Elite Parents Are Growing Alarmed About “Woke Weaning”

If conservatives finally want to take on this toxic garbage which is hated by everyone, why not just stand aside and let them win this battle in the culture war?

Daily Mail:

“With its manicured lawns and gently swaying palms, Harvard-Westlake is the school of choice for the children of Hollywood’s elite.

Lily Collins, the actress daughter of Phil Collins, went there, as did Lily Sheen, the daughter of actors Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen.

Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington and Cybill Shepherd also sent their children to ‘HW’, as the school is affectionately known.

But in recent months, the £31,000-a-year institution has become a hotbed of controversy – the centre of what one parent, the mother of a teenage boy, described as ‘wokeness gone mad’.

For in the months since the death of George Floyd sparked protests across America, HW has introduced a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) programme so strident that it has left many parents outraged. …

There is even a new term for what is going on in this and many other schools in liberal Hollywood: woke weaning. That is to say that children are being groomed in wokeness.

This is, after all, ‘the new world we live in, where if you can’t speak the language of ‘woke’ you won’t get into the college you want or get the job you want,’ explained the mother, who did not want to be named. …”

Do you remember the ANTI-RACISM IS ANTI-WHITE people who used to spam comment sections in ALL CAPS in the early 2010s? Can we admit those guys were onto something now?

Daily Mail:

“The head of the elite Manhattan school Dalton is stepping down this year after being slammed by parents for pushing an ‘obsessive’, antiracism agenda on students. 

Jim Best said he would see out the year at the $50,000-a-year institution then step down to pursue ‘other opportunities’. 

His resignation is in response to parents’ complaints that Dalton, like other prestigious private schools Grace Church and Brearley, is indoctrinating students with its woke agenda.

Dalton parents penned an anonymous open letter to the school earlier this week. …”

Daily Mail:

“A father has pulled his daughter out of an exclusive Upper East Side private school in outrage over the school’s extensive anti-racism policies that include training for parents, and which he says are teaching kids to hate their own country. 

Andrew Gutmann penned a scathing letter against The Brearley School, an all-girls school in Manhattan where fees are $53,000-a-year, which he sent to more than 600 other parents. 

Brearley’s alumni includes Caroline Kennedy, the actress Tea Leoni, Elisabeth Murdoch, Dorothy Schiff and Alice Gore King. …”

These schools have become brat factories.

This is why education reform must be at the top of the populist agenda. Mainstream conservatism allowed this cancer to metastasize for decades because of its laissez-faire attitude. It was rationalized as one of the many “blessings of liberty.” The bastard spawn of the wealthy and professional classes are being programmed by their teachers to be anti-White in elite schools which is fueling the rise of leftwing “domestic extremism.” These brats are rioting on a daily basis now.

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  1. These “elite” hypocrites that live in the lily-Whitest of exclusive neighborhoods are all so full of shit – behind the doors of their $20M mansions they are as racist as any West Virginia or Mississippi White Nationalist.

    • My father is a vet, thank god he’s still alive. Vietnam vet with the First Infantry, the Big Red One.

      My nephew wrapped up three deployments in the Middle East bagging up assholes in the streets. Killing. Amazing stuff if you talk with these dudes. And they find it fascinating that the stuff I see is basic life.

      We are in a serious conflict and it should be recognized. This will spiral. Harden up.

    • I know these people. They are Whites that hate Whites, while paying a fortune to live in wealthy neighborhoods. They hate their own white skin, and wish it was brown. They hate their own culture, traditions, and history and want it annihilated, so they can become anything but White.

      There is no understanding or reasoning with them, because they are insane. If they were an electronic device, they’d be giving off black smoke, sparks, and blowing fuses. If they were dog instead of human, they’d be running wild through the streets, foaming at the mouth, biting anything that moves. The humans would not try to reason with them, pat them, or feed them, they would call animal control, because to do anything else would be insane.

      • No, they hate working class whites but think they are above that and not really happy about also being forced to undergo this criticism which they believe is just supposed to be for the non secular enlightened flyover country whites, not THEM? They didn’t think the mob would ever come for them, but they empowered so many 90 IQ black female so called “intellectuals” that the conversation has shifted and the mob is coming after them because these loser blacks hate us all and don’t differentiate between “good” and “bad” whites.

        • ^^^Exactly right !! That is the TRUTH at the heart of the matter with the “Beautiful” people.

  2. the schools, the movies, and the entertainment media must be overthrown. which means jews need to lose their influence.

  3. The irony is, those southern”racists” actually tended to have better manners. Other than their”racism”, they were often better mannerd and educated than these “enlightened” woke brats are.

  4. The US Military

    defender of Wokeism





  5. > Do you remember the ANTI-RACISM IS ANTI-WHITE people who used to spam comment sections in ALL CAPS in the early 2010s? Can we admit those guys were onto something now?

    If we had only listened to Bob Whitaker we wouldn’t be having all these problems.

    • That “asia for the asians!” copy-paste doesn’t really hold up anymore, since Asia is coming under similar pressures to accept diversity now.

  6. Oh the irony. Woke for thee, but not for me. Shed no tears for these pos libtard parents, who now reap what they have sown. They have completely supported the homo/diversity/gender bender agenda being forced upon us. Well now they can have a personal taste of the results. Guess it’s an outrage when their own daughters want to cut their tits off, take the bbc or just plain hate them for the privilege that pays their 50k tuition.

  7. Remember that that the vast majority of elite kids go to regular public schools, even in the NYC area, where private schools are more common than anywhere else in the country.

  8. To me being Awakened ( as in White Awakening-not Woke) is the realization that the system cannot be reformed from within. Have we learned nothing from the Trump interlude? We need a broad based red state secessionist movement that also interlaps into red counties and districts held hostage in blue states. (As most blue states are really a few mega-blue cities surrounded by red counties) The goal must be the formation into a free and independent nation known as The White Heartland Republic!

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