Merrick Garland: “Domestic Terror Is Still With Us”

I don’t like this guy.

I think we got started off on the wrong foot.

It has been a century since the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 and a quarter of a century since the Oklahoma City Bombing. This guy has been going even further back and invoking the Reconstruction era. Yesterday, he gave a big speech in Oklahoma City about the threat of “domestic violent extremism.”

New York Times:

“Attorney General Merrick B. Garland said on Monday that the Justice Department was pouring resources into its effort to stop domestic violent extremists and that those who attacked the United States would be brought to justice, in a speech commemorating the 26th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.

As a young Justice Department official, Mr. Garland led the investigation into the 1995 attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, the worst domestic terror attack in American history. Timothy J. McVeigh, an Army veteran who hoped to use violence to spark an anti-government revolution, was ultimately convicted of using a massive truck bomb to destroy the federal building and kill 168 people, including 19 children. …”

Hmm …

Did he bring up the ongoing Antifa insurrection in the Pacific Northwest?

Did he bring up the violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots in Minneapolis?

Did he bring up the black extremist who attacked and killed a Capitol Police officer?

No, he didn’t have anything to say about what has actually been going on under his watch as Attorney General. He’s not interested in any of that. Instead, he rambled on about the Oklahoma City Bombing and gave off the vibe that he is itching to menace our civil liberties and create a police state. The guy who Joe Biden has nominated to run the ATF took selfies in front of dead bodies in the ruins of Waco. It seems like there is a greater chance of another Waco or Ruby Ridge than another Oklahoma City.

What do you call a situation when leftwing political violence has become endemic to cities like Portland, Seattle or Minneapolis and the federal government turns a blind eye to it because it is politically incorrect to notice that these people are breaking the law and committing crimes? Why are the brats not punished for laying siege to a federal courthouse? Wouldn’t that be a big story if it was the Proud Boys doing that? How do you get away with opening fire on police stations and the National Guard?

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    • No they weren’t wignat siege larpers like to convince themselves it was 50/50 but thats absurd and fucking retarded.

      There was maybe 10-15% blacks there at the freaking most but keep telling yourself that to justify the massacre by ATF and glow in the darks because hurr durr “they killed mostly blacks so its okay they massacred the branch davidains guise”.

      Clinton and the ugly FtM tranny Janet Reno is based and redpilled I love democracy now lol

      • You seem to be deliberately misinterpreting @Captain’s comment to push your own agenda. Where does he say it is good if blacks were killed?

  1. “1995 attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, the worst domestic terror attack ”

    Never mentioning that it was payback for government terrorism at Ruby Ridge.

    Never mentioning that government terrorism was the root cause.

    The government is always faultless,
    In their narrative.

  2. This is what happens when god damned kike scum take over White-created nations.

    Somehow, nature’s pendulum must swing our way again. These parasitic vermin have always allowed their insufferable arrogance & chutzpah to carry them away; to impel them to finally push Whites too far.

    History must repeat itself one FINAL time.

  3. “Merrick Garland: “Domestic Terror Is Still With Us”

    On this score I most certainly do agree with the Right Honourable Attorney-General – domestic terror is still with us, if for no other reason than he terrifies the holy hell out of me…

  4. Another guy in the brat hostage. Has anybody seen Game of the Thrones ? There was a one part where elite thought that using their brats or sparrows against political enemies is good idea.

    At least Merrick is not yet dragged naked on the street by Antifa like Cersei Lannister.

  5. This is conditioning in preparation for a future large false flag event, to be blamed on a white guy with three names. And it is being done by the Jews out of a hatred for Christ.

    Lee Harvey Oswald—–“I’m just a patsy.”

    The Jews killed Christ and the Jews killed Kennedy.

    Not the Romans and not Oswald.

    • Oswald killed JFK

      JFK brought Barack Obama’s Muslim Father LEGALLY into our America

      JFK almost started nuclear WW3

      IF JFK had lived he would have signed the 1965 NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT

      JFK was a Cold Warrior War Hawk….

      Stop jerking off to your JFK pinup boy poster on your bedroom wall….dispose the poster..

      • Israel wanted the bomb, Kennedy said no. Ben Gurion ordered the hit.

        Americas first Irish Catholic president was killed by a Jew and now you and your kind whore yourself out for these Christ killers. You are lower than dirt. Take a good look at yourself before you open that big mouth of yours, Mick.

  6. People like garland and harris and obama see themselves as rulers. And the rank and file in the assorted fed and state agencies see themselves as loyal workers to these rulers that will happily do their bidding.

    From what I can tell, the era were in now is no different then the one the colonists found themselves in with britain and having to quarter troops in their homes and so on. Every move a colonist made felt like it was under the weight of a 100 bricks, just as today feels after the stealing of the election and the absolute power being wielded by people in govt in the name of ‘fighting a pandemic’. Any colonist back then who wanted to throw off the tyranny of the crown faced execution and financial ruin, just as people who want to throw off the tyranny of people like Schumer and unaccountable governor’s and unelected entities in silicon valley do. It’s not hard to see that the doj and fbi will be fully molded into the NKVD and root out and arrest any threat to the marxists in power. And the foot soldiers within these depts will happily go along with their orders since they happily reside within the hall of power.

    The question is will enough of a minority of America actually stand up and fight against this modern day tyranny, bleeding and dying and being ruined if necessary. This cause is righteous. In my view, this isn’t a fight against the govt per se, but against the evil people who have taken over every single lever of power within America, both within the govt and outside.

    • The Imperial government in Washington requires a vast army of competent people to function and maintain its empire. The majority of people who do the technical work competently that keep the lights on, the food delivered, the computers running, the repairs made correctly and the airplanes flying are hated White Christian males. It’s White people the Government ultimately trusts to be the reliable, dependable, competent ones in a crisis, not the diversity.

      The Government is antagonizing Whites to the point that the Government is at cross purposes with itself, it’s all fucked up. One example is the Government’s saber rattling all over the world with the U.S. military yet the U.S. Air Force has a critical pilot shortage that it cannot fix with bonus money. Pilots have been leaving the Air Force not for lack of pay but because they don’t want to put up with diversity harassment and the favoritism shown to unqualified minorities.

      This causes a decline in military readiness at the same time the Government is ratcheting up tensions with major military powers. This is a recipe for disaster which will weaken the authority of the Government when it proves to the world through failure that its precious diversity is grossly, grossly incompetent at everything. An incompetent government is ultimately an illegitimate government.

      Not only will the Government discredit itself with failure but it will also inadvertently discredit the bogus ideology of “All Men are created Equal” as the glorious rainbow coalition constituting the current regime falls flat on its face in a crisis. Dementia Joe is a figurehead not responsible for anything but his (nominal) regime is packed with colored people full of anti-White animus such as his Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin. When President Kuntmala Harris moves into the Oval Office the failures will come thick and fast and the blame will be on the current diversity regime 100%. Our job is to stand back and let the current regime which hates us fail, not to help it.

  7. “The question is will enough of a minority of America actually stand up and fight against this modern day tyranny, bleeding and dying and being ruined if necessary. This cause is righteous. In my view, this isn’t a fight against the govt per se, but against the evil people who have taken over every single lever of power within America, both within the govt and outside.”

    The answer to the question is yes, and, yes, you are most certainly right – it is a fight against an evil so widely proliferated and entrenched that you can point to any one direction and, at that moment, be omitting the other 270 degrees.

  8. This POS’ grandparents were busy murdering Christians in the USSR. When Stalin started reigning things back Grandpa comes to New York and somehow magically ends up in some high level legal position (I forget which one) and jr. goes on to continue the legacy. For all the flag waving Harley driving boomers out there : you set us up in an even worse position than “communism”. If this goes unchecked it will be full on white genocide within 15 years. Try to find early history on this monster. It’s all been scrubbed. “Garland” my ass.

    • The comparison to the USSR is a good one. Comrade Stalin engaged in purges and show trials against imaginary enemies and appointed Mr. “Garland’s” countrymen to be his loyal executioners. Thousands of competent Red Army officers of all ranks were removed from command with some executed, others imprisoned and the fighting ability of the Red Army compromised. The Soviet military was riddled with NKVD political hacks who were grossly incompetent in military matters but politically reliable.

      This led to Soviet defeat initially in the USSR’s 1939 – 1940 Winter War against Finland. Soviet forces had every advantage in numbers, weapons and logistics yet suffered defeat at the beginning of the war until finally overwhelming the much smaller and poorly equipped Finnish military. The gross incompetence of Soviet commanders, most of whom had replaced competent officers because of political reasons did not know how to conduct the war causing initial defeats.

      These initial defeats followed by an eventual costly Soviet victory led to Stalin rehabilitating many Soviet officers to try to restore the competence of the Soviet military. The poor performance of the Soviet military against Finland also encouraged Hitler to attack the USSR in June, 1941 believing the USSR could be easily defeated which almost happened. One of the lessons from this period of history is that politics weakens the military with potentially catastrophic consequences, a lesson lost on the current ruling class idiots.

        • James Bongstreet,

          The Soviet Union would have been crush hadn’t the Jew SA provided it with war materials and food.

    • @KT – You, and so many others, know how Jewish power and control works, and yet you continue to invoke (in order to demonize) “Boomers” as the cause of the current state of Clown World. Boomers are a very brainwashed generation who were taught patriotism as a virtue. The ordinary Joe and Jane Boomer had no more political control than YOU do. And unlike younger generations, our elders have the excuse of simply not having the information that the younger (and overall far more SJW) generations do. (By the way, I am NOT a “Boomer.”)

      • @ i am last wave boomer, boomer slurs, sound weak and full of jealousy, but none the less, we will win this war and save this country and leave it as a rightful inheritance for our young people, like “kt”, Harley davidson insults, are unwise .

  9. Which ever the elections swings the DC regime is the same corrupt rulers engaging in domestic and international act of terrorism.

  10. The jew is the enemy of the White race, He will lie , scream and make false accusations against his enemy.

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