Pentagon Confirms U.S. Navy Spotted Pyramid-Shaped UFOs

We all know there is only one thing this can be.

The ancestors have finally returned to liberate Black people from “white supremacy” as was prophesized by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan back in the 1970s.

These UFOs come in a variety of shapes – cigar-like, pyramid, triangle, disc, sphere, tic tac – and have been by launched by the black extraterrestrials who are orbiting earth in the “Wheel of Death” mothership who are preparing to rain down death and destruction upon White America.

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  1. Anybody remember the hilarious on air commercial skits about Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan , and the mother ship by Rush Limbaugh. I got many a laugh from those.

  2. Lol ty for the levity. Your commentary has been very good lately, stalwart, stoic, and on target. I appreciate avoidance of doom and gloom, black pilling whenever possible (sometimes its called for). I raise my beer to you for putting a grin on my face, thats the stuff of life. Bix nood muh fugga muh dick

    • Say what you what about the evils of gangster Rap it deserves its hate for the violence it progandizes but Funk was definitely a much better positive form of black music

  3. “Navy Spotted Pyramid-Shaped UFOs”

    The Navy never knows what the Air Force is up to.
    ……….. SR 72 ?

  4. I don’t believe in UFOs. I think they are a globalist meme.

    What convinced me they are a meme, other than no physical evidence, only blurry photos and CGI? I saw a chart showing UFO sightings in America. Before 1939, virtually no sightings. After 1939, the number of sightings shot up. I noticed a similar pattern with a chart showing the massive increase in the use of the word “racist” after 1939. 1939 was the year the Nazis were defeated. Bingo!

    Then there was Ronald Reagan fantasizing at the UN, about how a fake alien threat would unite the world under globalism:

    “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war?”

    • Then there is the 1967 “Report From Iron Mountain” suggesting a UFO threat to replace the war between nations as the organizing principle of society. I think crank economist Paul Krugman floated this idea a few years ago to stimulate the economy.

      • And that’s all it REALLY is. An attempt to DISTRACT from the JEWS’ CRIMES.

        1) the FE/Skiba crowd at least acknowledges the biblical reality that this Earth is the only plane of existence we have, or will EVER HAVE.

        No multiple histories, co-existing planes where (as in the ST series) Kirk said (in one episode) ‘Caesar… and Christ- they had them both.’ Nope. Just Jewish Foreskin Fantasies to avoid their CULPABILITY FOR DEICIDE.

        2) All Sci-Fi (apart from Jules Verne in the XIXth) in the XXth Century, was dominated by JEWS- people who sought to DISTRACT Christian Europe from the reality of their attempts to CONTROL the governments of the world, up to and including TWO WORLD WARS.

        “I would invite the compilation of material relating to contributions by Jewish authors, artists, etc. to our cherished genre of science fiction…”-

        2) If this firmament encloses our ‘snow globe,’ then the JEWS HAVE NOWHERE TO HIDE, no ‘off-planet escape strategy. So, too, this leaves all pagans and atheists nowhere to run.

        3) And, the only OTHER lifeforms that ‘could’ pretend to be aliens, ET’s, etc.
        are the DEMONIC SPIRITS that also exist in our plane. Which is probably what all this ET/UFO BS is, anyway. Demonic Delusion. Just like Bruce Jenner saying he’s a ‘woman.’

        Just sayin’

  5. I believe those UFOs are real – sort of. They are interdimensional entities which can at least partially materialize in our reality. The same goes for Bigfoot and shadow people.

    • Spahnranch1970, have you ever heard of Stan Gordon? He basically says the same thing about ufo’s, Bigfoot, and shadow people as you do. His website is

  6. I don’t know if there’s life on other planets but there are living beings of some kind dwelling in other dimensions or planes of existence.

  7. Based and gay oped pilled pentagon very cool you glow in the dark homos never dissapoint But I’m sure the ufos were in the shape of the star of david I’m sure

  8. Jesus Christ, that’s an artifact of the internal lens structure of the camera looking at an out of focus item. It’s regular blinking suggests it’s just a commercial jet some distance out. Are they really desperate to change the conversation they run a UFO hoax for the conspiracy people hoping they lose interest in politics and go back to that midnight AM radio X files Bigfoot from outer space shit?

  9. Niggers are actually biological weapons dropped on Earth during an ancient interstellar war.

    On serious note; I think that UFOs are interdimensional in nature. They’re not just simple spacecraft.

  10. @ fallen angels, any thoughts about panty waist angels with wings, drop them, angel means messenger and thee fallen ones are thee enemy.

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