CNN: Inside The GOP’s Tense Fallout With The Big Business Lobby

I’ve always hated the Chamberpot of Progress.

My views on this haven’t changed since they spearheaded the charge for comprehensive immigration reform in the Bush and Obama years. They were terrible before wokeness. We can only hope that the plutocrats follow Bill Kristol and the whole flock of neocons and join the Democrats.


“(CNN) – What started as a polite discussion about small business soon turned into a heated confrontation between unusual opponents — Republican members of the House and their party’s old friends at the US Chamber of Commerce.

Republican lawmakers were blunt with the Chamber’s lobbyist, Tom Sullivan, calling him on the carpet about the organization’s decision to endorse so many Democrats in the 2020 election, including 23 House freshmen in competitive districts. Rep. Claudia Tenney, a Republican from New York, was particularly upset the Chamber backed a Democrat against her.

Recalling the encounter to CNN last week, Tenney said she asked Sullivan, “Why did you endorse someone who is against all the policies, who’s, like, voted for everything in New York that really was not really good for business, but was good for the trial bar, and it exposed many of us to liability?”

For the Chamber, the dustup was another sobering reminder that their longtime ally, the Republican Party, is growing more populist by the year — and many of its members now view the business groups with suspicion. 

But the fruitful partnership has been upended by shifts in both the political platform of the GOP and the more progressive social priorities for corporate America. …

“The Chamber of Commerce filed for divorce years ago, and the GOP has finally accepted it,” said Terry Schilling, the executive director of the American Principles Project, a social conservative advocacy group.

And privately, the assessment is even more harsh.

“The National Chamber of Commerce effectively endorsed Nancy Pelosi for speaker in 2020,” a senior House GOP aide said. …”

As we saw again this morning, the Corporate Democrats are happy to accommodate them on tax cuts. They can preserve their tax cuts and have their virtue signaling too.

Why should the Chamberpot of Progress stay aligned with the Republican Party? They could count on Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to drive the stake through the heart of the $15 minimum wage and kill the wealth tax and raising the capital gains tax and block a public opinion in health care and even cut the eligibility of stimulus checks to below the level of Trump’s stimulus checks.

We will continue to monitor the situation. Joe Biden and the Corporate Democrats are going out of their way though to accommodate Big Business, Wall Street and wealthy suburbanites and create a new home for them in the Democratic Party. Joe Biden doesn’t want to raise taxes on +$250,000 income households who are the Democratic base now. He has applauded the MLB and has leaned into the fight against “Jim Eagle” and has taken the side of Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and all the woke progressive CEOs.

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  1. The pukes at the US C-of-C fully back the swarms of immigrants flooding into the US in the interest of Big Biz’s ongoing campaign to keep wages for Whites suppressed.

    • As Arrian has already pointed out those endless swarms of invasive brown people are also needed to keep America’s spending, consuming and debt-based economy afloat. Our aging white population just isn’t buying and borrowing enough anymore. And our Negroes have never had much of an economic impact. So we can all look forward to welcoming in at least another 100,000,000 Replacement Americans.

      • Old Beaners are just as bad as the aging white population when it comes to spending. Those guys love to take anything useful out of the trash before the trucks hit it. The next generation will consoom but not the old heads.

  2. Watching the trial on Fox. Anything can happen. The defense had a good argument. The government has a black ironically using a “common sense” angle.

    If I was a cop and Floyd was behaving the way he was I’d do a lot more that knee on the neck.

    Years back I knew a person that knew a cop. The cop was responding to a call, disarmed and shot in the neck with his own weapon. A nine millimeter. Beretta.

    He bled out and ems couldn’t get him out of it. Broad daylight, shopping area with people around.

    Can’t take any chances. Because bad shit can happen.

  3. In this matter, The Republican Party does not have much choice : either ditch Big Business, and Corporate/Globalism’s greatest enabler on the local level, The Chamber of Commerce, or quickly wind up on the ashheap of political history.

  4. The businesses pushing for emissions cuts. Good, fake, not enough. We need a radical transformation for the Earth that requires hardwork, sacrifice, and the State to push it.

  5. “+$250,000 income households who are the Democratic base now.”

    No, they aren’t, unless they’re non-whites, Jews, from shitlib families.

    The idea that $250,000 a year is rich is pretty silly. You sound like an old man in the 80s who went to buy a loaf of bread for the first time in 30 years.

    • Virtually all of the wealthiest congressional districts in the country are represented by Democrats now. Biden’s biggest gains were in the wealthiest suburbs around the country with the highest education levels. The Democrats are far more of a PMC party than was the case 10 or 15 years ago.

    • JPS,

      No, they aren’t, unless they’re non-whites, Jews, from shitlib families.

      There aren’t enough non-whites or Jews making that kind of money to drive the Progressive agenda. Even with Jewish control of the media, Cultural and Social Progressivism never would have gotten as far as it has if it didn’t have the overwhelming support of College-Educated White Professionals, many of whom rack in that kind of money. The primary Enemy isn’t Jews or non-whites anymore, its the Elitist members of our own race whose whole purpose in life is to look down on their fellow Whites, lord it over us, and feel morally superior to us. We must punish these cretins and put them back in their place. Technocrats exist to make OUR lives better, not the other way around. The second they think that they are some sort of emergent Elysium class, which they clearly do, they must be humbled. Raise their taxes, confiscate their wealth, flood their neighborhoods with Blacks and Browns, make them PAY.

      The idea that $250,000 a year is rich is pretty silly. You sound like an old man in the 80s who went to buy a loaf of bread for the first time in 30 years.

      It’s rich buddy. It’s Upper Class if nothing else. I know a Republican family whose wife told me that her husband makes $255,000 per year. Their home is the size of a mansion in an extremely upscale neighborhood (average price: +$600,000). Those kind of people don’t need that kind of wealth to survive. They can afford to pay more so the rest of us can get ahead and have a chance. I personally wanted to do this the meritocratic way, but the problem is, the meritocrats themselves don’t play by their own professed rules. They pull the ladder away from us as soon as they get on top, and they call it “fairness.” We saw that in January with the Wall Street/Gamestop business. Some of them started on top to begin with and have the audacity to claim they “earned” it.

      I’m done with meritocracy. Lets economically plunder these people. Raise taxes on them, raise spending for programs like infrastructure that benefit ALL Americans, and increase regulations on these disgusting corporations like Delta and Coke that think they actually have any right to influence our culture. Hell, lets subvert globalization just for shits and giggles: Lets push for a global government that enforces Populist/Progressive economic standards EVERYWHERE on Earth, that way there is no where a corporation can go where labor is cheap. If globalization is inevitable, lets force it to serve the interests of humanity, like the first question in that political compass test asks. It is wrong how corporations can manufacture products in poor brown countries using slave labor of brown children and then sell that shit in tariff-free white countries to spoiled white liberal consumers. Lets run to the left of DILE’s on economics in bold new ways and force them to own the fact that their entire cultural agenda is designed to justify their cancerous, exploitative, insufferable existence.

    • @JPS

      > “The idea that $250,000 a year is rich is pretty silly. ”

      The idea that $250,000 is not rich is what is silly. $250k is literally the 1% – 99% of all Americans do not make $250k. In fact, less than 5% of people even make $100k.

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