Indianapolis Mass Shooting

UPDATE: The shooter was a White male.

What is the race of the shooter?

What are the politics of the shooter?

These are the only two questions that really matter. He was a disgruntled former employee which establishes the cause was “white supremacy.” The motive or intent doesn’t matter.

Note: The mass shooting in South Carolina was memory holed by “journalists” before I could write about it because the shooter was a former black NFL player.

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  1. Biden’s’ been in office for 3 months and this is the 4 or 5 shooting under his watch. I believe there was only 2 under Trump’s 4 years. It sounds like a false flag after reading Cardillo’s tweet. They have an agenda and it’s not about stopping these people. They are enabling them.

    • An administration capable of Fast and Furious is capable of arming nut jobs with orders to do mass shootings in order to its advance gun “control” agendas.

  2. This endless scamdemic is causing a lot of people to lose their shit. And having Biden as “president” is definitely not helping.

    • Yes, I thought of that myself. Mass shootings seem to be over the top lately. Is the “pandemic” pushing the mentally unstable over the edge?

    • I suspect it is probably sponsored by the FBI and CIA at this point. So many of these attacks in such a short sosn after 4 years of them not happening. Its like someone in the cabinet greenlighted the brainwashed subjects to start shooting sprees. It’s that suspect.

      • My reaction, too. Possibly being done so they can push for more gun control. If they have enough shootings, Americans will agree to give up their guns.

  3. This guy had mental health issues.

    I bet in pre-1980s America he would have been locked up in a mental institution.

    The ACLU sued Saint Reagan and forced him to let out all the nuts back then. One of Trumps best policy proposals was to reopen the insane asylums. It would save tons of lives.

    • There are more blacks mass shooters than Whites, you just don’t hear about them because the media covers for them. The worst mass murderer in US history was a black by the name of Samuel Little. He killed 93 people .

      • I know. The media ignores all those killings and will put this one on repeat; and young white females will make tweets about how white people are bad.

      • @John
        If Little existed in 1893 and committed those crimes, he would have met the same feat as Henry Smith, who murdered a toddler in Texas that year. Why are blacks out of control now? Because the deterrents are no longer there. They no longer fear us, and are using our values and civil rights laws against us……to our detriment.

  4. He was “known to law-enforcement” well over a month before. Yet another Fed-Gov wind-up toy. They have a large supply of them. Now the morons who watch Gaslight media will whine for more gun-control. POTATUS Xao-Bai Den has already axed the crucial question “why does anyone need a weapon with 100 rounds, or 40 rounds, or 20 rounds?”

  5. If the FBI had spent less time going after regular white people who voted for Trump they would have had time to deal with a known threat like this guy. It wasn’t political, he was a psychopath who wanted revenge for being fired. He was probably fired for being a psychopath.

    But no time for that someone posted a “racist” joke on Facebook – send the Feds!

    • Was he on SSRIs ?

      So many of these mass shooters have been on SSRI.
      With big pharma hushing up the story.

      • Look at all the prescription med commercials on TV, especially during news broadcasts. There’s no way the news media is ever going to ask any questions about the link between SSRIs and the behavior of mass shooters.

        • ” all the prescription med commercials”

          Those are covert bribes .

          Big pharma “we buy lots of prime commercial time for big bucks, you keep quiet on the harmful effects of our products.”

      • There has been a massive influx of Sikhs into that area of Indianapolis so it only stands to reason that many were employed at FedEx. A nuance that will of course be totally ignored in the anti-White Narrative.

        Indiana is selling out more and more to GloboHomo cuckoldry.

  6. Right now they’re going over his life with a fine tooth comb looking for at least one visit to a “white supremacist” site like OD.

  7. It gets even funnier he was a freaking brony. Those who aren’t in the know A homo who likes My little pony. MLP It was originally a show for little girls about girly horses but got hijacked by manchildren, furries and the lgtb weirdos

    It turns out friendship isn’t so magical afterall if this Bobby Hill lookalike kid killed 8 people

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