“No More History”: Antifa Attack Oregon Historical Society

I’ve always hated these people.

I don’t merely hate them because they are 1.) the spoiled little deracinated middle class brats of the professional class and the embodiment of “white privilege” or 2.) the fact that they have been given a license to break the law and terrorize their communities or 3.) because they are anti-White and anti-Southern and anti-order or 4.) because they don’t respect the free speech rights of other people.

In hindsight, the vast majority of our clashes over the years has been over the fact that I am a history buff and a traditionalist. I respect the past and want to preserve our historic monuments. We’re supposed to honor our forefathers. This is why I became an activist and why I went to Charlottesville which was always about the preservation of the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments there.

Anyway, Antifa and Black Lives Matter have gone far beyond attacking our Confederate monuments. Clearly, they want to erase all of American history. They are against our monuments because of their Year Zero mentality. We’re dealing with literal Jacobins and Bolsheviks here.

Note: The flailing Republican establishment came out and attacked us for getting ahead of the issue and defending historic monuments in 2017. Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney said at the time that Antifa were the heroes. It was our fault that these people were violent little monsters.

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  1. “History is an agreed-upon pack of lies.” – Napoleon Bonaparte (see: The Holocaust). How much of the “history” written about your beloved South is total BS that was written by the victors, HW?

    • Apologies CD. I reread your comment a 3rd time and misinterpreted it the first 2 times. You are absolutely correct. The only piece of contemporary history more lied about than the so called Civil War is World War II. Good comment.

  2. And once again Antifa isn’t condemned by their FBI AND Democrat enablers. No media outrage and no special FBI PRESS CONFERENCES. After all, they’re all Bolshevik brethren.

  3. Those who wish to erase American History are not perceptive or self-aware enough to realize that tens of millions of Whites realize who they really ‘wish to erase’…

  4. Sheeit history be racist and is white supremacy an shit. Antifa are tards why would you want to simp and surround yourself around violent joggers?! the absolute state of liberalism

    When did antifa go full libtard exactly?! I don’t know their full history aside from their early bolshevik/ socialist weimar beginnings hard to keep up with their bullshit history but something tells me they weren’t always this anti-white and brainless

    It will be hilarious once they start fighting amongst themselves

  5. The ANTIFA






  6. About a year ago these savages hit my city. Good thing about Vegas is we are rough here, probably won’t hit again until it spirals. Sent a real shock though.

    Small city with a lot of crime, but the riots did send a vibe out. The day after we had cops shutting down streets. The Mandalay shooting really put the hurt on, but that was different. That was just hell.

    Some interesting times indeed. I was in a local store out here the night of the riots, deep inner city and was surrounded by the rioters. Cop shot in the back of the head an hour or so later. Looking forward to the verdict on the Floyd case with open eyes.

    I’m starting to view cops as front line individuals. When they go it will fall back on regular guys. Cops are dirty people that abuse power, but they are the ones out there fighting this. I’m conflicted, but they are the armed ones with the ability to hold back the crime with deadly force.

    There is best and worst case scenarios, as always. Although I detest most cops. It is deteriorating in a big way out here. Propery values for whatever reason are up. An indication of people fleeing to this city. Refugees.

    • @Ron – Appreciation to your for the on-the-ground report from your area — and excellent summation of policing in the Current Year. E.R. nurses are in a similar, albeit less intense & deadly, frontline position. Whatever crawls in the door they have to deal with, under intense abuse from the ” patient” at times, and constant intense scrutiny by hospital administration. And neither police nor nurse can turn away any “customer”. Given what this country is full of, and filling up more with, they are often the initial shock absorbers of Diversity.

  7. Just some smashed windows and vague spray paint messages. They’re not destroying our cities as much as generating photo-ops to rile up conservatives and the far left.

  8. This continued non-sense is finally starting to have an impact on politics here in Oregon as Gov Brown will be facing several primary challgers.

    It will be interesting to see if any of these Democrats go ‘Full Hillary’ and start talking about super-predators (blacks) and the need to have a state bill modeled on the Clinton’s 1990s crime bill that lead to many blacks getting locked up. Many of the rioters are blacks from Northeast Portland.

    Also what is up with riots even occurring now a days? I thought Biden promised unity and this crap would stop. Oh well at least I got some Biden Bucks and he gas kept some of Trumps tariffs.

  9. This might be my single favorite blurb you have written Brad because as aware and intelligent as I claim to be I have missed the most simple difference between us and them. Beyond race and kosher destructive goals the difference between who we are and your run of the mill shitlib is we love history, we love our ancestors and we like who we are. This brat army as you call them just doesnt like themselves very much.

  10. Watch how fast they would be arrested and charged if the historical society was the holocaust society.

  11. 1. No, Hunter, you are NOT a “history buff.” History buffs are hobbyists – LARPers who would rather escape daily reality than confront it, by diving into a shallow reading or re-creation (i.e., re-enactors) about their favorite historical periods. You, in contrast, are a serious student of history, who goes where your research leads you, including unpleasant facts about our own Southland, unlike some other pro-white, Southern platforms like TPC. I have enjoyed & learned from your historical investigations, including buying & reading books you reference, even when I disagree with some of your conclusions….

    2. Like your assertion that a bit of recent history, Charlottesville, “…was all about the preservation of the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments there.” You know better than most that C-ville was more than that. It was primarily an attempt by the Alt-Right (the imperfect, but most accurate general term for its participants then & there) to announce its arrival on the world stage by boldly flexing its muscles – in a bastion of enemy control – in a highly visible political coming out party. I won’t go into the reasons Charlottesville turned into a disaster, but we shouldn’t deceive ourselves about what it was all about – disingenousness never works in the long run.

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