Joe Biden Flip Flops On Refugee Resettlement

Is Joe Biden a tool of progressive activists?

Are woke progressive activists going to pressure Joe Biden into embracing deeply unpopular and politically unsustainable policies which work to the advantage of the Right?


“(CNN) – White House officials signaled in a conference call with refugee resettlement advocates late Friday that President Joe Biden is likely to raise the current refugee cap of 15,000 quickly, well ahead of the May 15 deadline set Friday, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Deputy national security adviser Jon Finer told the advocates that Biden wants to work quickly to bring the refugees who have already been vetted and cleared to the United States after a prolonged delay, in which many of their flights were canceled.

The call comes after the White House faced immediate blowback from refugee groups and Democratic and progressive lawmakers for initially saying Friday that Biden would keep this fiscal year’s refugee cap of 15,000, and not raise the cap as he had promised to do — a significant reversal from the Biden administration’s proposal in February to lift the cap to 62,500.

After the flood of criticism, the White House backtracked later Friday and announced Biden would set a “final, increased” refugee cap by mid-May, but added that it’s “unlikely” the number would be as high as the 62,500 cap proposed earlier this year. …”


These people are the gift who keep on giving.

They’ve handed us a winning hand on race (systematic racism and white privilege or “White Nationalism”), immigration (open borders or “white supremacy”), crime and policing (Black Lives Matter and “Defund the Police” or “fascism”), civil liberties (authoritarian progressive police state or the Constitution), censorship (unpopular political and cultural elite orthodoxy or free speech), political correctness or wokeness (conform or else you will be severely punished), “trans” (20,000 different genders or women) and American heritage preservation (toppling statues of great Americans or preserving American history). You could argue that openly embracing “socialism” is another major winning issue with the “Latinx” voters.

Is the GOP smart enough to hammer at these eight issues which have a lot of traction in the Center of the electorate? I doubt it. It isn’t going to stop us from doing so and capitalizing on the mistake these people are making to promote our own cause.

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  1. @ An immigration issue, l hear rarely discussed any more, thee plight of our people in, zimbabwe, i would welcome thee arrival of everyone of our civilized, christian, highly skilled and productively loyal people, who live under thee threat of extermination everyday, to thee embiciles who monitor this sight for thee devil, would you mind going and asking him, whats his problem with productive white farmers, even you numbskulls that serve him have to eat too, right?…..duh!!

  2. “refugee resettlement ”

    What a cruel joke, while cities are overflowing with American homeless, people living in their cars and tents in the forests.

    • You are 100% correct.

      This is THE most under-reported story in the US.

      People who do not widely travel in rural America have no idea what is taking place in this nation.

      A “snow bird” I know who travels the country in an RV, once parked in a state park Washington state somewhere in the boondocks far away from Seattle about 3 years ago.

      He told me that there were thousands and thousands of families living in tents in this state park who were desperately poor and unemployed. He said it looked like the film “The Grapes of Wrath” or a scene from the 1930s.

      I know from my own experience, I visited Portland, OR in 2015 and stayed in a suburb called Grishim and I was shocked at the number of homeless in both Portland and the suburbs. There are tents and sleeping bags everywhere; families, veterans, young and old: and all of them poor and homeless.

      The media never talk about the homeless unless there is a racial or drug issue to cover, and in my observations, race and drug use are not the problem when it comes to poverty and homelessness.

      Note: Not one politician or political party has any interest in addressing this.

  3. Brats using immigrants as blackmail issue. Give us something and we leave this issue. Everybody does this. Give our country what we want and we will quit support for terrorists or freedom fighters in your country.

    Immigrants also BLM are not the problem. The problem is The Swamp reluctance to give brats what they want. And brats want so much that The Swamp can`t afford this.

  4. With the surge at the border does Bidens official policy even matter?

    The fact is Trump didn’t build the Bg Beautiful Wall and now Neoliberal Joe is going to make sure that illegals pour in and additionally get fraud-ridden mail in ballots so they can vote for Democrats.
    America is on the cusp of being a one party state with the Republicans confined to being a small regional party in the South.

    P. S. When it comes to the homeless in the Pacific Northwest they all come here from the mountain states to get free hand outs from ultra-liberal state governments who want more people on the dole.

    In places like Wyoming or the Dakotas the local red-necks tell the homeless to get out of town & if they do not they get curb stomped plus there are no hand outs in those places. So they all migrate here creating a large regional issue. Heck in a park two blocks from me is a tent city aka Bidenville!

  5. The GOP is already smart enough to know exactly what they will do with this opportunity – nothing. They do not represent our interests. They had the same governmental control in 2017 that the D’s do now and what did they do for us – nothing. They are not going to suddenly change.

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