New York Times: Republicans Question Intelligence Agencies Work on “Domestic Extremism”

Good for them.

Civil liberties is now our single biggest issue.

It is difficult to believe that civil liberties has become a bigger threat and issue for us than our traditional issues like immigration, crime or political correctness, but civil liberties and censorship have shot ahead in the Joe Biden era because Democrats have weaponized the intelligence agencies.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — House Republicans sharply questioned intelligence officials on Thursday about their work on domestic violent extremism, expressing concerns about the fact that the agencies could be asked to spy on Americans.

In a contentious hearing of the House Intelligence Committee, Republican lawmakers expressed doubts about intelligence agencies and said they were worried about how they had handled a range of matters, including the suspension of a former senior Trump administration official as the general counsel of the National Security Agency and the F.B.I.’s view of the threat from the loose far-left movement known as antifa.

The most enlightening exchange was between Representative Chris Stewart, Republican of Utah, and Avril D. Haines, the director of national intelligence. Mr. Stewart began by asking whether the intelligence community was spying on Americans by doing work on domestic violent extremism. …

“I’ll tell you, half of America, Middle America, they don’t trust these agencies right now,” he said. “Republicans feel like they’ve been targeted. And you hear that every single day.”

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Schiff disputed that. …”

The intelligence agencies stoked the Russia hoax.

These people lied about Russian bounties to keep troops in Afghanistan. It has been nearly twenty years, but we haven’t forgotten that they lied about Saddam Hussein having WMD in Iraq.

The intelligence agencies draw from the same social class of leftwing White upper middle class, college-educated professionals as their counterparts the woke “journalists” with the essential difference being that these people now use the tools of the state against the White working class.

We need a bold new populist and nationalist political agenda for the 21st century: abolish the FBI, break up and regulate Big Business and Big Tech monopolies, defund Big Education, attack and marginalize Big Media, defund the Pentagon and its overseas empire and tax and regulate Wall Street. We need to knock down all of these institutions, dismantle the “meritocracy” and start deprogramming technocrats.

Note: PMC TV has been pushing the “domestic extremism” angle very hard to pathologize everyone in America who rejects their politics. The problem has spiraled out of control. Watch these videos below and you will also gradually begin to hate the professional managerial class.

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  1. .”difficult to believe that civil liberties has become a bigger threat ”

    The jewish Anaconda is constricting on our bill of rights, one little squeeze at a time

  2. Everything they did to Muslims they are going to do to Whites.

    I mean, of course, wasn’t that obvious when they were rolling out the police state after 9/11? What did you think was going to happen?

  3. The ZOG has always targeted the White Nationalist Movement because we know the Jews have a Dictatorship control over what will soon be again White America. However the target of these far left extremists have now expanded and your average Conservative / Patriotic American is included in the Domestic Terrorist category. We know this was once known as a “Hate Group” but now everything is being branded as Domestic Terrorism now. We also know that all this is hog ____ and none of it is even true. The real terrorists are Antifa / Black Lives Matter thugs that got rich off Democratic / Jew money and launched large scale race riots and violent terrorism….all because rich liberals paid them. These are the real terrorists and the Super Rich who keep the White Race down. Making everybody a work slave with no hope for Freedom, Liberty, Family Farming, and sure as heck not a Ownership Society that will help keep people out of debt….over time. We have the answers….it’s time the Conservatives and Republicans stop getting mad about Masks and Vaccines and care about White People…..the people who put them in office. Deo Vindice !

    • @ thee real terrorist wear suit and tie and have titles like senator, congresswomen, madam president, director, mayor, general etc,etc,………

  4. “the F.B.I.’s view of the threat from the LOOSELOOSE far movement known as antifa.”

    See how (((they))) continue to downplay & cover for the commie scum traveling around the country committing coordinated physical attacks literally every day.

    Yes, end the fucking FBI & all the other like & commie usurped spy agencies: they are the mortal enemies of White people, equal protection of the law & freedom. But it would take true leadership to to carry it through.

  5. “Middle America no longer trusts the intelligence agencies”

    Middle America, or, less gingerly put, Rural White America, no longer trusts The United States’ Government, because, after being either targetted or neglected by said entity for many decades, it has come to appreciate who is doing what to whom.

  6. Black Lives Matter is a racist black hate group that engages in the public racial intimidation of innocent White Americans..

    The FBI takes its marching orders from the ADL AND SPLC…

  7. The American people should have never trusted ‘intelligence’ agencies. These are people who gave LSD to army troops as a mind control experiment, dabbled with germ warfare exposing the public to who knows what. They’ve had foreign leaders assassinated, they are the ones with British spooks who installed the Shah of Iran as a dictator, the American people seem to conveniently forget the shit these asswipes do in the name of the United States. Other countries on the receiving end of it aren’t quite so forgetful.

    If they really wanted reform Washington would be abolish all of these agencies except Army and Navy intelligence .

  8. Our jewish masters live in constant fear of an organized gentile uprising against them. No wonder they are so neurotic, paranoid and miserable.

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