Jimmy Dore: Fake Progressive Tells Morning Joe That Joe Biden Is Great

Behold, the new progressive era:

  • No action on student loan debt relief
  • No structural change like a significant minimum wage increase
  • Eligibility cuts to $1,400 checks
  • No public option in health care
  • No regulation of Wall Street
  • No regulation of Big Business
  • No regulation of Big Tech
  • No PRO Act
  • The same old free trade policies
  • Raising the corporate tax rate back to 28% and even complaining that is too much of a neoliberal two step
  • Raising taxes only on +$400,000 households to appease wealthy suburbanites who voted for Joe Biden
  • Preserving the carried interest loophole
  • No wealth tax
  • Increased gas prices and food inflation
  • No raising the capital gains tax
  • Perhaps getting rid of the SALT deduction cap
  • Rigging the tax code to provide huge loopholes to corporations like Amazon that stand to benefit from green energy tax credits

Joe Biden has signed one bill.

This puts him in the same league as FDR’s first 100 days.

The only thing that Joe Biden and Democrats have demonstrated any willingness to do is spend money which isn’t a change at all. It is not like they want to seriously tax Wall Street or Big Business or the top 10% of wealthy professionals who all vote for Democrats to pay for any of it.

The new progressive era where there has been real change has been “trans women” in women’s sports and in the military, censoring the entire internet, imposing a political litmus test on the military, defunding the police and unleashing a massive crime wave and the worst migration crisis in decades.

Note: I nearly died laughing while reading this shit.

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  1. How easy is it to find some grad student with a social media following and put him on TV and have him read some stuff about “progressivism” and how Joe Biden is even better than Bernie Sanders? Then maybe a couple of articles for Huffington Post and maybe throw in a book deal and a Podcast.

    How much would that cost you, $50k? Not even “Social Justice Warriors” take themselves seriously. It’s easy to find an “activist” for a “cause” or an “expert” or “journalist” to say whatever you want – in fact, they will try to figure out what you want them to say and do the legwork themselves.

    Pay them and they will say whatever you want them to say. It’s TV, they are all just essentially actors reading a script.

    If the actor is “of Color” then you can’t disagree with them because it’s “racist.”

  2. Brats may be successful. The Swamp is old, sick and can`t understand the modern world. Brats are young, very aggressive and very motivated to become rich and powerful.

    After that brats have weapons. They have immigrates, BLM, Antifa and also this enormous load of shit what trumpsters collected about election irregularities. Brats can make huge scandal and get people fired without any evidence. What may happen when they actually have real evidence ?

    Sidney Powell released the Kraken. Maybe now the Kraken has also master who commands Kraken to eat the courts and all Swamp creatures who participated in this fraud. Pure fact that Joe is rubberstamping all the brats agenda demonstrates that Joe handlers are on the ropes.

  3. Why is this Indian guy (dot, not feather) even in the country and why listen to him? He and the rest of the third world belong back in their shit hole countries, not here.

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