Samantha Bee Pulls Her Punches On Joe Biden

This is hilarious.

You’ve probably noticed that comedians have become politically correct. They’re on message when it comes to criticizing Joe Biden. They have an almost North Korea-like subservient reverence for the Dear Leader. There are so many more worthy targets of ridicule than the president. Meanwhile, the “journalists” are hailing Joe Biden as the new FDR for passing one bill in his first 100 days.

These are the same people who accused us of “fascism” and “authoritarianism” although we had a rollicking good time here pillorying God Emperor Blumpf for years. Few people were more harshly critical of the Trump presidency than us. We’re the “authoritarians” even though they are the ones who have embraced censorship, doxxing and intimidation, getting people fired from their jobs and mob violence. They can’t even crack jokes anymore because that is a “pipeline to far-right extremism.”

Note: We live in a country where comedians and “journalists” no longer criticize the people who wield actual power. And yet, these same people are the ones who accuse us of “fascism” and “authoritarianism.” They are all a bunch of little lickspittle servants of the political establishment.

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  1. “authoritarianism”

    Based. Duty is what man is destined to.

    Nothing makes me laugh more than shriveling old white liberal soccer moms call petty Nationalists “authoritarian.”

    I’m like bitch, what are you talking about?! They just talk about demography, freedom of association, how they’re being oppressed by political correctness, white grievance, and Jews. C’mon.

    Do you even know what Authoritarianism is?! It isn’t a pejorative you just throw around. That’s what liberals do- call each other authoritarian. Pro-tip, Samantha Bee, an authoritarian doesn’t shirk from being called authoritarian.

    All you worship is freedom Samantha in its most degenerate form. Your gluttony, your hedonism, your rights, your materialism. You believe in nothing higher than yourself and more than yourself. You see nothing in purpose. Nothing in duty. You see no beauty in that which is rigid that stands against a changing world (while change admittedly is also beautiful in its own way)- that which can withstand the test of time. Time, which everything must endure.

    You’re miserable because you are free.

    This is why you’re a fat pudge who doesn’t exercise, Samantha. This is why you live for nothing but consumption, Samantha. You’re as empty as you are vapid. You’re like most Americans, Samantha. You worship your own butthole and think it’s a virtue.

  2. Dave Chappelle, who I used to really enjoy in my youth, probably had a huge hand pushing the beginnings of BLM style woke tropes, like whiteness, black supremacy, and white privilege. I watched a few episodes again for the first time in years and was a bit taken aback that the jokes sound very much like some serious woke law. In hindsight his little racism freak out and oprah appearance was a dead giveaway for the things to come but this was 2003 to 2006 under Dub-ya’s watch, c’est la vie. Dave Chappelle does some stand-up “comedy” but it’s mainly just sermonizing now, his George Floyd shit was utter cringe. He gets unearned accolades for the most part except his super light observations on fag inc. Chris Rock was good too, he really used to call blacks hard on their bullshit, until he made a fortune making dogshit movies with adam sandler. He apparently has made an about-face after his ascent to the higher tax brackets because when I watched one of his more recent “comedy” specials I almost blew a blood vessel at how hard I cringed when I noticed that almost the entire front row was almost entirely comprised of upper class black dashiki clad big mommas houses. Chris then went into a “joke” about how he was on a rich person trip to Jamaica and was appalled by all the poverty there caused by whitey, to the bobble head nodding approval of the big mommas, not really any laughter. As HILARIOUS! as that was, I opted to watch something else. I know comedy is not in good shape when I find Tucker Carlson’s daily scold routine funnier than most modern “comedy”.

  3. The guy is definitely senile to some extent, that’s evident now, especially after he wasn’t well enough to meet with the Japanese Prime Minister and they had Kamala do it for him. How can you not make fun of that, the absurdity of a corrupt regime propping up a senile head of state? Reminds me of the string of geriatric premiers of the USSR in the early 80s.

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