Poll: “Mini-Trump” Andrew Yang Is Conquering New York City

I’m still fond of Andrew Yang.

The Yang Gang is the reason why we got three stimulus checks. By supporting Andrew Yang in 2019, we injected Huey Long’s old populist idea of Universal Basic Income into the political mainstream. This was unquestionably the most successful operation we conducted during the Trump presidency. It literally paid off for us and what started as an investment in one big troll continues to pay off in lulz.

New York Post:

“After a tough week, top Democratic mayoral hopeful Andrew Yang got a bit of good news from a poll that shows him well ahead of the pack with the primary just two months away.

The survey from Data for Progress predates the tech entrepreneur’s string of recent gaffes over sexual harassment and vendor permits — and new blistering attacks from Democratic primary rivals seeking to slow his momentum.

The poll, conducted between March 21 and April 5, found that 26 percent of likely primary voters would back Yang. That’s twice the 13 percent netted by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who placed second. …”

I’m dying here laughing.

Andrew Yang is about to become the next mayor of New York City.

Mayor Andrew Yang is going to be a major upgrade for New York City from the likes of Michael Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio. The people of New York City will also have us to thank for launching Yang’s political career. The whole country has us to thank for making “Secure the Bag” a meme.

Note: Progressives are getting angrier and angrier over their failure to stop Yang. They are so angry that they heckled and chased Yang away on his bicycle in New York City the other day.

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  1. I also have a soft spot for Yang.

    Yang is still one of the only guys who ever even mentioned the plight of poor rural Whites. That’s considered borderline White supremacy today. He’s said some anti-White stuff, too, but compared to other democrats, he was much less anti-White.

    The media is trying to sabotage him. All of them are running anti-Yang articles now.

  2. This is a good time for an Oriental to run for a major office like mayor of NYC. He can get the sympathy vote for all the hate crimes being committed against his race by Negro white supremacists.

  3. I don’t see Yang as being tough on crime though. But he has to be if he wants all those businesses that shut down over the past year to reopen. A lot of the city’s best people have also left in part because of the crime wave.

  4. Question:Andrew Yang…what is your position on the H1B….L1B Visa Program?


  5. Progressives love Yang. Both want permanent UBI. Corporate dems hate Yang, but they are former republicans. No one listens a to them, or weak, greedy, current republicans either. I hope Yang Wins.

  6. When the moment of truth comes, will Andrew Yang pick up a weapon and stand with the Taiwanese against the Han invasion from the Chinese mainland?

    • ” . . . will Andrew Yang pick up a weapon and stand with the Taiwanese . . .”

      Ha! That’s the job of the White boys, to fight for colored people with a grievance, until there are no more White boys. The first foreign policy crisis Dementia Joe will have is Afghanistan when the Taliban resume their war after May 1st, 2021, in about two weeks. After that it will probably be Iran, Taiwan, perhaps both.

      After the second foreign policy crisis there will be talk from the U.S. Government about conscription with the Lügenpresse leading the way. To quote that idiot Nancy Reagan, Whites will need to “Just say No!” to the Government. That said Andrew Yang would be a better mayor of NYC than the current idiot, Bill de Blasio but then again, so would my dog.

  7. Andrew Yang

    CHINESE RACE POWER IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And don’t you ever forget this….

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