Rising: How The Government Manufactures Terror “Plots” To Terrify The Public

We have a considerable amount of experience with this.

Rest assured, the FBI is hard at work creating more of these fake honeypot groups like The Base or Atomwaffen or infiltrating existing groups like the Oathcucks or the Proud Boys to entrap the “far right domestic violent extremists” that the media loves to prattle on endlessly about.

As I have explained at length, the old vanguardist strategy of violent accelerationism has been discredited by recent changes in public opinion. It is pointless to throw away your own life in futile acts of violence when the corporate media is fomenting racial strife 24/7 now because it has come under the sway of woke gurus like Ibram X. Kendi. Public opinion has radically shifted since the George Floyd riots and is now on our side. Millions of people now understand that ANTIRACISM IS ANTIWHITE because the political establishment has gone woke and is explicitly attacking White people.

It is time to just go into politics when normies are angry enough to storm the Capitol. It is rapidly getting to the point where our views are converging with normies.

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  1. Look up the “Underwear Bomber” – totally fake. Michael Chertoff of Homeland Security made millions from selling the “Naked Scanners” to airports based on the fake “Underwear Bomber” terrorist.

    It was revealed to be fake by an eye witnesses immediately – his website with testimony is still up, I looked at it a few months ago. But no one knows anything about it because obviously the Mass Media wasn’t going to interview him.

    By the end of the Bush regime they were literally getting retarded black teenagers drunk and high and trolling them into saying something “terrorist” on audio. Then they would announce that the FBI had “stopped the next 9/11.”

    It was a huge farce – how do people think the Republican party and George W. Bush turned into such a laughingstock? Why do you think people voted for someone as awful as Barack Obama?

    Thank conservative Republicans who were too cowardly to face the truth about 9/11 and the entire “war on terror.”

    • The U.S. Government never solved the anthrax attacks but falsely accused at least two guys of the crime. The FBI just doesn’t want to talk about this unsolved crime just like it doesn’t want to talk about Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide.” Just shut up and go away is their response.

  2. The neoklowns and their thug-stooges at FBI, et al can’t even come up a new name for their fake “ter-r-r-r-r” group. Guess what “the base” is in Arabic? Al-Quaeda (who Uncle Schmuel supports in some locales, allegedly opposes in others). Yet the retarded normies will say: ‘It was on CNN so it has to be true!”

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