Der Movement: White Populism Is From The 1930s

I shouldn’t respond to this.

I’ve already written at length about the subject. I will bite though.

1. First, I share content from Rising on this website several times a week, which makes this claim particularly bizarre. I also routinely share content from Jimmy Dore and even Jacobin and The Daily Poster. Obviously, I don’t agree with conservative or libertarian free market economics.

2. Second, I supported the attempt by Amazon workers to form a union in Bessemer, made fun of Marco Rubio’s token endorsement of the effort and I criticize oligarchs like Jeff Bezos all the time on this website. I’ve even been trying to revive interest in Huey Long’s Share Our Wealth platform.

3. Third, it is great that Donald Trump is gone because he isn’t around to divide and demoralize us anymore. No one has to defend his inept administration anymore. We’re able to move forward again now. I’ve been extremely critical of the Joe Biden presidency, but I was also sharply critical of the George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump presidencies. Why wouldn’t I criticize Joe Biden?

4. Fourth, the American Nationalists are paleocons who are obsessed with optics who rode the Trump Train until the end when it crashed and burned at the Capitol Siege. In contrast, I have always been a populist in the original sense of the term. We disagree on Donald Trump and economics and “optics” and all sorts of things. This website is focused on political punditry and social criticism, not on “optics.”

5. Fifth, I am focused on articulating my personal views on specific policy issues, not on contrarianism or countersignaling the GOP. I have the same views on immigration, trade, foreign policy, political correctness, guns, civil liberties, abortion, censorship, taxation, regulation, monopolies, infrastructure, heritage preservation, cultural degeneration and so on that I have always had on this website. I write about my views on these subjects. I’ve always been a social conservative and economic populist.

6. Sixth, I have always been an Independent voter. I’m not in any rush to join or support or endorse or much less vote for the Republican Party. I’m extremely skeptical of the Republican Party. This doesn’t mean, however, that I support Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. It has become the anti-White party. Most of us are politically homeless and don’t identify with either of these parties.

7. Seventh, I spent a great deal of time over the past several years thinking about the flaws of our previous efforts and what a more serious and mature movement would look like. White Populism is the solution that I came up with. I scrapped those old models and created a new one. I wanted a version of nationalism and populism that borrowed from Huey Long and Father Coughlin’s politics in the 1930s. Gerald L.K. Smith who was involved with the Share Our Wealth movement also created the America First movement.

8. Finally, there is some evidence that Republican voters have become more racially aware due to everything that has happened over the past year. It is not really surprising given that “racist” was redefined to mean “anyone who is White.” We saw the same thing happen during the Obama presidency. The most compelling argument that was made against reelecting Trump is that having Joe Biden as president would “accelerate” things. It would wake people up. Now that it has come true and we were proven right that Trump losing would radicalize millions of people, why would we spurn those people?

Note: The late stage Alt-Right was already heading in this direction. There was much more discussion of economics. The National Justice Party, for example, owes a lot to Father Coughlin and his National Union for Social Justice. Third Positionism is also similar to classic American populism.

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  1. I’m not a Republican by any measure, but these are the same people that want us to support Democrats, who are explicitly anti-white and violent. I don’t care if they believe they are playing a 3D Chess game. That isn’t going to work.

    What made the multi-racial AmNats flip on the GOP after shilling so hard for them for four years? Was it because a lot of their voters have flipped pro white?

  2. I don’t use or browse twitter. Who is the person whose tweets you linked? I’m guessing its somebody so “popular” they don’t even need a recognizable name?

    Also, from whence was that flag derived?

  3. After so many years, I’ve noticed most “movement” beefs are based on strawmen or statements taken out of context. You write a series of articles monitoring the situation in the polls of the GOP base, and somehow this translates to shilling for the GOP and becoming an Amnat.

  4. Hunter;

    Never mind the ankle biters, their criticism is worthless. You run one of the best sites on the internet, a site that educates, informs, entertains and offers ideas that are anathema to the political establishment. Telling the truth, all of it is never going to be popular with too many people though. You know you are over the target when you get this much flak.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Yes Hunter. You have one of the very few actually useful sites on the dissident Populist right. Your history lessons alone are worth coming here for

  6. Chris Cuomo calls for the slaughter of White Children today….Paul Kersey has alerted us today about this…

  7. Well I’m not in any “movement” so when people say “stop saying that you are dividing the movement” or “you have to support my ‘activism’ clown act because getting on TV is what the movement is all about!” I just say, “no thank you.”

    Same with politicians – some politician says something good, and now you aren’t allowed to criticize him when he says something bad because … “reasons.”

    I’ve realized that “pro-white politics” are the key to imperial power which is why this fake “movement” is basically a large honeypot, so normal whites who start asking questions can get waylaid by nuts dressed up in costumes or saying crazy shit.

    But of course you take flak when you are over the target and they typically put the machine gunner right in the way of your goal, obviously, that is the entire point.

  8. There is a very interesting story about the great Jewish Boxer Joe Choyinski’s (knocked out Jack Johnson) father and Dennis Kearney. Choyinki’s father a news paper owner and editor wrote an editorial in defense of Dennis Kearney after the anti-Chinese race riots in San Francisco….

    • There were some really tough jewish boxers and mobsters in the old days. Now they’re all nebbishes and faygelehs!

    • Jews were mostly not anti-white until around 1905, when communist leaders adopted the modern liberal views on race from Anglo-liberals and Anglo-Evangelicals like DL Moody, who had those views since the early 1800’s. After 1905, you start seeing mainstream Jewish leaders going in the direction they are going now.

      Marx was an explicit White supremacist. Lenin was too until he changed. Jews mostly supported anti-Chinese immigration legislation and “Jim Crow” laws in the 1800’s.

      I read about the black invasion of St. Louis. The leader of the pro-white side, who tried to make it illegal for blacks to move to the city was a German Jewish immigrant city politician. He was overruled by the county level government that was entirely made up of rich WASPs, with no “ethnic” whites supporting them at all.

      Hunter’s series on modernism was an atrocity against truth. He totally ignored the history of radial abolitionism in American and tried to blame the modern anti-white zeitgeist, which is identical to the Rad-Ab. view, on literary modernist intellectuals, about half of whom that he named were white nationalists, white supremacists, anti-semites and literal fascists. Bizarre.

      The real enemy is our own culture, that’s the hardest truth for white Americans, especially WASPs to accept.

      • @ATBOTL

        Fact check: partially true, mostly false.

        Jews became anti-white mostly because of the Communist party’s tactic of using American blacks as a revolutionary guerilla force. BLM is really the perfection of that strategy as it’s actually more compatible with neoliberalism than actual economic Communism.

        Yes, whites – especially North Western whites – are universalist, moralist, individualist, and egalitarian. So … what? That isn’t anti-white. That is who we are, we are not someone else.

        Being against black slavery is not anti-white – in fact, clearly and obviously the anti-slavery side was the more pro-white side.

        As someone pointed out in another thread, if only White Protestants were allowed to vote, the GOP would be a super-majority and the big political issue would be who to deport first. In that case, the liberals would say let the Koran Presbyterians stay and the conservatives would demand they go.

        • Radical Abolitionists like Henry Lloyd Garrison and Charles Sumner were virtually identical to the modern left in their racial views. They advocated non-white immigration and amalgamation.

          I said “Radical Abolitionists” because most opponents of slavery were not anti-white.

          “As someone pointed out in another thread, if only White Protestants were allowed to vote, the GOP would be a super-majority and the big political issue would be who to deport first.”

          That was me. This is a complicated history and I tell every part of truthfully. Nothing I said is not true, admit it. It’s simultaneously true that non-WASP immigration initially moved the country right on racial issues, until the “ethnic” and Southern WASP coalition installed the liberal Northern WASP lead FDR regime because they supported socialist economics. Northern WASP elites moved right on racial issues starting in the 1880’s. Then there was a huge collapse after WWI among younger elites, but it took a few years for the older racialist elites to be replaced.

          Like I said, it’s complicated.

  9. Stop calling it “Der Movement.” It’s stupid, ridiculous sounding and connects us to Nazis. We are not German. What is wrong with this movement that people can’t stop using idiotic nazi references?

  10. “I guess the main prob here is that he’s still a Southern Nationalist, and SN’s will always have a tendency to circle back around to the GOP, it’s in their nature.”

    There has been a long term issue with white nationalists from the Deep South showing too much sympathy for the GOP. Stormfront had a problem with that. I think it works something like this… Deep South whites are more tribal than other whites in America. WN’s from the DS see that their neighbors are superficially racist against blacks and also passionate GOP supports. They interpret that as meaning that the GOP is close to becoming a white nationalist party, ignoring the party’s leadership and that the party’s internal structure makes a grassroots takeover impossible.

    • They interpret that as meaning that the GOP is close to becoming a white nationalist party, ignoring the party’s leadership and that the party’s internal structure makes a grassroots takeover impossible.

      Strawman the whole way. It’s not about turning the GOP into a “White Nationalist Party.” It’s about Republican politicians like Rick Scott and Conservative media personalities like Tucker Carlson playing into our hands by parroting the talking points we made 5 years ago and thus normalizing our ideas. The Overton Window is real when the goal is to establish Cultural Hegemony, and that’s what we are going for here. Imagine a world where every White person between the coasts and outside the urban and suburban areas has core beliefs that are indistinguishable from White Nationalism. Possibilities will open up that were impossible before if that were to happen. If you don’t see the value in that, then you aren’t playing the game properly.

  11. That wing of the movement tends to be anti-populist, pro-elite, anti-Christian, anti-nationalist, pro-Democrat. They’re like the inverse of Amnats and seem to buy into the Red vs. Blue binary just as much as they do, only they believe that voting Democrat will be the best for whites (usually through economic/labor benefits). That the Democrat Party is slightly more anti-Israel probably plays a role too. But that wing also tends to overlook all the absolute garbage coming from Democrat Party just like Amnats will ignore (or at least used to ignore) all the garbage coming from Republican Party when they eventually break down and vote for what they believe to be the lesser of two evils.

    But why people like that guy on twitter can’t recognize that Republican voter attitudes can diverge widely from those of Republican party leadership, I don’t know. A lot of them are so anti-Christian and frankly, anti-America itself, that they probably wouldn’t want former conservatives on their side even if they are white and have become more racially aware. I bet they have about the same level of disdain for your average MAGA hat wearing, Q-tard, white Christian conservative voter that the Amnats have for your average, self-hating, purple-haired, trans-positive, white atheist progressive voter.

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