Republican Leadership Cucks Out On “America First Caucus”

Editor’s Note: In light of the ongoing debate over the allegedly ominous lessons of Jim Crow and voter suppression, I have uploaded “Jim Eagle” himself as our new banner. “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman wasn’t politically correct. He never backed down from a fight. Sadly, there aren’t any of his kind in Congress these days. They don’t come any tougher, meaner or ruthless than one-eyed “Pitchfork” Ben.

This story is the perfect encapsulation of my take on the GOP.

Wall Street Journal:

“WASHINGTON—A group of House Republicans scrapped plans to establish a caucus highlighting respect for Anglo-Saxon political traditions after meeting widespread resistance, according to a House GOP aide.

The effort, led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R., Ga.), fizzled after sparking pushback from GOP leaders. A spokesman for Mrs. Greene declined to comment on the development Saturday.

The backlash began Friday afternoon after Punchbowl News, a digital news outlet, posted a document from a group called the America First Caucus, which the outlet said was linked to Mrs. Greene and Rep. Paul Gosar (R., Ariz.). The group hasn’t filed paperwork with the House Administration Committee to become an official caucus, a House GOP aide said. …”


“(CNN) Conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is scrapping the planned launch of her “America First” caucus after receiving blowback from leaders in her own party, despite confirming through a spokesperson on Friday that the caucus would launch.

Nick Dyer, Greene’s spokesperson, told CNN in an email on Saturday afternoon the Georgia Republican is not “launching anything.”

“The Congresswoman wants to make clear that she is not launching anything. This was an early planning proposal and nothing was agreed to or approved,” he said in an email to CNN, referring to a flier promoting the caucus, obtained by Punchbowl News, that used inflammatory rhetoric. …”

USA Today:

“Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger said GOP lawmakers who plan on joining the “America First Caucus” should be removed from their committee assignments.

A document about the America First Caucus described it as championing “Anglo-Saxon political traditions” and warning that mass immigration was putting the “unique identity” of the U.S. at risk. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the paper, which was first reported by Punchbowl News, which covers Capitol Hill.

“I believe anyone that joins this caucus should have their committees stripped, and the Republican conference should expel them from conference participation,” Kinzinger tweeted Friday. “While we can’t prevent someone from calling themselves Republican, we can loudly say they don’t belong to us.” …”

It is important to draw a distinction here.

There was a strong “backlash” to the idea of creating an “America First” caucus. The backlash also came from the weak, pathetic, spineless, politically correct Republican establishment which represents the disaffected rump that is the 15% of Republican voters who live in the wealthy suburbs. It undoubtedly also came from the ranks of the out of touch donor class and the usual party hacks.

The “backlash” did not come from the 85% of Republican voters or the large number of Independents who have no problem whatsoever with “nativism” and whose grievance is that the Republican establishment has presided over 50 years of mass legal and illegal immigration from Third World countries. These people clearly don’t share the same concerns about “racism” and “nativism” and “white supremacy” and all the other -isms and -phobias that scare the hell out of politicians like Kevin McCarthy.

It is important to distinguish between Republican voters who clearly want one thing which is for their incompetent leaders to stand up for them and represent their interests and the Republican leadership which is tone policed by the media with sob stories about how virtually everything is “white supremacy” and which is wedded to a hidebound agenda that has been repeatedly rejected by the voters. The people are unquestionably on our side while the Republican leadership is against us.

The actual “backlash” from voters has been against people like Liz Cheney and Ben Sasse and Adam Kinzinger. These people are leaders in search of a constituency. There was no large constituency within the Republican Party for impeaching Trump or open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens or submitting to shitlib “journalists” or $600 stimulus checks or staying in Afghanistan forever. The voters plainly do not want any of these things. The voters consistently say in the polls that they do not like their own leaders like Mitch McConnell. The voters are sick and tired of their leaders being such gutless wimps.

So, what do you do in this situation?

Do you vote for weak politicians who aren’t going to represent your interests? Do you give up and conclude all is lost? Do you try to replace the politicians with stronger leadership?

Republican voters are largely on our side in this. Republican leaders are weak men who are wedded to an obsolete and unpopular policy agenda. Republican voters want champions to fight and break these stupid cultural taboos. Republican leaders puss out and always retreat except when fighting for unpopular things that no one wants like staying in Afghanistan forever or a corporate tax cut for Wall Street. The bottom line here is that the leadership is not representing the voters or pushing to advance their interests.

Ultimately, we are voting for representation and strong leadership, but these neutered politicians are lacking in that department. Someone gets in their ear and tells them stupid things like the voters who are supposed to be representing are offended by “nativism” or “Anglo-Saxon” or being White or that they are opposed to our “precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan” when all the evidence suggests otherwise. No one likes Liz Cheney even in Wyoming where she is heckled by her own constituents.

This is why I have an increasingly positive take of Republican voters while still having a strongly negative take on the Republican Party. It seems weird and confuses people, but it is clearly an important distinction. I am currently in the position of following all of this from the sidelines.

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  1. More like the “American Fake – and Ghey – Caucus”. Adam “The Poofter” Kinzinger is really the worst of the RINO lot – some intel agency has a lot of degenerate dirt on this guy.

  2. It was only ever going to be the Israel First Caucus so nothing of value lost.

    What is America in the 21st century anyway? It’s the biggest and most powerful anti-white entity on earth. If some tiny nation somewhere decided to become pro-white, America would bomb it into submission. Why would you want to put America first?

  3. “””…. voting for representation and strong leadership….”””

    The greatest problem of last 50 years is that Western people reject every last politician with a little spine and character. Because of that, politicians can not break the taboos what keeping Western societies down.

    Biggest problem for Western politicians is that when they do one single politically incorrect move, cucked electorate jumps the ship. What Donald did to those Keystone oil workers that they betrayed him? And what Joe did for those people last 50 years that they supported him ?

    This in not only US problem. In Western Europe also pro white politicians get destroyed by one minor incident and anti white politicians are bomb proof and getting away with everything.

    • The Holy Roman Catholic McCarthy has his tongue up the Catholic Pope’s anus. It’s an old Catholic tradition.

  4. Matt Walsh is not on our side. Matt Walsh says Christ was a Jew and the Romans killed Christ. Only Jews say that stuff. Matt Walsh is a Jew.

  5. The whole thing is a stunt. Dingbat Greene or her super Zionist counterpart are taking a page out of Trumps playbook. Tough tweets to get suckers to donate. Expect nothing to come from this

    • Yes captain, I think that’s the drill. I’ve been getting unsolicited e-mails from her for the past week looking for money. I don’t give politicians anything. Never trust any of them. “America First” is lame as hell anyway. Nothing specific about advocating for Whites. Whites should have learned this after 4 years of Trump.

  6. Yet both houses of Congress support Jewish racial apartheid in Palestine. There is no racial problem with that, but recognizing our historical American culture – Anglo-Saxon – is some sort of scandal.

    This is why they call it a “Zionist-Occupied Government” because Americans are occupied by Zionists just like the Palestinians are. There are only two major populations of Zionists in the world, half in Palestine and half in America.

  7. So Greene cucked? Just another “conservative” fraud after all. Glad it happened early in the game.

  8. Conservatives are so cowardly they can’t even own their Nativism (or as I said use such term in their vernacular unless accused of it). LMAO. More pathetic than Nationalists.

    I have serious doubts the average Conservative voter will actively, overtly, and with pride, call themselves nativists. The voter is as cucked as the politicians. They go together.

    I’d be “Bitch, fuck ya I’m a nativist. I support the native population over your fawning of the ‘other.’ Which you need to do believe you’re an empty loser who needs ‘the other’ to feel any validation because you have nothing to offer the world. Cry more.”

  9. Are they just using the same name, “America First” to ruin Nick’s group–he’s used that name for a LONG time, or is this the same group? There was NO mention of Nick Fuentes.

  10. It’s all about the Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism (usury capitalism, which in the end is Trotskyite communism) … the ideology of the Party as an anti-socialism that rejects the political principles of the Socialist movement.

    But alas, usury capitalism is a form of “socialism” but the most extreme form of “collectivism”!

    Why is usury “captialism” a form of socialism and collectivism (ie. No property ownership, control national socialism that protects property ownership, see Gottfried Feder) ::

    There are two ways in which a monetary system can be organized: Either the market chooses what is money, or the state does, or even a private banking cartel as delegated to by a State, eg. America).

    The money of the free market, of true capitalism, has always been commodity money that is outside of political control. Wherever the trading public was free to choose, it picked commodities of fairly inelastic supply as monetary assets. Almost all societies, throughout all cultures and civilizations, have come to use precious metals as money.

    Commodity money is apolitical money. Nobody can create it at will and use it to fund himself or to manipulate the economy.

    Who are the beneficiaries?

    For decades, this system has benefited the private usury banks, the wider financial industry, and the trans-national corporations around the banking cartel — all of which have grown relative to any other section of society — and those who have assets to be used as collateral for leveraging the balance sheet: real estate, equity portfolios, company stock options. The costs of this system have been spread across the broader public via inflation and the taxpayer bailout of both the bank’s and the trans-nationals. This has been socialism for the rich, ie. Oligarchical Collectivism for the “Inner Party”.

    Big Brother is the grimoire know as the Messiah of the Inner Party’s “Book” …

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