Joe Biden Promises We Are Leaving Afghanistan In Big Speech

We can’t leave in May.

We promise though that we are leaving by September!

We’re going to break the peace deal that Trump negotiated with the Taliban. This isn’t a trick that is going to flare things back up and keep us there when the “deadline” approaches again in the fall.

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  1. This is just more bold faced lies but if for arguments sake he’s telling the truth. He’s probably just be reverting those troops in iraq and dumping them off to Syria, Lebanon and Yemen where the war is really ramping up for our greatest backstabbing ally.

    Afghanistan has been nicely destroyed in ruins from the last 20 something years so off to the next target… The glow in the dark gloves are off now that our military openly admits to working with al qaeda

    • It’s pretty obvious that Joe is planning Barbarossa. Arguably he also won power by masterminding nigger riots. Joe has been a prime mover in many of the wars since 1996.

  2. Yes! I believe Dementia Joe because he is not Herr Trump, this time he means it! Says the Lügenpresse for domestic consumption.

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