Rising: Is Joe Biden The Mythical Populist Right Leader That MAGA’s Been Waiting For?


Rest assured, this site is a bellwether. I didn’t care for Donald Trump’s incompetent presidency. It hardly follows though that I am enjoying the Joe Biden presidency.

No, Joe Biden isn’t anything close to what we want. In fact, Joe Biden has dumped nitroglycerin on the most important issues that gave us the Trump presidency in the first place.

1. Immigration – Joe Biden is presiding over the worst border crisis in thirty years. This crisis far exceeds the previous one under Obama. The fact that he isn’t currently resettling as many refugees as Donald Trump doesn’t change the fact that one of his most unpopular executive orders was his decision to raise the refugee cap to 125,000. To put this in perspective, 172,000 people were apprehended at the border in March. Biden’s ambition on refugees hasn’t caught up with his own actions, but neither did Donald Trump’s on immigration policy until the last two years of his presidency.

2. Political Correctness – This was probably the single most important issue that led to the Trump presidency. In 2015, Trump voters were annoyed by political correctness and SJWs, but now that has mutated into militant wokeness and is being institutionalized in the Biden administration which has adopted the language of systematic racism and which is pushing “racial equity” throughout the federal government. In other words, the Biden administration is 100x more anti-White than the Obama administration, which is reflected in how he called Georgia a “Jim Eagle” state.

3. Censorship – Censorship was not one of our key issues during the 2016 campaign. After Democrats lost the 2016 election, the conclusion that they drew from it was that a progressive orthodoxy had to be imposed on the internet. This was steadily rolled out by Big Tech in 2017. It finally culminated in banning Trump himself and millions of his followers from social media. Are those folks happy with the Biden administration about being muzzled in order to prop up the “mainstream” media?

4. Crime – In the 2014-2016 period, the rise of Black Lives Matter and the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore was a major issue. This was one of Donald Trump’s biggest perceived strengths at the time. He was perceived as being tough on crime. We thought that Jeff Sessions would be a tough AG. It was the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots and the “Defund the Police” rhetoric which boosted Trump and House Republicans in the 2020 election too. Joe Biden is now presiding over the worst crime wave in thirty years. The Democrats are now firmly associated with the Black Lives Matter riots of last summer.

5. Civil Liberties – Civil liberties has rapidly become the single most important issue on the Populist Right under the Biden administration. Among other things, the Democrats have demonized Trump supporters as “insurrectionists” and “domestic extremists.” They want to pass a domestic terrorism law to use state power to go after “domestic extremists.” They want to put the Waco guy in charge of the ATF. They have already weaponized the FBI and DOJ against the Right and now refuse as a matter of principle in Democratic-controlled cities like Portland and Charlottesville to enforce the law and to treat all citizens equally under the law. They want to put “domestic extremists” on an FBI No Fly List. They talk openly about waging “a war on domestic extremism.” This could end up backfiring on the Democrats because the “domestic extremists” weren’t all impressed with the Trump administration and they are American citizens who normally don’t even bother to vote but this kind of talk could radically change that.

6. Trans – The trans issue is the latest front in cultural degeneration. It doesn’t resonate as strongly though as these other issues. After all, the existence of Joe Biden’s trans girls doesn’t impact us personally. The trans issue, however, is symbolic of the attitude that Democrats hold in general. They want the trans girls to serve in the military, but at the same time they want to drive a far larger group of people out. They want to end transphobia on the internet, but that requires censoring a larger number of people. They want to protect marginalized criminals, but that requires embracing anarchy and demonizing the police and unleashing criminals on the law abiding majority. They want a more inclusive public space, but that requires destroying historic monuments which other people admire and have erected to honor their ancestors. In sum, they want to turn the world upside down by marginalizing the majority. They’re on the side of all the freaks. They are against the normal people with traditional values.

7. American Heritage Preservation – The mobs of brats who go around toppling statues are celebrated by Democrats. Aside from the censorship, the assault on civil liberties and their celebration of criminals and illegal aliens, there probably isn’t a better example of the contempt that the professional managerial class has for their fellow citizens. We’re the party of privileged brats who dress up like ninjas to topple statues of George Washington, spit on them and drag them in the dirt.

This illustrates a profound misunderstanding that people on the Left have of what motivates and animates White Populism. We care less about the distribution of things than dignity and respect. While there are various things that Joe is doing which we might support, that isn’t as important.

So, the Democratic message comes across as something like this: we sent you a one time $1,400 check (those of you who got it because the eligibility level was cut), but we want to see to it that you can never have a job because your values and political beliefs are problematic. We’re going to spend $2 trillion dollars on our infrastructure plan, but we want to put you on an FBI No Fly List which means that you can’t even catch a normal flight because you have been classified by us as a “domestic extremist.” We’re also going to muzzle you on the internet and ensure that our friends the banks cut you off from the financial system because we don’t respect your rights. The DOJ, DHS, FBI, NSA and ATF also consider you a “national security threat” for believing things which no one questioned as recently as twenty years ago.

The problem isn’t just that we don’t like social liberalism for being culturally degenerate. The Democratic brand is now hyper authoritarian woke social liberalism to the point of using state violence, street violence in the form of militias like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, intimidation by the FBI, harassment, surveillance and corporate economic blackmail and punishment in order to enforce conformity.

Note: It goes without saying that the GOP doesn’t have any idea of what to do about this. They remain committed to corporate tax cuts and staying in Afghanistan for another generation.

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  1. Yes I would say that he and Trump really are both Populists. Not really extremists in nature. However the far left and far right have drove America off the cliff and our elected officials jumped off with it. So we’re dealing the problems we have now. If only our elected officials had some courage and would do what’s right for America First and make this country great like it was before. Deo Vindice !

    • @ brian pace ” and far right have drove america off the cliff “, I beg to differ, if you can prove it, where and when? “Extremism in defence of Liberty is no vice” , whose quote is that brian pace?

  2. Washington Post, Paul Farhi, April 6, gives the list of names presumed to be in charge of “Biden.”

    The title is: “The Trump White House provided reporters with a gusher of leaks. With Biden, everything’s changed” but it’s really about how the Biden White House works on the inside.

    Anita Dunn, from the Obama administration, and Ron Klain, Steve Ricchetti, and Mike Donilon, all Biden loyalists. The puff piece about Biden’s wife hinted how the team deals with Biden’s dementia, it’s Dr. Biden changing his diapers, giving him his meds, and making sure he’s not drooling on himself when they take the publicity photos.

    Ron Klain is the ring leader, quite clearly.

  3. I have trouble taking good looking dames seriously as news commentators. It’s not in their nature to discuss politics and economics, they would rather dish about celebrities or show everyone pictures of their baby shower.

  4. Dementia Joe and his ugly girlfriend, President Kuntmala Harris are going to thoroughly discredit the Democrat Party and the Left with all its insane causes by the time they are done. This country will be a shambles with the entire Left Wing establishment shown to be more than anything else, incompetent. They will cause disasters in both foreign and domestic policies exacerbated by the %40 wogs in the country and the nogs on the warpath at home.

    Dementia Joe and his ugly girlfriend, President Kuntmala Harris don’t have the slightest idea what to do during a crisis, they have fuck up written all over them. They have antagonized the White people who make the country function, the very people the Government needs most in a crisis. When things really go south Whites should look out for ourselves, don’t volunteer to help our enemies, fuck ’em.

    I hate to see the horrible Republicans profit from the turmoil that is coming though.

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