Daunte Wright’s Mother Speaks Out: “He Did Not Deserve This”

Daunte Wright is old news.

Adam Toledo is the new good boy.

The corporate media is losing interest in Minneapolis and now suddenly cares about the death of Lil’ Homicide in Chicago. Is it because Daunte has a White mother?

As we all know, the corporate media has always been deeply concerned about people being shot and killed in Chicago. They’re totally not picking and choosing which crimes to focus on to demonize the police and push a woke racial narrative even to the point of cropping body cam footage.

Note: It is all “white supremacy.”

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  1. How much is it going to cost the taxpayer to ease the pain of this grieving “mother”? Would $20 million help? No? How about $25 million?

  2. In situations like this even the “father” miraculously reappears for the first time since Lil’ Dindoo was conceived.

  3. She looks like a coal burner. At least Lil ‘Homicide won’t be killing anyone else. What goes around comes around, even to 13 year olds who are murderers. He should have checked out the Gentle Giant of Ferguson or St. Trayvon, patron saint of codeine & cough syrup to see what happens to aspiring rappers who are getting their lives together and have just gotten involved with their bastard children.

  4. Hitler was right, America has no real future. Like he said, it’s a country that has too many problems with racial and social inequality. And it really is half judaized and half Africanized.

  5. Pay up, Whitey. The grieving fambly wants $25 million or there’s going to be another race riot.

  6. We are increasingly seeing stories about crimes against whites by these mulatto monsters that have been created by musharks over the last 30 years. In some formerly white working class areas of the midwest, a substantial portion of all children are mudshark offspring.

    • I guess the combination of white intelligence, coupled with Negro criminality, leads those racially bastardized mutants to commit their monstrous crimes?

      • Eric Thomson wrote on this,
        His conclusion was that the racial mixing causes mental instability.

        I think he is rght.

    • It’s interesting that you say thirty years. That takes us back just about exactly to Spike Lee’s “Jungle Fever,” released in June 1991. I’ve mentioned one or two times in internet posts over the past twenty years or so that that movie seemed to me to trigger an increase in mixed-race couples—in my part of Philadelphia, anyway. At that time, this area, in the city’s northeast, was still largely white, or so it seemed to me; and almost immediately after that movie’s release, I noticed an increase of such couples along the sidewalks here, as I’d be driving to the supermarket or whatever. I mean young couples, with the boy black and the girl white.

      I hadn’t noticed the trend of which you speak—i.e., of mulatto-on-white crime—and your comment is the first I’ve seen about it. It certainly would be an interesting phenomenon.

    • @ATBOTL I’ve seen the same thing. Low IQ race mixers on welfare. They don’t have just one, they have several with several “daddies”. They probably get MORE money because the offspring is mixed race.

      • I was away from the North/Midwest for three decades. I was astounded upon my return by the level of race-mixing (black male /White female to be clear) which was non-existent in my youth. Nearly every White female I see under age 35 has a mulatto child.

        • They’re all living off of the taxpayers, too. I’ve seen some white males with black females, too. It’s like the white males who thought getting an Asian woman was “exotic”. Thousands of years of evolution destroyed.

  7. With a nickname like “lil homocide” in deep inner city Chicago the 13 year old has probably already killed. Apparently he was with the Latin Kings as well. When I lived in NYC the Latin Kings were a very serious group. Not some play gangsters.

    Wether or not if the shooting was justified, it’s a good thing he was removed. No doubt he would have either been killed, paralyzed or locked up before the age of 18 if the cop hadn’t had put him down.

    Nothing of any value was lost.

  8. As the last of boomers retire and more occupations are filled with poc and half-breeds, be prepared for an abrupt drop in your living standard.

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