Daunte Wright Insurrection (Night 3)

Nothing can be done about this, folks.

The Wall of Moms will come out again to protect their brats.

We’re living in an upside down world where there has been an actual real insurrection which has been going on for years in the Pacific Northwest but the corporate media refuse to call it that and the federal government refuses to do anything about it because Antifa and Black Lives Matter are the minions of Wall Street and the intelligence agencies who look the other way at their violence.

Note: Last summer, Antifa and Black Lives Matter even created the sovereign nation of CHAZ in Seattle. Can you imagine White Nationalists seizing territory, declaring independence and getting away with it? Would the DOJ, FBI and the ATF just let that happen?

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  1. Your comment about the “moms” is correct. I cant tell yoi how many 20 something to 60 something year old women I have seen leaving endless commentaries about their “white shame” and “white guilt” as the weep on angry black posts of “we being killed over Skittles, fake twenties and air freshners”. It really is something to see. The White woman acts so counter to their interests I wonder if they have always been this way throughout history.

    Ready to sell out their own husbands, sons and brothers over some social signaling

    • These women are airheads. Before civilization made us weak, wild animals would have eaten these these people before they had a chance to breed, and we wouldn’t be having these discussions.

    • @ captain shill, our women do seem to have a penchant, for chasing after strange flesh, you would have to be a boomer to know this, our women are not quite what they used too be, they dont have thee beauty, that they used too have.

    • Women will always side with the stronger male or the winning team. Doing so ensures their survival.

      • It is the history of human survival, like it or not. Women of conquered peoples were raped and impregnated and thus the human race survived. Women evolved to be both outwardly agreeable and inwardly manipulative and scheming to aid in their own survival — and that of successive generations.

        Don’t blame the beast for its inherent nature. Same with Blacks; you know what you’ re dealing with, so work around it.

  2. Antifa work as hired goons for the FBI and powerful Democrat political figures. That is the only explanation for all the outrageous shit they’ve been allowed to get away with. Of course it also helps that many Antifa members are the spoiled brat kids of those powerful Democrat political figures.

    Why is that homosexual zipperhead Andy Ngo the only journalist investigating Antifa’s criminal activities? I thought we had a “free” press or something.

    • “Why is that homosexual zipperhead Andy Ngo the only journalist investigating ”

      Because, WHITES are wimpy, lazy and disloyal.
      (With few exceptions.)

        • “Why do you think it is so hard?”

          Uh, because they get shut down, deplatformed, financially strangled, like

          David duke
          Don black
          Vincent james
          Adam green
          John friend
          On and on and……..

  3. The so called “President” Trump did nothing about it because the Republican Party is so afraid of being called racist and White Supremacist. We know the Democrats sure ain’t interested in doing anything about it. All this Anarchy and Black Supremacy in the streets was the Democrats way of getting the far left wing Third Party vote in 2020. Now the party is stuck with these extremists who hate the White Race. Doing the same old junk…..being all Conserrrrvative and VOTE REPUBLICAN caused this problem. It’s time the White Race is just simply…..White Nationalist and 100% proud of it. Deo Vindice !

  4. You do know Joint Base Lewis-McChord is located half ways between Seattle and Portland?

    Is the military taking part in the disorder as a way to bait China or Russia into an attack?

    Why else would they allow it?

  5. @ it must really be frustrating for them, despite all their efforts at formenting a actual shooting war, us deplorable, domestic extremist, supremist white people, are still behaving ourselves and not taking their bait.

  6. Just wait until the summer gets here. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Something about the warm weather send the savages into a frenzy.

  7. The Left wants gun control and the minute the cops enforce it, the Left riots.

    Some people are never happy!

  8. Y’all remember the ‘coincidence’ last year, that George Floyd and Derek Chauvin worked together as ‘security’ at a local nightclub on some of the same evenings

    And now we find that George Floyd’s girlfriend Courteney Ross … was a high school teacher of Daunte Wright, the new black guy whose death is leading to riots and a criminally charged police officer

    As they say, you can’t make these things up …

  9. Some guy named Habib gets his sneaker store looted twice in less than a year and FOX TV is shedding crocodile tears for the guy. He should never have been in the country in the first place. He decided to open his store in the midst of Africa, Minnesota, gets looted, re-opens and gets looted again. Fuck him.

    Most likely U.S. taxpayers compensated him for his first loss and will pay him to reopen his store again. That is what happened in Baltimore after the St. Freddy Gray riots. After CVS got looted and burned there was going to be a “pharmacy desert” in the city of Baltimore. The Federal Government has a program to pay companies to open stores in da ‘hood and paid CVS to re-open their pharmacy. CVS corp. made a profit off of their store being burned in Baltimore by the aspiring rappers getting their lives together to become nuclear physicists.

    The Federal Government has to go bust by ruining the dollar before this shit can come to an end, there is no other way. From the Republican Party’s viewpoint it’s all good too because it’s good for bidness and it shows “Democrats are the real racists.” What would St. Martin Luther King say, he would be appalled by the riots. Actually that fraud MLK would say: “Burn that bitch down but first, where’s my MoFoing piece of that shit?”

  10. I wonder who the Democratic Party is going to bow to the Progressive Wing or the new Suburban voters. I just see this becoming a disaster for them to keep for mid terms and as progressive DAs are up for re-election.

  11. @ they could shut down this evilness in minnesota in a hour, without the police or the national guard, bring in the private contractors they used in Iraq, they are experts at kicking ass on the streets, just ask thee Iraq’s, you suppose they are keeping them in reserve , so they can deal with thee deplorable, extremist, supremist, “Dirty white boys”, when madam presidente harris, decides too let these white folks know whose the boss!?

  12. The core of the problem is the media, it leads the way and supports the worst things in America and demonizes the virtuous. No society that turns it’s back on it’s police can survive. A proper society wouldn’t report on these inflammatory cases to begin with, and it wouldn’t criminalize screwing up at your job if you were a cop. They didn’t toss that airline pilot in Lexington KY who took off on the wrong runway in jail? They guy got disabled and will no longer fly planes again. A surgeon whose patient dies on the table doesn’t get perp walked. They don’t want anyone to be cops, only rational explanation if there is anything rational about this marxist hatred of civil order. She screwed up and should probably lose her job, isn’t that punishment enough? Not for 78 IQ black underclass full grown “children” who want no consequences for their criminal behavior. I just see endless dumb young black low IQ bimbos with endless bastard children taking part in these protests against civilization. It’s just a hatred of the loser against the winner. I wonder how all those independents who voted for Biden feel now? They thought things would go back to normal after Trump was gone, the disorder was just a democrat temper tantrum to rid us of the bad orange man, then things would quiet down. Instead they seem the communists…er ah I mean democrats, implementing an upside down world, and anti-meritocracy and continuing anti-social disorder. Yes Trump bungled his presidency, although even the best would have a hard time with the deep state (a.k.a. just another name for jews in the bureaucracy) fully working against him, but no way would I ever vote for Biden or the democrats. They are absolute enemies of American civilization.

  13. “No society that turns it’s back on it’s police can survive. ”

    It isn’t about that, it’s about replacing the police.

    Meet your new community guardian, comrade tyrone franklin, with his friendship AK47.

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