House Democrats Push Reparations For Slavery Bill Through Committee

This is nice.

The bill is not going anywhere even in the House.

As with nationwide red flag gun legislation, a new domestic terrorism law, federalizing state elections, comprehensive immigration reform, the Equality Act or packing the Supreme Court, it is nice to know where Democrats stand on the issues so we can decide whether to maintain to keep their current majority in Congress. Is this why it is absolutely necessary to nuke the filibuster?


“Reparations legislation could soon be headed to the House floor for the first time in more than three decades. Now comes the hard part.

Wednesday night, the House Judiciary Committee voted to bring H.R. 40 out of committee — a historic feat not accomplished since the late Rep.John Conyers (D-Mich.) first introduced a reparations bill in 1989.The legislation has been introduced in every Congress since then but never made it past a committee vote until last night, where it was approved with the support of 25 Democrats over 17 Republicans. …

While both parties have been reticent to embrace reparations legislation in the past, the majority of Republicans oppose it. A February POLITICO/Morning Consult poll found that 60 percent of Democrats support the formation of a committee to study reparations while 74 percent of Republicans oppose it. Many on the right argue that today’s lawmakers should not be held responsible for mistakes of the past, like enslavement. …”

Where do BIPOC people stand on reparations for slavery?

If you are a “Latinx” or Asian voter, then your ancestors were almost certainly not here in 1865. The same is true of all the Europeans who came to this country after the War Between the States. Even among the White people whose ancestors were present here in 1865, the majority of White Southerners were not slave owners and the White people in the Free States obviously didn’t own slaves either. No one alive today has ever been a slave or slaveowner. Should all of these people pony up?

Note: Half of Democrats support “trans” and reparations. Support for reparations has doubled though because of wokeness. It is black people and woke progressives who support reparations.

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    • … toward Secession. Heartland/WHITE America, COME OUT OF HER, AND BE YE SEPARATE.

      Or we will all hang, separate-ly.

      Someone once said that…. wonder who?


    Gets a 3 million dollar check….and they vote for this at POTUS election….they can impose this LEGALLY on Native White Folks…..AND THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS coming to OUR America LEGALLY…..Destiny is Demography…

    Alex Jones:”‘AS LONG AS THEY COME TO AMERICA LEGALLY….PAY THEIR TAXES…AND OBEY THE CONSTITUTION…..MY RESPONSE:‘go back and read what I wrote above….Racial dispossession is perfectly LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL……

  2. We’ve already spent trillions, year after year, supporting them, housing and feeding them, giving them free medical care, free college, free phones, deals on cars, you name it.

    Most of us have ancestors who came over to the US after the 1800s. We didn’t own slaves.

    The Africans sold their own people into slavery, yet you NEVER hear them talk about this.

    If we pay them reparations, they will still live on welfare, food stamps, WIC, etc. They will STILL expect to get jobs or promotions they aren’t qualified for. They will STILL expect everyone to walk on eggshells around their precious feelings. They will STILL expect to be able to threaten whites and get away with it online and in real life.

    But here is my solution. Give them reparations AND anyone getting a check must be booked on a ship to Africa. That’s right, you get the money, but you can’t live off of us or assault or insult us anymore. It’s all over. You go to your continent, because you DO think you own it….and fend for yourself. No checks, no handouts, nothing. NO RACE CARD.

    Welcome to EQUALITY.

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