Ibram X. Kendi: Compliance Will Not Save My Body

I have mixed views about Ibram X. Kendi.

The Atlantic:

“In 2019, the Houston Police Officers’ Union circulated the slogan “Comply Don’t Die. Live to Have Your Day in Court.”

That is an old sentiment. A century ago, the Ku Klux Klan and its powerful enablers delivered a similar message to Black and brown people. …

These questions are not about any individual cop. These questions are not individual. These questions are institutional. The question is whether the institution of American policing is good. …

Within their cloud of fear, they have come to believe that police violence is caused by a lack of compliance, rather than seeing it as the violent son of American slavery. …

Deciding not to defund, disarm, and draw down the police is an extremist, wasteful, violent, and anti-American position.

American defiance of our right to live is the problem. Political compliance—to abolish American policing as we know it—is the solution. …

The institution of American policing has never systematically complied with my humanity, and it never will. To believe otherwise is to comply with an alternative history, with a fantasyland, with wishful thinking, with an American dream that is my American nightmare.”

Allow me to explain.

The Bad

Ibram X. Kendi is a toxic individual.

There are studies which have shown that exposing black people to the work of people like Ibram X. Kendi, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Charles Blow has a paralyzing impact on them. We don’t live under anything resembling “white supremacy,” but lots of college-educated black people believe this.

These people have been convinced by people like Kendi and Coates – the high priests of corporate wokeness who write for establishment publications like The Atlantic – that black people are living under systematic racism in America in 2021 when in fact never in all of human history have black people been better off or put up on a higher pedestal than in America since roughly 1965. They take the status quo for granted in which White people are subjected to enormous racial and cultural repression by the establishment. The term “Anglo-Saxon” is so controversial that the Republican leadership ran away from it out of fear of being accused of “racism.” It has become verboten to talk about any expression of White identity or White interests in a positive way under the framework of antiracism and multiculturalism. This state of affairs is what the political establishment insists is “white supremacy.” In reality, we live under systematic antiracism or woke supremacy because all American institutions are explicitly pushing Ibram X. Kendi’s racial doctrines and forcing what he calls “equity” on the public, not “white supremacy.”

It is terrible that millions of White people are stupid enough to fall for this nonsense because they were educated this way and because of their overall lack of historical knowledge and perspective. Kendism or Wokeism has had a terrible impact on our free speech rights and monuments. It is also unfortunate that black and brown people are suffering the fallout from the most staggering increase in violent crime in thirty years because of the rhetoric of people like Ibram X. Kendi who have demonized the police.

Far more black and brown people are being killed by criminals than the police or “white supremacy.” Ibram X. Kendi glorifies criminals who actually live in these communities and prey on innocent people. Virtually all “white supremacists” simply avoid these areas and never go there.

The Good

If we are being honest, Ibram X. Kendi is probably the best thing that has happened to our cause in the past 20 years. In the Joe Biden presidency, our new message is going to be “we told you so.”

Whether it was White Nationalists or the Alt-Right, the pro-White community had been saying for generations that “anti-racism is anti-White” and that Whites were too cavalier about changing racial and cultural demographics and had let our guard down and that it would end in a racial dystopia like South Africa. By redefining the meaning of the terms “racism” and “anti-racism” and persuading the political establishment to embrace his systematic racism conspiracy theory, Ibram X. Kendi has confirmed that antiracism is synonymous with anti-whiteness and has destabilized the status quo.

From a sheer metapolitical standpoint, this is an enormous victory for us. Kendism has become fashionable on the Left and has supplanted Kingism which is passé. Whereas Kingism cleverly and successfully disarmed White identity for a generation, Kendism is having the opposite effect. MLK and the “reverends” who followed him were held in such high esteem that consensus antiracism became a “mainstream” custom for a generation. Whites put aside their own identity and interests to create what they thought at the time was going to be a colorblind utopia. It was all going to work out. Racism was going to fade away. Racial differences and division was going to disappear. We were all going to be judged by the “content of our character” as human beings. We were all going to “progress” into the happy future.

Conservatives actually believed this stuff and still cling to this old myth like a comfort blanket. They aren’t willing to face the facts which is that Whites were conned. The rhetoric of “colorblindness” was a useful device that the Left cynically used to push their agenda. They had already discarded it by the late 1960s. We often forget that the Civil Rights Movement itself embraced Black Power in the late 1960s. We don’t want to remember that the movement ended in the worst race riots until the ones we had last summer.

Kendi has framed the debate over policing as a choice between antiracism and abolishing the police or “white supremacy.” This isn’t a bad either / or choice for us. Insofar as Democratic cities embrace his progressive doctrines and defund or abolish the police, it leads to an explosion in violent crime that splits the non-White bloc vote. Insofar as Republicans and conservatives push back against this nonsense, it forces them to say “no” to woke professional blacks like Kendi and not to be afraid of being accused of “racism” plus it helps them with non-White voters who don’t like criminals either.

Imagine living in a country where White people can say “no” and stand up for themselves. We, too, have a dream.

Note: William Pierce sounds like an angry prophet these days.

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  1. Tucker Carlson is big time into Kingism. Everything he says on his show ends with:”Martin Luther King would never tolerate racism against White Americans”…Tucker is another White Liberal who won’t take his own side in a debate….a CUCK…

    • Careful you must be. Race war is pre lost. Few fighting capable whites vs aggressive nonwhites with unlimited human resources.

      Than is the reason why they push for race war. They know that at the moment they win for sure. Numbers do not matter. There may be millions of cucked white males with guns but even if million or two will actually use the weapons , they are definitely not Taliban or Drug Cartel style destruction force and will be wiped away.

        • I am not pessimistic. I think that the end of communism is near when we can avoid useless conflicts and unite entire planet against communists.

          Communists think this too. Because of that they want war with China, Russia, Muslims or whoever. They desperately need a war because the war is only thing what can save them now,

          Because of that , we must unite all forces against communists and take away any possible group who may support them. That is why Donald touted homosexuals and blacks and everybody all the time how much he loves them.

          Later we can sort the mess out. We can not repeat Hitler mistake . Hitler who have 132 yo birthday today, managed to piss off every last possible ally and ended up fighting alone against whole world.

          • Juri,

            You know that your incorrect about the Third Reich and it supposedly lack of allies. ZOG governments were pissed at St. Adolf for naming the jew, and dissolving the Rothschilds bank in Germany, but Germany had many allies and volunteers that were not part of a coalition of the coerced like the all-lies, but were made up of anti-communist and pro-Western civilization patriots across Europe and into the Asian subcontinent.

  2. “to abolish American policing as we know it”

    Bingo !

    The agenda is to replace police with ‘your friendly BLM “community guardians” and his AK-47 associated “compliance officers” ‘.

  3. There’s always been a religiosity and Christianity to antiracism. King was a preacher was he not? White is original sin that must be consistently abolished. With white people self-flagellating and praising that black ‘other’ as this saint above saints.

    It’s kinda creepy.

    Reminds me of this shit. This is the actual legacy of King, to Tim Wise, Ibram.


    The white population is defective. Easily manipulated by minorities into being gaslit. Minorities are cunning, in a certain way, and know just how to manipulate and gaslight their way to power. And through the constant desire of approval and assuage their guilt become on the hook for the minority/the ‘other’ whose motive is to constantly demand more. This is where I diverge from white nationalists. Who hold the idea that only issue and problem is minorities. And a white majority is perfect if it was left alone (which I don’t buy). Yes, minorities can and are abusive but there’s more to this story than “minority bad.” It’s takes two to tango as they say.

    White is synonymous with purity, celestial, and heavenly. Weddings are white. White is associated with cleaning products in cleaning adds (where black and brown particles stand out against the white kitchen countertop). White is also in baby showers (along with gendered colors). Any theme of “good” in movies has white (Gandalf the White for example). Clouds are white. And white is associated with light. Scientifically, it’s all colors EXCEPT black. We’re better able to see our surroundings.

    Black is associated with evil and death. Funerals are black. Any horror movie uses a lot of black in its tapestry. Technically black is not even a color. It’s the absence of color (so it’s ironic when black people call themselves the people of color when black has no color in it). Black is used by Swat teams, ninjas, to invoke fear (and power). And such a color can blend into darkness of the night. Black became that because we’re not nocturnal creatures. We don’t see well in the dark and this increases fear. Fear of the unknown. This is where this is born out of. While death people become pale white with no blood there is a “blackish hue” the body takes on (blood itself becomes very dark).

    Color psychology is the racist science.

    The idea that other groups simply bleach their skin due to legacy of whiteness and colonialism is once something I believed, but I think it’s much deeper than that now. I think color psychology is a crucial clue in understanding what is going on. There’s truth that other cultures use black other ways that give more credence to antiracists. But more often not, black is used for evil (India or the Arab for starters). Whilst in China it’s the color of Heaven and Stability Knowledge (due to the night sky. which I think is flawed because the light is the stars that are burning bright. but I kinda see it that a Starry Night can be very heavenly).

    I think this is deeper than just race. I’m starting to believe race is more of a front.

    • Your are absolutely correct. In the Army, they call this ” invisible factor ” . It is difficult to explain but invisible factor means deeper understanding of the enemy nature and psyche.

      In the safe west, this knowledge is much lost. All are equal .

      US founding fathers BTW knew this problem. As I learned from this website, once there was clause that citizen may be only white persons with good character. Not good education or good wealth or good family name but good character. And there was 2 years test time to evaluate this character. This demonstrates that those wise men knew that some whites are really bad.

      Humans are not equal. Some are natural born evils and because of that, all horrors and disasters happened. If we do not learn to separate bad whites from good whites, white race will keep going from one madness to another.

      Not a single black entered white race territory because white army was crushed on the border. Blacks entered every white country because black loving white people brought them in and silenced every opposition. Now the question. Why some white people love evil things ?

      • Xenophobic people are often unable to discern members of their own as bad or even criticize their own group. Antiracists are able to criticize their own group but this goes to the extreme.

        Xenophiles are completely blind to how bad members of other groups or other groups in their entirety can be. Racists are able to criticize other groups but it goes to the extreme.

        Seeing the ying and yang in both is important I think, Juri.

        The “free white persons of good character” Naturalization Act of 1790 I believe. They kinda take from both. It was racial nationalist yet it wasn’t (because it implies there are whites of ‘bad character’ and blind straight up white nationalism is not desire in this bill). Still the bill is garbage to me (not a fan of the Founding Fathers). What constitutes ‘good character’? The bill doesn’t really say. Sounds like you know more with your “2 year” comment.

        A lot of the white people think they’re good. Very rarely does someone think they’re bad. Extreme empathy can lead people into twisted logic to find humanity when there isn’t any. Look up Stockholm Syndrome from Sweden. You can rationalize anything if you want to humanize people enough. So yes, they think what Africans who are rioting are doing is justified due to historical oppression. And through this we have a more complex problem. White people are the enablers. Not black people.

    • MLK was an anti white whoremonger who gave speeches written by a jew. You dont know what you’re talking about.

  4. Any black who thinks he’s oppressed and demands to live with his oppressors when he can go to 50+ black countries to be with his own is a fraud.

    • They hate us, but they know they can’t make it without us. They want the money. They fabricate oppression to squeeze more and more special privileges and money out of us. If they really did believe that they were being hunted down, they’d leave. Some of them believe the fantasy is true, yet they don’t leave. Look what they did to South Africa and Rhodesia.

  5. Most blacks hate Whitey, whether they admit it upfront or behind closed doors but know they can’t live without us. That’s why they follow us everywhere we go and want to be in our presence.

  6. Kendi et al are playing with fire with their idiotic demands that the police be defunded.

    First of all, I suspect that Blacks are being manipulated by the Left who is distracting them by encouraging real/imagined grievances with the police along with inflating their sense that because of Muh Slavery, Rule of Law simply should not apply to them. While foolish Blacks end up being shot, violently resisting arrest, the Southern Border is wide open, allowing all these “Latinx” in.

    Get enough “Latinx” and the whole country becomes Watts and Compton writ large, with “Latinx” gangs ethnically cleansing Blacks all over hell’s half acre. What the abortion clinics don’t accomplish the “Latinx” will.

    Second, city police may be “defunded,” but we are going to see armed private security for immediate problems. Private security has a lot more latitude and far less liability than the police who are answerable to elected officials. That’s why bounty hunters were part of private security.

    Third, all police will not only be federalized, but militarized. Federal police from places like South Carolina and Georgia will be garrisoned in Seattle and ready to crack down there and if they should kill a few of the punks, there won’t be any criminal charges for excessive force against them. NO ATF or FBI guy got killed for using excessive force at Waco AND the FBI sniper who killed a young teenaged boy by shooting him in the back and later shot his mother through the head through a closed door while she held a baby in her arms didn’t even so much as see his pay docked

  7. When whining about slavery, they are “enslaved people”, and if you use the word “slave” you’re a “racist”. But when whining about “poh-lice brutality”, then they are not “people” but mere “bodies”. It’s completely arbitrary, but if you reverse them, you are, of course, a “racist”.

    Whites can’t live with sub-Saharan “people”, “bodies” or whatever they feel like being called at a given moment. Any country, such as the US, that makes Whites live with them is a cesspool.

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