Trevor Noah: The Police Are A “Rotten Tree”

I used to watch The Daily Show in the 2000s

I vaguely remember it being funny. I was strongly against the Iraq War.

Now, this woke black from South Africa is the host of The Daily Show, which has zero cultural appeal to the rest of the country outside of woke progressivism. Stephen Colbert isn’t funny anymore.

The woke progressive consensus is that the police are systematically racist and that you are a “domestic extremist” or a “white supremacist” for not wanting to “Defund the Police” or “Abolish the Police.” We need to “reimagine policing” or get rid of the police and embrace anarchy and mob rule. This is now their heartfelt position. You shouldn’t be protected by local law enforcement which is “white privilege.”

They’ve really done us a favor by seizing upon this issue, framing it that way and making that the choice. You’re either for the “racial justice” movement or “white supremacy” and policing.

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  1. Another hostile nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT…

    And get this:Reparations for the American Negro will extend to this Bantu LEGAL IMMIGRANT from South Africa..

    • He should be deported to S. Africa on the next plane leaving for Johannesburg. There are already too many foreigners here in privileged positions who hate us. The proper number of these people in the country is zero.

  2. The cops in SA are all armed and dangerous. Wft is this colored AfroYid bitching bout?

  3. Simple question:

    How is it in the interest of Native White Folks to tolerate a Legal Immigration Policy that allows this hostile creepy Bantu from South Africa into America?

    For years mass NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS were justified by MEGA-CEOS by shrieking LABOR SHORTAGES!!!……Well, LABOR SHORTAGES only mean two things:



    So, who would be oppposed to 1 and 2?

    Some Bantu History:They extirminated a previously existing African Ethic Group that had arrived earlier in South Africa…..They got in they way of Bantu Ethnic African Conquest….absolutely true…

    The Bantus were peckish for some MANCORN…AFRICAN variety….

    • Coincidentally the Bantus arrived in southern Africa only shortly before the first Dutch settlers. Both groups were competing to settle southern Africa at the same time. The Dutch won that contest until recently.

    • Obviously unconstitutional, obviously nothing will be done about this either. Why should White people pursuing White interests be bound by the Constitution when no one else is? The Constitution is not supposed to be a suicide pact for White people AKA real Americans.

  4. Bill Maher is the only comedian I know of who is still funny and has not become “woke” (I really hate that word).

  5. How are gun control laws going to be enforced without the police? Wasn’t the arrest of Dauntless Daunte to enforce gun control laws?

    Cops are only as good as the politicians who pay their salaries.

    • That’s exactly the problem. Who the fuck is going to go door to door to disarm black teenagers in possession of illegal firearms?

  6. Sometimes I get the feeling that someone is encouraging Blacks to think that they are going to take charge of police policy, after which basic policing will come to a halt.

    I’ve seen this in more than a few Black candidates at a local level, they quick to say that they would like law-enforcement reform.

    After I enquire in detail, just what that would amount to, and listen carefully to the replies, I will weigh in and, in a variety of ways, say that I am not in favour of that.

    One of the key elements that Progressive Negroes want edited out of local Northeastern NC law enforcement is what they regard as ‘harassment’, that of law officers stopping young Black Men, based on an intuition, or who they are hanging around, or simply their attitude from previous encounters.

    From my point of view, I do not regard this as ‘harassment’, rather, timely interventions to prevent crime, because, nowadays, with the Klan element missing, and often absentee parenting, many young Negroes have no fear of anyone or anything, or respect for anything or anyone.

    And, unfortunately, the failures of the welfare/victim-coddling society and the broken Black family structures winds up coming to a head in the interaction between a law-enforcement officer and a young Negro.

    Because of this policing is very very difficult nowadays, and, for that reason, I am always quick to remind the local officers of my appreciation of their efforts.

    When you hear what they go through with young Negroes, you realize how incredibly patient and courageous they, our law officers, are.

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