Poll: Americans Hate Woke Capitalism

As we explained this morning, the politicians are influenced by polls. We’ve noticed that a lot of the Republican politicians have been reprogrammed lately because the “far right” is winning and gaining ground. They’ve changed their tune on comprehensive immigration reform. Marco Rubio attempted to sound like he was pro-worker. Mitt Romney was reprogrammed and endorsed an expanded child tax credit. Suddenly, White Genocide has even punched through into the national conversation.


Look at this Marist poll.

Woke Capitalism is a huge political loser for Democrats. The typical American doesn’t really like their boss and they are even less fond of the idea of being bossed around by Big Business and progressive activists. It is easy to forget that the typical voter isn’t a college-educated woke professional. Last year, nearly half of Americans changed their sports viewing habits because they hated “social justice” activism.

The legendary business professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld is saying in Politico Magazine that the Democrat-Woke Capitalism alliance is here to stay and will accelerate in the years ahead.


“Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a legendary business professor and associate dean at the Yale School of Management, has watched this split grow in recent years, and has heard it from CEOs he knows and works with. What the GOP cares about and what major businesses care about are, increasingly incompatible, he says.

“The political desire to use wedge issues to divide—which used to be fringe in the GOP—has become mainstream,” Sonnenfeld says. “That is 100 percent at variance with what the business community wants. And that is a million times more important to them than how many dollars of taxes are paid here or there.” …

As the GOP tries to position itself as the home of “working-class values,” capturing loyalty with a steady campaign against the perceived excesses of progressive culture, it’s running afoul of a business community that can’t simply silo off “culture war” topics. In the eyes of major corporations, issues like voting rights, immigration and transgender-inclusive restrooms have economic impact, too. The millions of people alienated by those fights aren’t just their future customers, many of whom expect to support brands they believe in, they’re the companies’ employees. …

That’s what “progressivism” is and was. And that’s the theory [that animates] Joe Biden and Mayor Pete [Buttigieg] and Amy Klobuchar and maybe Mitt Romney. That’s who progressives are. And that’s where the business community is: They’re pretty much somewhere between Mitt Romney and Joe Biden. …

Basically, business leaders believe that it’s in the interest of society to have social harmony. The CEOs really care about these issues. Divisiveness in society is not in their interest—short term or long term. They don’t want angry communities; they don’t want fractious, finger-pointing workforces; they don’t want hostile customers; they don’t want confused and angry shareholders. …”

Big Business CEOs and Wall Street believe in “social harmony.”

This is why they are using their economic power to push the unpopular agenda of CEOs and progressive activists on woke supremacy, Southern heritage issues, abortion, racism and sexism, “white supremacy,” trans, religious liberty, amnesty, affirmative action, “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” and so forth. These things are “a million times more important to them” than any concerns that these CEOs might have over economic issues like antitrust, taxation, government regulation, unions, free trade or the minimum wage. Democracy and social harmony will be achieved when an elite cabal of CEOs, billionaires and out-of-state progressive activists succeed in forcing social liberalism on recalcitrant state legislatures.

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  1. Woke capital doesn’t give a shit what “”white racist” peons think because they believe that they’re now our invincible mastera. They must be proven wrong.

  2. ‘Woke Capitalism’, the extension of Modern Judeo-Bolshevik Leftist aggression and hate, has brought more misery to this country than anything I can think of.

    In the case of my family, we no longer will watch television, no longer go to movies, enjoy sports, eat out at corporation restaurants, or shop in a long list of stores that we used to enjoy.

    It’s like we are in exile in a war zone, in our very own land.

    That said, they’ve got our dander up so bad that we’d sooner see them in hell than give in to them, on any account.

  3. It’s a shame those “woke” capitalists are unwilling or incapable of using their wealth and influence to promote genuinely worthwhile causes, like getting the mentally ill off the streets and out of jails, combating opioid addiction and poverty in rural America, etc. Instead they focus on promoting nonsense that the public absolutely hates, like celebrating sexual deviancy and vilifying white people. Are they really that out of touch? Or have they been thoroughly judaized?

    • “Are they really that out of touch? Or have they been thoroughly judaized?”

      The latter, of course. Every single one of the woke capitalist race traitor scum have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the jewniversity Cultural Marxist mills. For them, it’s all about class hatred and their absolute certainty that they have the moral right as the “Cognitive Elite” to rule the “white trash racists” with an iron fist.

      How much longer will the tyranny of filthy lucre continue?

  4. It’s hilarious the something like transvestites matter more then ordinary people needs. Hell, how many transvestites are their in the world. A fraction, of a fraction, of a fraction of their sales. Immigration?, Voting rights? Oh please, give me a break. No divisiveness? That all these companies are doing with this stuff. Baseball doesn’t attract all that many blacks anyway, anymore. You just killed many black jobs by virtue signaling the Atlanta game, moved to a mostly white city. Reading this article about how virtuous these progressive corporate types are, rather eye rolling. They just virtue signaling to their own class. After all many have relationships with China and other countries who are hardly “woke”

    • @John…

      As long as the United States, as currently constituted, stays together, nothing will ever change for the better.

      Some houses are so termite ridden, it cannot be restored, only bulldozed and begun again – from scratch.

  5. “As we explained this morning, the politicians are influenced by polls.” False. When gay marriage was made legal at the federal level, polls showed around 75% of Americans were against it.

    Donor class pressure is what determines Federal policy.

  6. If Americans love freedom from agendas so much, where the fuck are they on freedom of association?


    • Even an absolute monarch got the basic idea.

      “The people’s liberties strengthen the king’s prerogative, and the king’s prerogative is to defend the people’s liberties.”

      — Charles I of England

      While the Jeffersons and Hamiltons of the world didn’t like a monarchy the Cavalier spirit was the animating spirit behind the Bill of Rights as much as the dour levellers. They just disagreed in the instrument of how we are to mind our own business.

  7. > “These things are “a million times more important to them” than any concerns that these CEOs might have over economic issues like antitrust, taxation, government regulation, unions, free trade or the minimum wage. ”

    Good catch – they were being subtle about that, weren’t they? “Hey stop talking about anti-trust, minimum wage and cheap labor – what about transgender bathrooms and white supremacy? Talk about that instead!”

  8. Nothing says “social harmony” like declaring half the country to be terrorists and publicly debating whether to use military counter-insurgency methods against them.

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