White People, Awake!

I thought it was a great speech.

I liked how Striker name dropped Huey Long, Father Coughlin and Gerald L.K. Smith during the 1930s and 1940s. There is nothing new or foreign about our politics.

My favorite part though was when Striker brought up the fact that it was spoiled rich kids who have a victim mentality and who style themselves as “revolutionaries” who revolted last summer. It can’t be emphasized enough that the woke brats who join Antifa are the bastard spawn of the professional class. These people were coddled by the governor of Oregon and the mayor of Portland and were allowed to break the law and get away with things that no one else could have gotten away with. The ultimate example of this was when the “Wall of Moms” came out to protect their brats in Portland.

The political, cultural and corporate establishment BACKED the insurrectionists who terrorized the country last summer. Hollywood celebrities showered money on their bail funds. Vice President Kamala Harris used her Twitter account to promote their bail funds. Big Tech censored all opposition to the “movement” and started cramming all of this “racial justice” garbage into everyone’s social media feed. Black Lives Matter is bankrolled by Corporate America. There is a reason why the FBI and the DOJ looked the other way and allowed these people to riot all over the country. It was mostly rich White kids who were doing this. It was people like Tim Kaine’s son and Bill de Blasio’s daughter. It is the children of the professional class who are being taught to be anti-White in the most expensive private schools in the country.

Once again, it was the wealthy, the educated and the privileged elite who revolted last summer. They were the ones who sanctioned the riots. They are also the people who censor us and who engage in violence against us. It is the top 10% of the country and their children. That’s where Antifa and Black Lives Matter come from and why you see their little yard signs in the richest neighborhoods.

Yes, White people need to awake, but we need to understand that it is White people who are anti-White who are standing in the way of that. It is the rich White elites who are the problem. There is a class angle to this. It is the top 10% of Whites including the Jews who are attacking other White people. It is the establishment rioting and revolting against the White working class and middle class.

This has to be the focus now. They’ve gone full mask off. Maybe they were right to bring their little guillotines out to street protests. They just lacked the self-awareness to grasp that they were sticking their necks out.

Note: White progressives are defined by their hatred of other White people.

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  1. “Note: White progressives are defined by their hatred of other White people.”….and their love of Moshiach.

    You cause a break between Jew and non-Jew on that fact.

    Make “I am not a racist” become “I am not with the anti-Christ”, then laugh.

    • Nice find. A closer look at the author who wrote that “scientific” article, he is from Haifa, Israel. How unironic that someone with that background is using his position in the field of biology to undermine and deconstruct race.

      “Genetic data sets are used to see if biological races exist in humans and in our closest evolutionary relative, the chimpanzee”

      White peoples’ closest ancestor is the Cro-Magnon, aka the Early European modern human, which his article fails to mention once. Perhaps Mr. Templeton is writing about his own peoples’ closest ancestor, the Neanderthal, being more closely related to monkeys?

      • There are no genetic characteristics possessed by all Blacks but not by Non-Blacks; similarly there is no gene or cluster of genes common to all Whites but not to non-Whites. One’s “race” is not determined by a single gene or gene cluster, as is, for example, sickle cell anemia. Nor are races marked by important differences in gene frequencies, the rates of appearance of certain gene types. The data compiled by various scientists demonstrate, contrary to popular opinion, that intra-group differences far exceed inter-group differences. That is, greater genetic variation exists within the populations typically labeled Black and White than between these populations. This finding refutes the supposition that racial divisions reflect fundamental genetic differences. Therefore the evidence shows however unpopular it may be with you, and others may be, “ race” is a culturally based social construct.

          • Racial subsets.

            Culture is an expression on each racial subsets.

            Any forensic anthropologist would tell just based on skull configurations that race is very real.

            Physicians would be sued constantly for malpractice, and lose their license to practice medicine, if they didn’t factor race into their diagnostic and treatment of each patient.

            Intelligence quotient doesn’t lie. The human brain’s development by which genes and alleles and IQ expression correlate .8 or 80%.

            This CRT neo-Frankfurt School “there’s only one race,” defies logical conclusions, and they ‘cherry pick’ the data from neurotic, narcissistic, and Machiavellian jews and shabbos goy geneticists having their “research” funded by the former.

            In China, where the jews and their talmudic repression of gentiles doesn’t affect their geneticists research into human origins. One of their discoveries was that the modern Sub-Saharan African has approximately 19% archaic DNA that no other subset of Homo sapiens possess. The current hypothesis is that it derives from Homo erectus.

        • ” The data compiled by various scientists demonstrate, contrary to popular opinion, that intra-group differences far exceed inter-group differences.”

          This is true almost exclusively for Whites/Europeans. Name another racial group that varies as much in-group as Whites/Europeans do. I’ll wait……..

        • Anti-white sez:
          “There’s fine graduations between night and day, therefore night and day is a social construct.”

          Meanwhile back in the real world…

          All brown countries are poor.

          Diversity is demanded only of White countries.

          Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

        • >intra-group / inter-group differences
          >what is Lewontin’s fallacy

          While I try to stay out of National Socialist cringe threads, if someone’s 23andme results show English and German, the results aren’t measuring social constructs such as whether a person likes Sauerkraut and Fish & Chips.

          There are strong measurable behavioral differences (this is what matters for race, not bs like skin color) even among the European races — uncertainty avoidance, in-group preference, time-preference, etc. — that we know are rooted in brain structures according to neuroscience.


          Conservatives pretend group differences are just culture because in America, we’re all interchangeable consumers and that we’re all children of God. But there is no a priori reason to believe Americans are right about anything.

        • “similarly there is no gene or cluster of genes common to all Whites but not to non-Whites”

          WRONG !

          Duffy’s antigen, all WHITES have it, no blacks have it.
          If a black receives a significant transfusion of WHITE blood, it will kill them.

          Same with organ transplants,
          You always hear about “looking for a type match”,
          which is primarily racial matching.

        • @Slumlord Morty: I read what you said, picked out a line, and asked a simple question about it. You responded with some amusing ad-hominem projection at best, but can’t say I expected much from the “race is a social construct” crowd.

        • The “between genetic variation” argument doesn’t take into affect haplotypes (we have the same genes but often arranged differently).


          Just shut the fuck up. Even in this article they admit the basis for it but worry that others will take this essentialism the wrong way (and bolster racism). And in it they try to argue it’s not hardline due to intermarrying (which of course it’s race not separate species. red and orange separate colors. yet we still make distinct categories).



          Our external phenotypes do, in fact, shows more genetic similarities. We do this with family members all the time.

    • Orthodox slumlord, If race is just a social construct, then why does your side accuse white skinned people of European heritage of having “white privilege”? You believe in race when you want to demonize White people of European ancestry, but you claim that race doesn’t exist when it comes to showing how genetics affect behavior or intelligence or when whites are being destroyed through nonwhite immigration and assimilation.

  2. Sounds like a fairly decent sized crowd, maybe there is hope after all?

    The biggest threat moving forward is another fake nationalist like Trump coming along and conning our people.

    • No hope for a mass movement and elections but hope for enough white people to survive

  3. I almost forgot about that “Wall of Moms” stunt. More like Wall of Failed Parenthood I wonder how many of them took Stefan Molyneux’s Anarcho-Capitalist “peaceful parenting” advice, and failed to give those little shits the spankings they desperately needed growing up?

  4. Given how hard TRS has tried to keep from actually advocating anything, or doing anything in meatspace since Cville, I have a hard time trusting their new call to action.

    I think White working class people are going to do things in their own time, and thats for the best.

    Conditions and materials are coming together. Awareness is on the rise in the White populace. And yes a White strike would bring the system to its knees. Good luck orchestrating that with no reach.

    The Altright had reach. Then TRS, Daily Stormer and Ricky Vaughn deliberately destroyed it by trying a half assed divide and conquer gay-op, which they called the optics war against… us. The guys they called wignats for advocating activism and outreach to you guessed it…the working class, who to them weren’t clean cut or professional enough and didn’t care about getting along with the republican party.

    Yeah we need to move past the last four years. That in my mind is only gonna happen if TRS and The Daily Stormer go away along with all of those toxic personalities. They haven’t contributed positively to anything in years now.

    Name me one reason the White working class needs them in particular.

    They are “entertainment” media in an age of media saturation. When every form of entertainment is freely and cheaply accessible 24/7 from anywhere. I’d rather watch Star Trek the original series for the 20th time on Netflix than listen to Mike and Striker say the same thing they’ve been saying for 5 years now.

    Nope. I’m not going to ever let them off the hook for the optics war. They started it. They and their vanguardist “leadership” strategy of dysfunctional self proclaimed sophisticates.

    Fuck them.

    • I don’t think they are advocating getting back involved in public activism. Their approach for several years now has been quiet organizing and networking. This was a speech from one of their recent private events. Someone brought it up in the comments.

    • Anglin and Mackey are bad news and should be shunned forever. Enoch and Stryker haven’t committed any grave offenses that I’m aware of.

      • TRS promoted and gave Ricly Vaughn and Anglin both platforms for their BS in the midst of the optics war. Ricky Vaughn was on TDS with this crap at the time. Anglin hosted an entire episode. They gave their support.

        They never did the same for Cantwell or anybody on the other side and they were first to celebrate when the box broke.

        • If they won’t renounce their dubious relationship with Anglin and Mackey then they cannot be trusted.

        • Let’s not forget TRS allowing the Jew “Weev” to provide free “IT support”.

          In fairness they were not White Nationalists to begin with, just part of the trolling right wing counterculture that came along with Trump. They seemed to have reconciled the fact that they are White Nationalists now and even refer to themselves as such. They can be forgiven for making mistakes while they were still finding their feet. Much worse is long time activists like David Duke and Don Black urging us to support a Zionist conman like Trump.

        • > “first to celebrate when the box broke.”

          As well they should, everyone should celebrate that that scam ended in humiliation for the evil people running it.

          Cuckbox boy is now doing podcasts with “former Al-Qaeda agents” … meaning, well, I’m sure you can figure it out. As for Anglin, well, he was providing a platform to the Jew Joshua Goldberg and his “Nazi” and “ISIS” characters along with Ritz Katz of SITE Intel. He was also defending Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein by calling all the White women and girls he raped “sluts and whores.” How “pro-white” is that?

          I can’t believe people still denying the obvious about these people. But then again one should expect nothing less from this fake “movement” that is at least 50% Jews/SPLC interns.

          Just read the comments here. Would someone advocating for the well being of white people in North America posts constant spam about “HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE” or rants about Irish people or fake “arguments” between Catholics and Protestants?

          The “movement” is fake, obviously. Most of the last five years online have been just a bunch of Trump campaign interns from the Israeli website Breitbart.com.

  5. I’m glad that “Eric Stryker” is finally showing his face and using his real name. For those who complain that a lot of today’s pro-white activists are of dubious racial origins (e.g., Stryker and Enoch) I would ask OK, where are your Anglo-Saxon, Teutonic and Nordic leaders? I don’t see ’em! Sometimes it takes an outsider to step forward and get things done. Hitler wasn’t German, Alexander wasn’t Greek, Napoleon wasn’t French and Stalin wasn’t Russian.

  6. A good speech. I like his writing, too.

    I didn’t closely follow the various players in the AmNat/”wignat” optics war of a few years back, although I strongly disagreed with the faggy obsession with appearences of the former. If Striker was on that side, I was unaware of it, or him at that time.

    As for his “dubious” race, he’s what, part Italian, right? Well, there’s Northern Italians, and Southern ones, and a big difference between them. He looks White enough to me, and the general rule of thumb that if a person looks, talks & acts White – and above all isn’t a kike – it’s enough for me.

    • The AmNat/”wignat” war wasn’t really about optics, it was about principles. If you didn’t abandon your principles and support the Zionist Republican party you were a “wignat”

  7. Your race is your father(s).

    Anti-racism is to be against one’s father(s).

    What attracts antifa to BLM is fatherlessness.

    “Racism” is passive-liberal speak for “white supremacy.”

    So, “anti-racism” is anti-“white supremacy.”

    What attracts BLM to antifa is the mutual “hatred for white authoritarian fathers.”

    Controlled demolition.

  8. Years ago pat little commented that he believed when striker decided to come out the shadows and reveal himself that he would become our greatest leader

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