Jeffree Star and Boyfriend Nearly Killed In Car Crash In Wyoming

I know it is terrible of me to say it.

If Jeffree Starr had died, would that have been a bad outcome?

Daily Mail:

“Jeffree Star has been rushed to hospital after being involved in a ‘severe’ car accident, when his brand new Rolls Royce flipped multiple times after hitting black ice on the road. 

The 35-year-old YouTube star and cosmetics mogul was travelling with his friend Daniel Lucas in Natrona County, Wyoming, when the crash occurred early Friday morning. 

‘A few hours ago Jeffree and Daniel were in a severe car accident and the car flipped 3 times after hitting black,’ an update on Star’s social media page read. …”

You can count the number of degenerate social media influencers on one hand who are having a bigger negative impact on our culture. This guy is a fountain of poisonous filth.

If anyone in this country should be cancelled, Jeffree Star ought to be at the top of the list. Since we are being censored and cancelled by our opposition now who are happy to impose a political and cultural orthodoxy on social media, what is exactly is the principle that is still at stake here? If we were to seize power one day, why shouldn’t we cancel the Jeffree Stars of the world based on this precedent? We didn’t censor anyone when Donald Trump was president. It was the other way around.

Personally, I would wrestle with the issue. I have been censored and cancelled myself which has biased me against censorship, but how long can the status quo of only one side of the aisle being censored on the internet continue? What is the principled argument against deplatforming Jeffree Star?

Note: These people aren’t just censoring us now. The woke professional class is labeling us “domestic extremists” and is trying to use state power to repress us. They are censoring us and trampling on our civil liberties. They appear to be quite confident that the jackboot will never be on the other foot.

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    • …And God will destroy them both. He is yet being merciful, and still these accursed half-men aren’t repenting in sackcloth and ashes, their faggot-colored hair shorn from their heads, for shame.

      May they die in agony. This is my prayer. This is their curse.

      “They know God’s justice requires that those who do these things deserve to die, yet they do them anyway.”They know God’s justice requires that those who do these things deserve to die, yet they do them anyway.” Rom. 1:32 NLT

  1. Too bad the Rolls Royce was totalled.

    If those flamboyant queers drove through Wyoming 60 years ago they probably would not have made it out alive.

      • A popular homo youtube influencer who sells cosmetic kits makes a killing thats how he can afford a custom pink rolls royce which is a sort of crime in itself actually almost all the cars he drives are custom pink
        Flamboyant gays like jeffree star are obliviously naive to hazardous road conditions like black ice

        He shouldn’t of assumed that Wyoming roads were gonna be easy driving like sunny California. If he wasn’t driving so fast could of saved himself from this accident. When susan wojaisack ceo of youtube is deleting or de-monitizing right wing channels they are promoting sick Marilyn manson lookalike freaks like this

  2. Leviticus 20 (KJV)
    13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    Leviticus 20 (NKJV)
    13 If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.

    Leviticus 20 (YLT)
    13 `And a man who lieth with a male as one lieth with a woman; abomination both of them have done; they are certainly put to death; their blood [is] on them.

    Leviticus 20 (NIV)
    13 “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

    Leviticus 20 (TLB)
    13 The penalty for homosexual acts is death to both parties. They have brought it upon themselves.

    Leviticus 18 (KJV)

    (earlier verses in chapter 18 listing abominations to avoid)

    22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

    23 Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion.

    24 Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you:

    25 And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.

    26 Ye shall therefore keep my statutes and my judgments, and shall not commit any of these abominations; neither any of your own nation, nor any stranger that sojourneth among you:

    27 (For all these abominations have the men of the land done, which were before you, and the land is defiled;)

    28 That the land spue not you out also, when ye defile it, as it spued out the nations that were before you.

    29 For whosoever shall commit any of these abominations, even the souls that commit them shall be cut off from among their people.

    30 Therefore shall ye keep mine ordinance, that ye commit not any one of these abominable customs, which were committed before you, and that ye defile not yourselves therein: I am the Lord your God.

    So there you have it — our land is defiled for committing/failing to “cut off” those who commit all these abominations and the inhabitants need to be spued, vomited out.

    May the South Repent!

    May God Save the South!

  3. Well, good for you.

    But for many in this nation, not so much…

    Obama: Same-sex marriage decision will strengthen our communities
    Published Fri, Jun 26 2015

    The Supreme Court of the United States ruled Friday that same-sex couples have the right to marry.

    “This ruling will strengthen all of our communities,” President Barack Obama said in a speech after the ruling. “I know change for our LGBT brothers must have seemed so slow for so long.”

    “Today, we have made our union a little more perfect,” Obama added. “Progress on this journey often times comes in small increments. Sometimes two steps forward [and] one step backwards.”

    Calling the ruling “a victory for America,” Obama also said it “affirms what millions of Americans already believe in their hearts. When all Americans are treated as equal, we are all more free.”

    The Court ruled 5-to-4, with Justices John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissenting. All four justices wrote their own separate dissents.

    Justice Anthony Kennedy, thought to be the swing vote on the ruling, authored the majority’s opinion.

    “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. … [The challengers] ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right,” the opinion said.

    “The limitation of marriage to opposite-sex couples may long have seemed natural and just, but its inconsistency with the central meaning of the fundamental right to marry is now manifest,” the majority added.

    Shortly after the ruling’s release, United Airlines praised the court, saying the ruling “is a long-awaited victory for all those who chose to take a stand for marriage equality.”

    “The business community was really way ahead of our political institutions on this for years and years, recognizing that for America to be great, we don’t have people to waste and we have to let everyone participate and everybody play. And the business community really led the way and continues to in many of the states where we still see discrimination, where we see backlash and anti-gay laws,” Sean Patrick Maloney, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, said in a CNBC “Squawk on the Street” interview.

    American Airlines also applauded the court for finding in favor of same-sex marriage. “This is a historic moment for our country and for many of American’s employees,” Doug Parker, the airline’s chairman and CEO, said in a statement. “Today’s decision reaffirms the commitment of companies like American that recognize equality is good for business and society as a whole.”

    Jacques Brand, CEO of Deutsche Bank North America, said in a statement, “We are thrilled that the Supreme Court has made this historic decision in favor of marriage equality and that our LGBT colleagues and friends now have equality in this fundamental aspect of life.”

    In a tweet, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “Today marks a victory for equality, perseverance and love.”

    Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton also praised the ruling.

    [Proud to celebrate a historic victory for marriage equality—& the courage & determination of LGBT Americans who made it possible. -H
    10:05 AM · Jun 26, 2015·Twitter Web Client]

    The ACLU also commended the top court. “Gay and lesbian couples and our families may be at peace knowing that our simple request to be treated like everyone else—that is, to be able to participate in the dignity of marriage—has finally been granted,” said James Esseks, director of the ACLU’s LBGT and HIV Project, in a statement.

    1 Corinthians 5 (KJV)

    1 It is reported commonly that there is fornication among you, and such fornication as is NOT SO MUCH AS NAMED AMONG THE GENTILES, that one should have his father’s wife.

    2 And ye are puffed up, and have not rather mourned, that he that hath done this deed might be taken away from among you.

    1 Corinthians 5 (TLB)

    1 Everyone is talking about the terrible thing that has happened there among you, SOMETHING SO EVIL THAT EVEN THE HEATHEN DON’T DO IT: you have a man in your church who is living in sin with his father’s wife.

    2 And are you still so conceited, so “spiritual”? Why aren’t you mourning in sorrow and shame and seeing to it that this man is removed from your membership?

    7 … Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

    May God Save the South!

  4. I have never heard of him. It has often been said a nation cannot legislate morality to which I respond that a serious nation(that leaves you out, America) may not can legislate morality but that does not relive it of the duty to combat rampant immorality before it turns the entire nation into a political whore house where everything is for sale and and traditional morality becomes the new Fascism.

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