Derek Chauvin Found Guilty Of “Murdering” George Floyd

There is going to be hell to pay for this.

Why on earth would anyone be stupid enough to want to be a White police officer in Joe Biden’s America? The job is too risky. The corporate media and its lynch mob are literally out to get you. Joe Biden is also out to get you too because he had already reached a verdict ahead of the official one.

USA Today:

“MINNEAPOLIS – Derek Chauvin, the former police officer seen on video pressing his knee to George Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes, was found guilty of all counts he was charged with, including second-degree murder, on Tuesday.

Chauvin, who is white, was charged with second-degree and third-degree murder, as well as second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, while in police custody …

Chauvin faces a recommended 150 months or 12 1/2 years in prison under sentencing guidelines for first-time offenders. But the prosecution is seeking a higher prison term due to “aggravating factors.” So he may face up to 30 years in prison though the judge may sentence him to less. …”

If you are a White cop in Joe Biden’s America, you have a target on your back with a big bullseye. Let’s just face it. That’s the reality of the situation. The standard is guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of the leftwing media lynch mob because these people have all been taught you represent an oppressor race who victimizes poor innocent noble savages like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown or George Floyd. Your role in the social justice fantasy ideology has already been preassigned to you from birth.

These people have a sacred racial narrative to push on police violence. This verdict will send a big message to criminals to challenge the police because the media and the Democratic Party are explicitly on their side. Predictably, the police will pull back even further and violent crime will continue to soar in the big cities with the final result being that the non-Whites who live in these cities and who are not criminals and who are preyed on and victimized by them will pay the price.

There will also be no sustained national media coverage of the ordinary people who lose their lives at the hands of common criminals, particularly those who are White, because those crimes are politically incorrect and don’t fit the anti-White and anti-police narrative. No one cares about black-on-black crime or black-on-Hispanic crime or black-on-Asian crime except to twist it and say that whatever happens in this country is the fault of “white supremacy.” “Journalists” are quite open about their hatred of White people and cops. They’ve been emboldened by Joe Biden and no longer hide their animosity.

Lynch mobs are back and you would be wise not to get caught in one. In the age of social justice, we lynch cops and celebrate the criminals now. The entire world has been turned upside down like this.

Note: I trust that most of you are already well armed, don’t live in any of these urban shitholes anyway and have the sense to avoid them. It is going to be a long hot violent summer.

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  1. The jurors convicted him out of fear. They knew their names would be released by the media and the mobs of peaceful protestors would show up at their houses. Fear and intimidation wins out again. Maybe one day, Whites will learn how to use it to their advantage.

    Anyway, Rather than Peaceful protesting Looting and burning we will see Celebratory Looting and Burning.

  2. “the final result being that the non-Whites who live in these cities and who are not criminals and who are preyed on them will pay the price.”

    I could not care less about the oh so poor nonwhites killed in America’s urban centers, they’ve made their bed for decades, now they must lie in it with all the corpses they love to spawn. I don’t care about nonwhite on nonwhite violence, and neither should you, it’s nonwhite on white violence that matters. Time and time again these nonwhite groups are willing to inflict grievous injury against themselves, as long as it hurts whitey.

  3. Nothing is going to change till it does. This nonsense has been happening for 75 years, just listen to Pierce, Rockwell, and hundreds of others going back to the late 19th century, except now it isnt only the media and academia pushing the anti white agenda. It is everyone in office and a large portion of society including the police, FBI, and so on. Expect more gaslighting and more of this animal behavior either hidden or celebrated

    • Very good. Excellent. People, especially young misinformed idiots think this is a new phenomenon. This has been going on for quite a while. Things don’t just come out of the sky.

  4. If you watch the video of Floyd from beginning to end uninterrupted it’s pretty obvious that Floyd brought it on himself. Had Chauvin not stepped in Floyd would have died anyway. The verdict was a travesty of justice. On top of that it’s now impossible for a white cop to physically fight black suspects. That’s just going to lead to much more violent crime. White cops will just not respond to calls in the hood. They’ll eat donuts and drink coffee and stay away from the action. Probably just pick on whites to collect fines instead.

  5. The judge seemed to be sympathetic towards the defense at times, I wonder if he will give a lenient sentence or overturn the conviction on appeal.

  6. This display sort of shows how psychologically weak the US ruling class is. They need these constant reassurances that the USA is on the path to utopia. It’s really pathetic. This country cannot die quickly enough.

  7. The happiest person about this guilty verdict is Derek Chauvin’s Asian wife. She’s got the divorce and got all his money.

    • Asian women are evil. They have zero empathy and only see white men as a green card, meal ticket or status symbol. Only white women have the psychological traits to make a good partner for a white man.

      • Agree!! White men who marry Asians because they think they are so “exotic” or “submissive”. Yeah right.

        • A former friend of mine is dating a gook from Vietnam. She walks all over him and in her own conniving way is pushing her anti-White agenda on him.

          • There is a guy who I know who is a friend of one of my relatives.

            He was married to a Filipina and had a daughter with her. She recently abandoned him and her child to take up with a toothless Filipino man. At the end of the day, she just wanted to live in this country. She didn’t even care about her child

          • HW, I can’t respond to you through your comment so I will tell you this: The gook he is dating is from Vietnam and she saw a sucker that was willing to set her up in the US. She is using him the same way.

          • Someone told me about some boomer guy who got himself a Filipina, and they bought a home, with his money. Not too long after, she sends for her family to come live in the US and at the house. One day, the guy came home from work, and she locked him out of the house. Story goes he played all hurt and betrayed, but he was stupid. He never should have put her name on the title. But since he was half owner, she couldn’t lock him out. They divorced and he had to give her a big alimony. So much for being submissive.

        • So are a lot of white men. Being trashy isn’t a gender thing. But it’s not a reason to go outside of your race.

    • But American “conservatives” love their Asian women. From John Mccain and Jon Huntsman to Jeff Sessions and Mitch McConnell, they all seem to have some Asian wife or daughter or granddaughter.

      • That’s because Asian women are “Trad”. Race mixing is the new cool hip thing the right wing trad chads are into.

      • HW,

        You should really think about making an Occidental Dissent Telegram channel. Just about everyone that has been banned by Jack Dorsey’s skid mark pajeet bitch are already there. You could create a channel just for your essays, and a realtime chat connected to it. You could appoint moderators or admins to ‘police’ the chat for bad actors and fedposting siege spergs.

        Your content would provide something the other “Southern Nationalists ” Telegram channels lack in the way of historical scope and deep dives into the esoteric and aesthetic.

  8. OT, but we need to address the issue of low morale and bad leadership in our movement. We don’t have a single charismatic or inspirational leader. This movement’s morale is in the toilet. Our de facto leaders are content creators who declaim any responsibility for morale or any other aspect of leadership. What are we going to do about this?

    • If one could win by websites, you tube videos, or podcasts we already would have had this thing whipped. What we do not have is any presence in the real world. White people are going to have to radicalize and racialize or we have no future. As a matter of principle God does not make cowardly people free.

    • @ATBOTL,

      Both Australian nationalists Blair Cottrel and Tom Sewell are imho excellent leaders for our struggle.

      Cottrel is a prototypical working class White man who also is a bodybuilder, intelligent, and has a lot of very good takes that can be applied anywhere. Sewell has a lot of valuable leadership skills, knowledge, no BS attitude, and charisma.

      I suggest you give these two men a look.

  9. A silver lining. If you avoid the blacks you can now just enjoy the blacks murdering each other while the cops step back. This will encourage segregation and a great divorce of whites from the company of blacks. Why risk a coontact?

    • “Diversity” brings blacks to us. The cops and the usual suspects don’t give a damn what they do to Whites.

  10. I must confess I am not surprised. I predicted he would be found guilty on all counts and yet clueless White conservatives were aghast! Surely, they reasoned, he may not walk but there was no way he would be found guilty on all counts they assured me. Considering the jubilation at Fox news after the conviction, including everybody’s favorite Latina judge, I can only hope that conservatism is consigned to the ash bin of history. That is just another reason why red states need to secede and form their own nation, a White Heartland Republic! It is not going to get any better. There are now more reasons to separate than to remain a hated and despised region in the midst of the United Soviets. He will be killed in prison (and the system knows that) so this is a death sentence! Fox news is just disgusting. Perhaps an ostrich should be their symbol instead of a fox.

  11. He could be guilty, could not be.

    I have seen the pressure that if wasn’t convicted, black people said they were going to commit race terrorism and burn down some more. Journalists promising to dox jurors. I wonder if a fair trail was possible due to external factors.

    So many are complicit.

    I have no empathy for the officer. So many of them allowed the most violent parts of BLM to continue.

    There’s the vile black minorities themselves who have committed untold violence.

    The most hatred I have is to the white people who has enabled black people, hide it, or justified it. If this was seen as unacceptable minorities would not be able to get away with the extreme race riots they do. Minorities are only as bad as the majority which tolerates it. The majority is most responsible of all.

  12. My mom’s brother was killed by a Black escaped convict. She got 750,000 from the state but had to share it with her brother and sisters (7 in all) on the other hand George Floyd’s family got 27 million.

    • That’s called Black Privilege. And my sincere condolences for the horrific tragedy your family has endured.

  13. They tirelessly all worked together and put as much pressure on as many people and institutions as possible and they finally, finally got Whitey … and they all lived happily almost ever after … THE END … ….. of another day in Sodom and Gomorrah (the USA of today) …

    Prep, prep, prep … who would want to be a white law enforcement officer ever again in this anti-white, anti-male, anti-South, pro-criminal, pro-anarchy, pro-defund-the-police, pro-Leftist, pro-Marxist, pro-Communist, pro-Anarchist, pro-evil, pro-Satan country again …

    But at least BLM, Antifa and other Leftist radicals will leave the lights on for you — hot burning US government approved lights of fire from burning police cars, buildings, etc that seem to never go out …

    Prep, prep, prep … soon the only “law” available will be what you can carry in your hands …

    • The Boys In Blue Serve the Jew- so now they will not do their job but continue to cash those paychecks. How many cops are going to quit one of the few jobs in this country that still offer good pay, full benefits and a pension? Pretty sure the answer is “none”. But, the cops will continue to harass Whites for petty shit while the bootlips get a free pass.

  14. Sorry, my relatives just corrected me and told me is was 350,000 not 750,000. I guess Black lives are more valuable than White lives judging by the system’s reasons.

    • “I don’t see much future for the Americans – theirs is a decayed country. And they have their racial problems and problem of social inequality. Everything about the behavior of American society reveals that it is half-negrified and half-judaised – how can one expect a State like that to hold together?” – Adolf Hitler

      • Yeah, he thought we were finished in the 1940s. Thomas Jefferson thought blacks and whites couldn’t live together, too.

        • Negrified 40’s Americans didn’t win WWII – the Red Bolshevik army did, but at least we killed millions of them, lots of White Niggers from USA too.

        • The cold weather came early that year. If not for the weather, he would have rolled over the bolshevik steamroller. He may have miscalculated, but one can’t predict the weather.

        • Spahnranch,

          Bro, you’re incorrect about Operation Barbarossa. Read “Icebreaker,” of at the very least, listen to The Myth of the Twentieth Century’s podcast on Operation Barbarossa and “Icebreaker.”

          • The “Icebreaker” theory is a bunch of nonsense. The Soviets simply did not have the capability to launch offensive war against Germany. Had they attempted to invade Germany in 1941, they would have suffered another disastrous defeat like the battle of Tannenberg in 1914.

          • @Kallis,

            The Soviet Union had the largest number of paratroopers in the world combined, the most tanks in the world combined, the most military aircraft in the world combined, and the most amount of Army divisions in the world combined, all before Operation Barbarossa was launched.

            When the Germans captured Russian artillery men, they discovered that they didn’t have topographic maps of the Russian western frontier but of Germany and Western Europe. The Soviets never fight a defensive war. It’s alway going forward, never in retreat.

            There’s so much proof to sustain that “Uncle Joe” Stalin was going to invade Central and Western Europe. Just because you still believe in the allied post war propaganda doesn’t make it so.

          • November,

            Of course, the USSR had the largest army in WWII, just as the Russian Empire had the largest army in WWI. That doesn’t mean that the Soviets were capable of successfully invading Germany in 1941 any more than the Russians were in 1914.

            The miserable performance of Red Army during the winter war and the initial phase of Barbarossa demonstrated Soviets were utterly unprepared for any sort of offensive operation against Germany. When the German invasion began, Soviet border troops did not even fire at Germans because Stalin had forbidden them to fire back even when attacked.

            Regarding topographic maps, every major European army had them. Even Prussian General Staff had the topographic maps of entire Western Europe in 1870.

  15. Now that the blacks have a win under their belt maybe they can stop killing each other and blaming everyone for their failures.

    Not hopeful. I think this will embolden them. Al Sharpton and Crump are taking victory laps. Crump got a good piece of the settlement Minnesota handed out.

    • @Ron – No; no stop to the mayhem. Quite the opposite. As someone else alluded to, the verdict will be used as an admission of White guilt writ large. Target is now on all White peoples’ back. The intention is to make us all to pay now.

  16. Some eggs are gonna have to get broken. Some martyrs created. Innocents persecuted. The American people are too fat and happy to resist right now. Too comfortable.

    This has to get worse before that will change, if at all. That much about accelerationism is correct.

    We have the benefit of an adversary currently in the process of overplaying their hand. I believe that.

    We lack leaders of the kind and caliber we need because the circumstances haven’t yet warranted it. Haven’t created the sufficient undercurrent necessary to fuel a real backlash.

    We are going the right direction, faster than I would have figured.

    Buckle up and pucker up. This ride is going to be rough.

    At the end though, could be Whiteganistan.

    In any case, at least we will take them with us to hell.

  17. I’m in the process of going rural. The police here will stand down even further and the crime will increase. We are into early 90’s numbers already.

    After the riots hit last summer the police are unseen. I know a cop out here and he literally told me that they refuse calls because they don’t want the pushback. “Not worth it”.

    The police force just got cut off at the knees.

    • So you can still do your work commute? Even if you work at home, there’s still some contact with businesses…

  18. The ruling class, White liberals and “conservatives”, the Lügenpresse and gullible Whites “who don’t see race” believe throwing this Chauvin guy to the mob will satisfy them and end the violence and especially the rioting.

    That’s not the way it works. This Soviet show trial has whetted the appetite of the mob for more violence, more looting, more destruction. Their hatred for White people knows no bounds and the colored people have gotten the message loud and clear: it’s open season on Whites, at least in the “diverse” cities and inner suburbs.

    Look for more enrichment once the temperature gets into the 80’s F. this summer in shitholes like NYC, Filthadelphia, Baltimore, SF etc. The brats, Antifa, assorted lunatics and colored people will riot for one reason only: because they can.

  19. To counter the verdict in this “hate whitey” trial today (If the races were reversed the public would never know anything about it.)…

    Here are some of the white (I assume) police officers who were killed by blacks that I found on the CofCC website. (Please add to it if you find more on this or other websites or other sources.)

    5/9/15 – Benjamin Deen was shot and killed by three black males in Hattiesburg, MS. He was on duty as a police officer at the time. The suspect also shot and a killed a black male police officer.

    5/4/15 – Brian Moore, 25, was shot and killed by a black male in NYC. He was working as a police officer at the time.

    11/17/14 – Justin Winebrenner, 32, was killed when a black male went on a shooting spree inside an Akron, Ohio pub. HE was on duty as an Akron police officer. A second cop and three other people were also injured. The suspect has been charged.

    9/3/14 – Daryl Pierson, a white police officer was murdered by a black male in Rochester, NY. The suspect is a career criminal.

    7/6/14 – Jeffrey Westerfield, 47, was shot and killed execution style while on duty as a police officer in Gary, IN. A black male has been charged.

    7/5/14 – Perry Renn, was shot and killed while on duty as a police officer in Indianapolis, IN. black male has been charged.

    5/9/14 – Charles Dinwiddie was shot and killed by a black male while on duty as a police officer in Killeen, TX. A second police officer was wounded. The perp has been charged.

    1/31/14 – Kevin Quick, 45, a reserve police officer was abducted and murdered in Nelson County, VA. Several black males have been charged.

  20. Hunter is right about this being a lynching. There’s no way on earth that Officer Chauvin got a fair trial. The hate filled atmosphere rendered that impossible. And the award given to the Floyd family must have influenced the jurors to find this poor man guilty.

  21. They’re not done with this poor fuck yet. Wait for the “hate crime” charges. Will he end up with as many years as James Fields, not that it matters?

    • If they weren’t locking this guy up, he’d be happily following orders from Biden, to lock us up for racism heresy.

      They are only going after this race mixer because he is White. He is a symbol. Nothing more.

      • Exactly. Clueless or traitorous Whites think that playing the “Diversity” game will save them. That’s like a child playing with matches that thinks he won’t get burnt. “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide.

  22. THE TRUTH?

    George Floyd was not a Black Man, but, a Nigger, and, as such, it was reckless to allow him a driver’s licence, just as it would have been to allow him a gun.

    Officer Chauvin was an officer who, suffering from what I regard as White Policeman’s disease (worn out by Niggery) had become callous and cruel.

    In the best of all worlds, George Floyd would have lived his life on foot in an all-Black neighbourhood, so that no White officer ever had to police him.

    In the best of all worlds, the police department for which Officer Chauvin worked would long ago have identified his Nigger fatigue and kicked him upstairs to some kind of a desk job.

    Failing that, Officer Chauvin ought to have had enough of a nose for self-preservation that, in this era, to have left the beat.


    Multiculturalism, as practiced in this country, has some upsides – such as music and sports. This country set the world on fire, over the previous century, with the cross-pollinations between White & Black in those fields. On the other hand, multiculturalism had some tremendous downsides, none more so than White Policemen having to deal with that large minority of Black males that are appropriately titled, ‘no-account, shifty, and unrefined Niggers’.

    In the end, Whites will quickly abandon big city policing, especially up yonder in Blue States. White Flight, which has already begun in many places, will exponentially accelerate and quickly make dozens of this country’s biggest cities failures like Detroit.

    In a touch or irony, the forcet-integration and multicultural egalitarianism practiced by this county will lead to a segregation far beyond anything we have ever known in Dixie, and the ghettoizing of the vast majority of Blacks.

    Mark my words – that is what will happen, in this Woke Era, and fast – downright fast.

    • @Turdganev all of you kikes should move to Israel and take your pet niggers with you then you can practice all of the multiculturalism you want

        • @Pilot…

          The North is finally experiencing the effects of the policies they have long advocated for The South, it effectively burning down it’s own cities, while ours down Dixie way, for the most part, are not experiencing it.

      • @Powell…

        I agree with you. The price is too high to continue on as we are.

        A tweak needs to be made, for the sake of all, though, probably that is still painful years away.

    • @Ivan Turgenev That whole “George Floyd was not a Black Man, but, a Nigger, and, as such” is such an apologetic, over-used excuse. They’re all of the same genes.

      • @Pilot…

        The overwhelming majority of Southerners have never believed in the view that ‘all Niggers are the same’, anymore than we believe that all Whites are the same, all humans are wonderful, and that all races can live harmoniously together.

        In The South we prefer to acknowledge the inconvenient truths : that races have characteristicks, as do individuals, and, that so, it behooves us to pay attention and take note of what really is what and who really is who.

        • I know the puritans from new england were filthy garbage…. And there descendants even worse…but it was Southern planters larping as medieval English lords who perpetuated the negro problem in North America….when the Europeans even realized the futility of the scheme..

  23. If the distant future holds any kind of sense of justice, the historians in that time will hold this epoch of history in the greatest of contempt.

  24. They couldn’t let Chauvin off, the riots and burning would be catastrophic. To be honest, Chauvin was foolish to expose himself the way he did, even though it absolutely was not his fault. This verdict proves that the liberals in charge didn’t actually enjoy what happened last year, but it happened anyway because blacks have quite literally become sacred gods; they are above and beyond the law.

    We are headed for an industrial grade South Africa, and Millennials will be the first generation of whites to fully reap that wind.

    • Yeah he definitely shouldn’t of done the IDF chokehold on Floyd for 15 minutes All the blueslivesmatter simps saying but it was the fentanyl! Take the Israeli neck chokehold challenge for 15 minutes full bodyweight then try to tell me he is not guilty

      Tough shit for yellow fever Chauvin should of just let Poor Floyd go home and make banana mayo sandwiches. Also how about the two assistant cops at the scene talking to the local thugs with their help could of moved Floyd in the cruiser real quick avoided this whole shitshow but Chavin had to put on the act of tough grunt cunt

  25. I am in the possession of a photograph of George H. W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, and George Wallace all together at a backyard BBQ. I call it the American version of the Yalta Conference.

    • @ november, i have seen that picture, you know the one where george sr.bush, made george wallace an offer he couldnt refuse, which george wallace did refuse, next thing you know, george wallace is shot down, physically and politically, thee republicans, come out with their “southern strategy, courtesy of george wallace’s, political base, our enemies are diabolical, America, before and after, thee ” party of lincoln”. “john brown”, thee spiritual father of antifa and blm, possessed by the same evil spirits.

  26. All of this shithole that was once America is due to the jews, above all the god damned Frankfurt School kikes who were allowed to weasel their way into the universities after Uncle ‘Dolf spooked them out of Germany in the ’30s: once ensconsed, they immediately went to work mind-shtupping young White tabulae rasae with baseless guilt over their ancestors, whose unique civilizational accomplishments the tapirs beshitted as “racist patriarchy & genocide”.

    It worked, spectacularly for them, catastrophically for us. The entire fucking system – corporations, media, finance, edjewcation, Big Tech, government including the spy agencies & the military – is now run by their indoctrinated Cultural Marxist race traitor scum.

    Let it all come crashing down in flame. The nigger apes & antifaggots will be the main on-the-ground destroyers; good. The sooner, the better. The coming (((control)))-loosening chaos will have sweet unintended consequences for its dick-nosed authors.

    Then maybe we can reclaim at least a substantial part of our birthright after bulldozing the smouldering mountain of rotten corpses that will be the dead, unlamented jewnited Snakes

  27. Dont think this is just about police actions. This is about all self-defense by white persons. The net effect of this verdict is that all incidents between blacks and whites will be parsed through the Critical Race Theory lense. When a black invades your home at 2 am and puts a gun to your wife’s head, but you dome him first, you will have to prove your innocence at trial, presumption of innocence be damned. And you better not have shared any edgy memes on social media!

    • Agree. Schools and the military, for example, are forcing “critical race theory” there. Either you accept it a, or leave.
      When enough whites don’t want to be cops, the ranks will be filled with Negroes, who will think nothing of discriminating against us.

  28. I can’t believe all the sad simping for Derek “the democrat” Chavin and the blueslivesmatter shits. Alot of cops are bastards unfortunately normie whites have to get assaulted by shit for brains cops all the time

    Whites are bigger victims of the blue bastards Tony Timpa, Justine Diamond, Daniel Shaver the list is practically endless but media and liberal elite don’t care. No riots for them huh? Say their names and start burning down wendys and footlocker! lol

  29. @Thoms – It’s not Chauvin that the concern is for. It is the recognition that this trial is a harbinger of things to come for all White people.

  30. @ Soon, OD soldiers, thee activity on the foreign front, will far eclipse , this domestic horse shit, our enemies are all bunched up, in these metropolitan areas, we control the food, energy, resources, water and the highways, we have thee upper hand and soon that same hand, will be a fist, i have no doubt of our victory.

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