren’t because Jewish networking and nepotism forced a lot of them out of many money-making ventures and only Jews had money to “invest,” so mostly only very rich Jews were preyed upon, making them victims of their own success, I guess.

    • “Bernie Madoff only targeted and fleeced Jews”

      So very wrong.
      He ruined many gentiles. Some committed suicide.

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