Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Launching An “America First” Caucus


Marjorie Taylor Greene says it is a draft proposal that a staffer was working on. The libs were successfully triggered though.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is taking lib owning to the next level.

The corporate media attempted to define her as the “crazy QAnon lady” and started a campaign to have her expelled from Congress before she was even seated. Marjorie Taylor Greene was only warming up though and skillfully used all the negative publicity and attacks from progressives to boost her name recognition and to raise an incredible $3.2 million dollars in the first quarter of 2021.

In one of my podcasts with Richard Spencer, we discussed Marjorie Taylor Greene and QAnon. I recall saying at the time that Greene had a little twinkle in her eye and a trollish vibe. I had noticed that she was defending herself as a “White woman” from all the attacks on Twitter. She was bringing her race into it and no one else seemed to notice that she was defending the White race. It struck me as significant though because I was seeing evidence of a spike in White racial consciousness in the polls.

In the months that followed, Marjorie Taylor Greene made news by calling for a total moratorium on immigration. She denied that our “trans girls” are women. In late February, Rep. Paul Gosar and former congressman Steve King attended and spoke at AFPAC, which was highly significant. The corporate media screamed “racism” and “white supremacy” and amazingly no one cared. Most recently, Tucker Carlson came out and broke the ice on demographic replacement and the ADL screamed “racism” and “white supremacy” and “anti-Semitism” and no one cared either. Tucker doubled down on demographic replacement and even brought Our Greatest Ally into the conversation. The term “anti-White” has also entered mainstream discourse and is being used with greater frequency on television.

It is almost like public opinion has radically shifted since the George Floyd riots and the rollout of systematic racism and edgy Republicans are testing the waters before jumping into the pool.

US News & World Report:

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Hard-right House Republicans on Friday were discussing forming an America First Caucus, which one document described as championing “Anglo-Saxon political traditions” and warning that mass immigration was putting the “unique identity” of the U.S. at risk.

The Associated Press obtained a copy of the paper, which was first reported by Punchbowl News, a news outlet covering Capitol Hill. The AP could not independently confirm the organization’s origins or current status, but Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., said he was joining and indicated that fellow conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., was behind it.

“The America First Caucus (AFC) exists to promote Congressional policies that are to the long-term benefit of the American nation,” it begins. It says the group aims to “follow in President Trump’s footsteps, and potentially step on some toes and sacrifice sacred cows for the good of the American nation.” …

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, told reporters he was considering joining the caucus and said, “Yes,” when asked if Greene and Gosar were involved with it. …”


“Washington (CNN) – Conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is launching a new “America First” caucus, her office confirmed Friday, bringing together a group of far-right lawmakers known for their controversial rhetoric.

Punchbowl News obtained a flier promoting the new caucus, which calls for a “common respect for uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions” and pushes a series of conspiracy theories about election integrity. The flier also outlined a nativist argument warning that “mass immigration” poses a threat to “the long-term existential future of America as a unique country with a unique culture and a unique identity.”

A spokesperson for Greene, Nick Dyer, complained about the initial draft of the flier being leaked but confirmed to CNN in a statement that plans were in the works to form the group, which will be, “announced to the public very soon.”

The latest news is that Marjorie Taylor Greene is behind the effort to start an “America First Caucus” which will focus on preserving our “Anglo-Saxon political traditions.” Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz and Louie Gohmert are interested in the group and considering joining the new caucus.

Yes, this is still technically fully within the boundaries of civic nationalism, but they are clearly pushing at the edge and testing the boundaries and baiting the libs again. The libs are going to attack the America First Caucus and throw a big fit about it and call it “racist” and “white supremacist” and “Jim Crow on steroids” and so forth, but stoking culture war outrage is the whole point of doing it and each one of these small steps is steadily confirming that what used to be the “mainstream” has died. Everyone hates the “journalists” now and the so-called “watchdog organizations” like the SPLC or the ADL.

Kevin McCarthy responded to the news by putting out a perfunctory limped dick tweet about “nativist dog whistles.” The overwhelming majority of Republican voters and a huge number of Independent voters are “nativists” now. Nativism is the only thing that is propping up the Republican Party due to the unpopularity of its antiquated economic policy agenda. Whether it is immigration, political correctness, censorship or crime, the so-called “far right” issues are far more popular than the Republican Party.

As for this “party of Lincoln” bullshit, virtually all of the Yankees whose ancestors voted for Abraham Lincoln are Democrats now while the people whose ancestors voted for his opponent the Little Giant Stephen Douglas are Republicans now. The people whose ancestors supported Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson and The Democracy of the antebellum era and who fought for the Confederacy and who voted for William Jennings Bryan and Woodrow Wilson and FDR and George Wallace are Republicans now. It might still be called the Republican Party, but the voters have swapped places.

The new Republican Party that is emerging is what used to be the Democratic Party of the early 20th century before Harry Truman and LBJ blew it up over the civil rights issue.

Note: I’m not sure where she is going with this, but Marjorie Taylor Greene has been growing on me. I wasn’t a fan of her early work. She is becoming the AOC of the Right with her own Squad.

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  1. Being against illegal immigration is not the same thing as being a nativist, if you think the average normie is like Paul Gosar then you’re mistaken

    The GOP would be all over the white nationalist agenda if it actually won elections.

    • @Objectivity…

      “The GOP would be all over the white nationalist agenda if it actually won elections.”

      With all due respect, no they would not.

      You have yet to fathom just how cuckt The New England Yankee GOP leadership is (at complete odds with their Rural White Confederate Constituencies) and how that mentality reins them in at every level, thus rendering them essentially a cosmetic opposition party.

    • The GOP is so liberalized. The average “conservative” is left of center. This is why we can’t get anywhere.

      The average American thinks if all of the millions coming in this country would just come here “legally”, everything would be fine. Translate: It’s alright to be invaded and financially support them as they hit us up for more.

  2. So long as she stays clear of the science fiction stuff she’s probably doing good work by default.

  3. Controlled opposition. The same Jews behind the Trump phenomenon are clearly giving her money and telling her what to say. She is much too stupid to come up with those implicitly pro-White talking points herself. These slimy Jews are trying to keep white people voting for the anti-white Republican Party by pretending it secretly has their back, it’s so obvious what they are up to. I can smell kikery a mile away. Jews are getting out in front of us and defining our resistance to their anti-whiteness.

    We have to be realistic here. EVERYTHING that happens in politics is Jew-approved. If this Qtard bitch was bad for Jews she would be banished no questions asked. Jewish power will never be removed incrementally. It if happens it will happen in a revolution like it did in Germany. We will never free ourselves from Jewish control by gently pushing at the boundaries of what the Jews define as acceptable discourse. There is nothing more pathetic than a weakling who is afraid to openly defend themselves. But of course this woman was never secretly pro-white to begin with. I’m so sick of this Jewish “pro-white” dick-teasing. Always hinting at the problem, never actually addressing the real issue. You’re either for the White race or you’re not. She will NEVER talk about the Jews responsible for the anti-White culture of the United States and she is therefore a traitor.

    Remember when Trump proposed banning Muslims (temporarily) and the alt-right collectively jizzed their pants? What was the upshot of that? Trump merely banned a few of Israel’s enemies from the United States.Pushing the boundaries of Jewish liberalism with Jewish Zionism has already been tried with MAGA. It set us back in our struggle for self determination.

    • @Ricky…

      Here we go again, Dear Ricky : someone subjects themselves to great personal risk to rise to give fight to our enemies, and, in your eyes, it is all woefully inept, compromised, and insufficient ‘stagecraft’.

      How is it that you got to the point, where you consider every step forward three steps backward?

    • @ Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn I have to agree. The waters are so muddied it’s hard to tell where the truth is. They can design-script anything.

    • The “anglo-saxon political tradition” thing is pure Hazony civic nationalism. I wouldn’t be surprised if he or one of his cronies is advising her.

      The fact is, “anglo-saxon political traditions” are garbage. If your political tradition results in your people being displaced, then it isn’t really a tradition worth keeping.

    • @Powell…

      Miss Marjorie’s facial structure would indicate that she has at least one American Indian great-grandfather, perhaps more of that blood.

      So, consider one of Stand Watie’s band of Confederate Cherokees.

      In any case, I do not care a whit what she looks like, only that she has more guts than any other White Southern politician, at the national level.

      Unfortunately, she’s in a class by herself.

      • She had an affair with her personal trainer for Gods sake, either with or without the consent of her husband.

        How desperate have we become that we hold someone like her up as some beacon of light or standards because she says something that might be pro-White?

        Do you think she means it, or is this a clever way to sucker people out of another 3 million? She’s off & something about this whole thing is off. Grifters will find new ways to grift in increasingly edgy ways.

        • @Vickey…

          Listen, My Dear : if George Washington had conducted a moral behavior quiz before allowing men to enlist in The Colonial Army, where do you think we’d be?

          Or what about the colonels of the Virginia fighting the 17th century Indian Wars – stipulating that all volunteers be practicing Christians?

          Of course we’d all love to have Chryst-like warrior kings and queens, but, in real life we need fighters.

          Miss Marjorie is a fighter and it is not a second too soon!

          • @Ivan – Very well stated, with each sally forth! Your opponent’s objections brings to mind the phrase warning of letting the desire for perfection defeat the ability to do anything good. (Are we to simply mount no opposition??)

  4. I’m suspicious of Republican calls for assimilation. Conservatives always call for cultural assimilation, which is their secret code for racial assimilation.

    You are right that things are moving fast though. In 10 years, they won’t be calling for a pause on immigration, so they can mix non-whites into the White population. That will be seen as left wing politics. What Republicans will be running and winning on is land set aside exclusively for White use, just like the Indians were granted Racial Reservations, so they would not be blended out and go extinct.

    • @Terry…

      I support, and appreciate, your traditional semantick usages and certainly think that your use of ‘The Party of Lincoln’, when referring to the GOP, is very well founded.

      Too many folks in this society take it upon themselves to instruct others what words to use.

      A suggestion is one thing – reproaches are another.

      I value our 1st Amendment rights being in very good shape, here at Occidental Dissent.

  5. @ To whom it may concern, ” there is not a dimes worth of difference between thee two party’s. George wallace 1968, presidential canidate, American independence party……..
    ..Revelation 3:16 “So then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth……………………………………..

    Too bad this new found enthusiasm for thee “Party of lincoln” and coincidentally thee party of John brown, wasn’t around in early november of year last, when it actually would have made a difference and spared us from her rankness, Madam president harris,….
    Your truth goes marching on, ” Brother”….

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        I would just like to say how right you were about President Trump’s unsuccessful reelection efforts being beneficial to White Southerners.

        You were right and many of us were wrong.

        Thank you for being such a sage observer as you are!

    • @Terry…

      Don’t sweat last year. Yes, it was hard, very hard – harder, I think, for The South than any year since Reconstruction, but, President Harris or not, we are rallying.

      After a long fall in White Stock, we’ve bottomed out and reached the point where, on the rise, good things will be happening, no matter what happens.

  6. “I recall saying at the time that Greene had a little twinkle in her eye and a trollish vibe. I had noticed that she was defending herself as a “White woman” from all the attacks on Twitter. She was bringing her race into it and no one else seemed to notice that she was defending the White race.

    I know that my kin in Northwest Georgia voted her up there to drive a Rural Southern stake right in the heart of the Jew-run New England Yankee United States.

    The wife and I are two of many Tarheels who write Miss Marjorie our every encouragement to step over each and every one of their lines.

    Stonewall Jackson is in the valley again, only this time he’s a cis-gendered good-ole-girl!

    Go Miss Marjorie!

  7. Apparently the attempts to unseat her failed? Will she make it through the next congressional election? They’ll spend tens of millions on her opponent. That’s the test to see if her platform has any legs.

  8. @ I reckon for thee true, authentic, genuine southern intellectual experience, one must look among those in diaspora, where our faith, culture, custom’s our identity, remembrance of our forbears our love of thee beautiful southern lands and where , Dare i say, ” olde times are not forgotten”, we cling to it like a life preserver in thee tempest of thee sea of Babylon, we dont tale it for granted like our down homie cousins do, Kentucky will lead thee south this time, it would appear that thee so called ” Fire eater’s”, further south, have had their offering plate’s, amply filled, thee comfort of thee compromised, my,my, my !!

  9. One thing noted. Something you don’t see on our side as much. She isn’t afraid of the media. May her mojo spread.

  10. Populism can and should be organized and conducted through plebiscite. People vote with their wallets.

    The Robinhood trader’s support for Gamestop against predatory speculative short sellers was a form of plebiscite. Zillions of small votes to support a company that has special meaning to our generation.

    This same model can and should be used by populist politicians. We are seeing this with MGT. She is stepping into a vacuum left by Trump and has garnered support as an underdog being attacked for the temerity of sticking up for Whitey.

    If she does what is in Whitey’s interest, she should be rewarded with small donations. If she gets grifty, money turns off. A White caucus is a good idea. If she can pull it off, I’ll give her money.

    What is missing, HW, and what we dearly need is a rating schema by which we measure these people. This was crucial for the tea party’s successful takeover of congress in 2010 but fell to the wayside when the tea party was coopted.

    We need an issues based rating schema that reflects your outline of specific issues.

    How does MGT rate on

    1) Immigration? 8/10
    2) JQ? 5/10
    3) trannies? ?/?

    We need that level of information to help deciding who to reward with small donations and crucially, when. The when communicates the intent. If she goes on Tucker and says Its Ok to be White on air, I want $1,000,000 in small donations to her ideally before she is off the air so she knows why she got it. Make sense?

    If TRS wants to be valuable again, they need to fill this niche. Or you can. Or someone else will.

    In this there is value added and I would pay money to get it. Organized information in line with my values to inform my decision to donate to people.

    I want value, and this is a means of producing it. We need to move forward.

  11. I am telling you people … all it would take is for someone like Greene to start complaining LOUDLY about the Jeffrey Epstein related stuff and some other contemporary arrangements that if they are not specifically criminal are still immoral and scandalous and something that could get people fired from their jobs and thrown out of politics.

    You will get some whining from the “Incel Manosphere” type people – like Andrew Anglin – but really, do you even want those people on your team? Are they a political force we need to concern ourselves with?

    It’s open season on white women – they openly call them slurs, like “Karen” and “TERF.” Even the man-hating left-wing lesbian feminists are having second thoughts now that they are considered “transphobic” if they won’t have sex with a “woman with a penis.”

    HW has made some excellent observations about how things do not stay static – the teams switch sides, players switch teams, things that were normal and mainstream 20 years ago are considered horrific and immoral today.

    Here’s a train that is going to be running for at least the next decade. Remember that Ghislaine Maxwell is in jail right now awaiting trial – the story isn’t going away – it is just getting started. I’m looking forward to a new generation of White Feminism and will gladly help those gals take down some of our most entrenched enemies.

      • If Ghislaine were to testify in open court truthfully and completely about all she knows her testimony would cave in the U.S. Government, big bidness, Hollywood, prominent lawyers, judges, oligarchs, Lügenpresse and many others. If Ghislaine doesn’t fall down the stairs, touch a 240 VAC line, have a car accident, catch a fatal disease or otherwise perish before her trial she will sign a plea agreement to avoid public testimony. Ghislaine cannot be allowed to testify in open court truthfully and completely about all she knows nor can the “suicide” thing be used twice.

        This truly is a dilemma for the U.S. Government.

  12. Lol it turns out that the Anglo-Saxon thing wasn’t even put in there by MTG but likely just Paul Gosar. It looks like the size of this caucus right now is limited to 1 or 2 members

  13. Personally, I don’t trust any of them. She may say some good things but at the end,she seems to be afraid to be called racist. Stand by your words and and if the media claims you’re racist,than so be it.

  14. “As for this “party of Lincoln” bullshit, virtually all of the Yankees whose ancestors voted for Abraham Lincoln are Democrats now.”

    That’s a completely false claim. The decedents of the Yankees are the Midwestern and Western WASPs, who are mostly Republicans. Not only that, but white Protestants in the Northeast are still overwhelmingly Republican, over 70%, on average. The shift to the Democrats in the NE was caused by Catholic and Germanic immigration. Today, white Catholics vote well to the left of white Protestants. Irish, French Canadians, Portuguese, Italians and German Americans are the white Democrats today, for the most part. Even as these groups have moved the GOP, they are still on average much more likely to be Democrats than WASPs are.

    The same pattern holds true in rural Northern NE, where the WASP population is heavily supplemented by Irish Catholic, French-Canadian and German immigration. Democrats win elections there, but they wouldn’t if only WASPs could vote. Don’t underestimate the role of white immigration in moving America left.

  15. Hunter needs to understand that if only whites could vote, even including Jews as white, the GOP would sweep every single election in NY and NJ. These two states have the highest shares of Jews too. If only white Christians could vote, NY and NJ would vote about 65% GOP, not that much lower than the white vote to the GOP in many southern states. Trump carried most of the mostly white suburbs of NYC. Many suburbs here are majority nonwhite now, others are heavily Jewish, which is confusing to Hunter, who thinks that suburbs in the North are homogeneously WASP. Nothing could be further from the truth. Suburbs in the North haven’t been homogeneously WASP since the WWI era.

    Hunter is exaggerating the electoral influence of white liberals and downplaying the non-white vote. He has bought into the the “Hispanics are going GOP” lie. In reality, Hispanics only shifted a few points this election and remain well within historic norms and are not even at the high end of those norms. This kind of thinking plays into the “white shift” narrative.

  16. Now would be a good time for former Congress critter Steve King to launch a come back and join this caucus.

    He can redeem himself!

  17. There’s no denying that the Democrats of the 19th century were the conservatives of the day & the Republicans the shitlib nigger-loving, war-mongering radicals. Which makes conservacucks like McCarthy, who mouth-fart that same clapped-out gobbage about The Party of Lincoln assclowns real-world politics has left in the dust.

    Lincoln for them is just a “patriot” superhero figure who was allegedly the champion of their pseudo-religion of colorblind Proposition Nation bootstrappin’ ; his actual words & deeds mean nothing to them.

  18. “Sick & evil POS”; “scum & liars” : THIS is the kind of language of utter contempt that the kike media whores deserve from their political targets. Fighting language.

    That’s not to say that I think she’s “one of us”.

    • @Vickey…

      The first time aborted, but, it will come back around again and again, until it is.

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