Tucker Carlson Spotlights “Woke Weaning”

Everyone hates these people.

The Right is unanimously opposed to this filth. The Center is against it. Woke supremacy is also a highly divisive issue on the Left. We’re being tyrannized by a small minority.

I’ve been harshly criticizing the highly educated professional classes for being the epicenter of this cultural disease, but as always the truth is more complicated. The people who work in the places where this ideology has reached the most intense levels and who privately disagree with it are also the people who feel the most marginalized and driven underground by it. There are people who work in these institutions and lie about their political and cultural beliefs because they don’t want to summon the mob.

Elite private schools and universities have been transformed into woke brat factories. The same is true of public universities and the K-12 public education system to a lesser degree. Parents are often horrified to find out that their children are being taught at school to become Red Guards and hate themselves for being White or that they are “trans” or some other bizarre gender identity that was made up by some worthless academic. As we have seen, the issue is so toxic and divisive that it is roiling even the most progressive elite precincts in coastal blue states like Massachusetts, New York and California.

Is this a “Far Right” issue or a “mainstream Right” issue now? Is it a “Center” issue in light of the polls? It doesn’t really matter so long as we are finally talking about the anti-whiteness that has infested in the education system. There is even at least talk about the need to do something about it now before even more of these little monsters are “educated” and created in the future.

Note: Merrick Garland doesn’t see “woke weaning” as being the cause of the rise of leftwing domestic violent extremism.

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  1. They aren’t being taught to hate themselves – they are being taught to hate other people. They are convinced they are wonderful Moral Paragons precisely because they attack other white people with less privilege than they do.

    Black people don’t enter into it – black people and other “people of color” are simply props – the entire point of “Critical Race Theory” is to justify wealthy white people attacking working class white people. “Political correctness” is simply the rules of the Fortune 500 following people home into their personal lives and even their bedrooms.

    Critical Race Theory is a part of Capitalism, an ideology to discipline workers and consumers. Critical Race Theory is promoted by the wealthiest, richest, most politically connected people in America and it is always punching down at people who have less social and economic power.

    The Democratic Socialists of America is the richest political party in America.

    • I’ve seen some pretty well-to-do whites hate themselves. Getting sad over how we “stole their land”, “racism” and such. Pretty naive and such. Feeling sorry for them, but not us, not their own kind, not even their own offspring or families.

      It’s a stroke of luck to be born into this world as white, with higher intelligence. Only 8% of the world’s population– makes it the luck of the draw.

      • Some would say it is Karmic advancement to be born White. I do not know. It is a theory. Seems like a lot of souls are regressing if it is true.

      • It is an inheritance; not a “stroke of luck”. For you to be born White, your ancestors had to survive and persevere hardships and pass on their genes intact.

    • “Capitalism, an ideology to discipline workers and consumers. Critical Race Theory is promoted by the wealthiest, richest, most politically”

      SO WRONG !

      One detroit manufacturer, when confronted with federally mandated “affirmative action” quotas, said “I’m moving the entire factory to south korea, i dont care if i have to pay 60$/hr for machinists”.

      D k ludwig, the shipping magnate, moved his entire operations out of the USA,
      because of “affirmative action” requirements.

      Fed zog is at fault, not capitalism.
      ( the USSR brought lots of black africans into Russia for training and as students, no capitalism there.)


      Oh really.
      Ford favored WHITE workers, paid a 5 dollar day , when most people couldn’t make 2$.
      Howard hughes wouldn’t hire black people.
      Shoneys had a special coding system, to not hire blacks. Fed zog fined them $250 million for discrimination.
      Many capitalists favored their workers, with benefits.
      Scripto pencil wouldn’t hire blacks, fed zog forced them to, company went out of business.
      Fed zog is killing the good capitalists.

  2. Laura Ingraham

    MIT lives off of DARPA contracts…there’s your “capitalism”…you mudsharking whore……

  3. Whites in general are being taught to believe they are responsible for blacks antisocial violent behavior in the indoctrination centers called schools and universities.

    • “the indoctrination centers called schools and universities.”

      Include churches, they’re super big on the “we are all guilty” nonsense.

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