Woke Capital Unites Hundreds of CEOs, Corporations, Oligarchs, Wall Street Law Firms and Hollywood Celebrities Behind Assault On Democracy

Did you hear the big news of the day?

America’s oligarchs, woke celebrities, millionaires and billionaires and hundreds of the most powerful corporations in the country and their CEOs have taken out an ad in the New York Times to show their support for democracy. By democracy, they mean that they alone are going to make the laws now and that we can dispense with the voters and their elected representatives.

NBC Narratives:

“Dozens of companies, including Amazon, Google, Starbucks and Netflix, joined hundreds of business leaders, celebrities, law firms, and nonprofits to sign a new statement opposing “any discriminatory legislation” that would restrict ballot access.

The statement, appearing Wednesday as advertisements in The New York Times and The Washington Post, is the latest and largest mobilization by corporate America against restrictive voting legislation advanced by Republicans around the country.

“We stand for democracy,” the statement, stretched across two full pages, reads. “We all should feel a responsibility to defend the right to vote and to oppose any discriminatory legislation or measures that restrict or prevent any eligible voter from having an equal and fair opportunity to cast a ballot.” …”

They’re all Democrats now.

Big Media, Big Business, Big Education, Big Law, Big Tech, Wall Street, Hollywood and the Pentagon are all on the same side now. The political establishment is pro-democracy!

I can’t stop laughing.

This is what Donald Trump’s big tax cut got you.

This is what conservatives get for spending a generation cutting their taxes, deregulating Big Business and looking the other way while millions of foreigners break our immigration laws.

Maybe you thought it was a little odd when we started talking about raising Huey Long and the Share Our Wealth platform from the grave back in January. What do you think now?

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  1. Trying to find a bigger copy so I can see which companies I must add to my boycott list that I’m not already boycotting.

    Wonder if any of them would sign a letter opposing Israel’s wall or policies in the occupied territories.

  2. Two morons have more power in a democracy than one wise person, but one wealthy donor has more power than hundreds of millions of mere voters.

    Yep. It’s (((their))) democracy.

  3. Eventually these no-good bastards will have to conscript through “National Service” White people into their various schemes including their wars, their chocolate colored pets won’t suffice. Maybe that will wake up Whites who still believe that shit about civic nationalism, color blind society, MLK was a “conservative”, free markets etc.

    Anyone who still believes the Republicans are the answer has not been paying attention.

  4. The female cop that shot the future rocket scientist was charged with 2nd degree manslaughter. Diversity killed him.

  5. All of the White people on this list can start by stepping down from their positions and giving all of their wealth to brown people. They talk all day about White supremacy and race equity, yet they never want to give up their own money and status.

  6. One of the way societies die is lack of faith. The people running not only the U.S. but western Europe as well, actually the whole English speaking world, seem to be totally negative. They have nothing but contempt for the progress human being have made over the last 3 or 4 hundred years. The driving force for this has been western civilization, the elite leftists are eating away at society like a bunch of packrats or termites.

    They are completely divorced from what day to day life is like for most citizens of this country.

  7. What does “Share our Wealth”, in actual practice, look like in 2021?

    New York is giving $15,600 payments to unemployed illegal immigrants. Real Americans get nothing.

    Oakland is giving $500 to every poor resident – but only if they aren’t White.

    Middle class White taxpayers are paying for this. Corporations and rich people pay nothing.

    Calls for “Share our Wealth” will empower Woke Government to do more of the same.

    There are two populist economic ideas worth supporting:
    1. Complete immigration moratorium (not just a net immigration moratorium), combined with emigration.
    2. Completely eliminate all taxes on the middle class. While running for president in 2000, Ralph Nader said that households earning $100,000 or less per year should pay exactly $0/year in taxes. I heartily agree. If the ruling class wants Woke Government, they can pay for it themselves

    UBI, on the other hand, would just become a club that Woke Government could hold over our heads. Get on board with the Woke agenda, or they’ll hold up the checks. They already do this with social security. Anytime the Republicans push back against the cultural left, there is a “government shutdown”, the social security checks stop, seniors get mad at the “obstructionist Republicans”, who in turn cave every time.

    In the meantime, take direct action. Boycott everything. Save every dime. Don’t give the Woke Capital bastards a single penny.

    • Wiping out the oligarchy.

      Why on earth should they be allowed to buy the government? How will taking away their vadt fortunes which are the source of their power hurt the middle class? If you are worth more than $50 million dollars, you are nowhere close to middle class or even upper middle class

  8. The backs of the kikes, CEOs & billionaire bastards must be broken, by hook or by crook. I’d love to see their ill-gotten mountains of shekels ripped away from them so that they can no longer buy the whore politicians, but to do it, a serious & substantial man must come forward; a man willing to subject himself to a full spectrum campaign of lies & hatred that would make what Dump faced look like 4-H club skit. That’s the rub.

  9. These companies give lip service to progressive SOCIAL issues to increase their profits, NOT progressive ECONOMIC issues that benefit those in the middle and bottom. Catering to nonwhites, youth, and rich urban liberals is more profitable than appealing to whites in the sticks or aging and dying conservatives. Democratic economic policies still benefit ordinary people more than those of the Republicans, so stop trying to sell the lie that the GOP is populist because the rich donors still control it and always will until the party craters. Just shows you’re a closeted Republican.

  10. Now the Oligarchs are catering to the black underclass to get their votes. Endorsing antisocial behavior and the childish desire for no regulation of their criminal behavior. No society that embraces it’s worst can survive in a darwinian struggle against a strong patriarchy that embraces their best. The only reason we are still around is we are eating the seed corn from mid 20th century white America and China and the Islamic worlds are corrupt, nepotistic, and not really the powerhouses some of the phobics make them out to be. But there is still a long way to slip. America is no longer a meritocracy under the marxist equity democrats. As a matter of fact it is the opposite, an ANTIMERITOCRACY that embraces and promotes the very worst. Sad thing is a lot of these immigrants who seem to be decent people who want the country to remain strong, safe, peaceful, and prosperous are too “out of touch” with the culture to see who the democrats really are. Or they just plain simply refuse to vote for what they see as the nationalist party of native whites since they feel somewhat uneasy knowing they are living in someone else’s country. That’s why “Immigrationism” is so important to the cultural marxists, they know it is a terribly destabilizing force and even the best of the immigrants feel an alienation from the host population putting them in their camp.

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