Arise, O Normie

There were a lot of people who couldn’t handle hard times or who got frustrated and who quit on us during the Trump presidency. They couldn’t handle our setbacks.

If you are reading this website, then you are almost certainly a radical. The radical is someone who wants to go straight to the root of the problem. The vast majority of your fellow citizens are not radicals and that is actually a good thing. No society could function that is full of nothing but radicals.

Peter Turchin has done excellent work on this subject. The upshot of Turchin’s work is that there are natural historical cycles and that radicals play a key role in these cycles. The number of radicals in any given society will stay very low and below normies for long stretches of time before slowly increasing and then surging all at once as a society becomes decadent and plunges toward an inevitable crisis. The rise of “domestic extremism” is a pattern that naturally recurs throughout history because that is how cultures are revitalized. Trying to stop the rise of “extremism” is as futile as trying to stop the seasons.

In light of the Capitol Siege and the sudden awakening of the normie, it is worth revisting William Strauss and Neil Howe’s book The Fourth Turning which I was writing about last summer while trying my best to ignore the 2020 election and focus on deeper issues. This book is also about the same idea of historical cycles although Strauss and Howe argue that generational turnover rather than elite overproduction is the primary triggering mechanism at work in roughly 80 year historical cycles. This book was published back in the 1990s and looked ahead to the next projected Crisis in the early 21st century:

“A spark will ignite a new mood. Today, the same spark would flame briefly but then extinguish, its last flicker merely confirming and deepening the Unraveling-era mind-set. This time, though, it will catalyze a Crisis. In retrospect, the spark might seem as ominous as a financial crash, as ordinary as a national election, or as trivial as a Tea Party. It could be a rapid succession of small events in which the ominous, the ordinary, and the trivial are commingled.

Recall that a Crisis catalyst involves scenarios distinctly imaginable eight or ten years in advance. Based on recent Unraveling-era trends, the following circa-2005 scenarios might seem plausible …

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announce the spread of a new communicable virus. The disease reaches densely populated areas, killing some. Congress enacts mandatory quarantine measures. The president orders the National Guard to throw prophylactic cordons around unsafe neighborhoods. Mayors resist. Urban gangs battle suburban militias. Calls mount for the president to declare martial law.”

This was particularly impressive.

They anticipated that a new virus could be the trigger.

“At home and abroad, these events will reflect the tearing of the civic fabric at points of extreme vulnerability—problem areas where, during the Unraveling, America will have neglected, denied, or delayed needed action. Anger at “mistakes we made” will translate into calls for action, regardless of the heightened public risk. It is unlikely that the catalyst will worsen into a full-fledged catastrophe, since the nation will probably find a way to avert the initial danger and stabilize the situation for a while. The local rebellions will probably be quelled, terrorists foiled, fiscal crisis averted, disease halted, or war fever cooled. Yet even if dire consequences are temporarily averted, America will have entered the Fourth Turning.

The new mood and its jarring new problems will provide a natural end point for the Unraveling-era decline in civic confidence. In the pre-Crisis years, fears about the flimsiness of the social contract will have been subliminal but rising. As the Crisis catalyzes, these fears will rush to the surface, jagged and exposed. Distrustful of some things, individuals will feel that their survival requires them to distrust more things. This behavior could cascade into a sudden downward spiral, an implosion of societal trust.” …”

COVID and the George Floyd riots were a catalyst.

“Like nature, history is full of processes that cannot happen in reverse. Just as the laws of entropy do not allow a bird to fly backward, or droplets to regroup at the top of a waterfall, history has no rewind button. Like the seasons of nature, it moves only forward. Saecular entropy cannot be reversed. An Unraveling cannot lead back to an Awakening, or forward to a High, without a Crisis in between.

The spirit of America comes once a saeculum, only through what the ancients called ekpyrosis, nature’s fiery moment of death and discontinuity. History’s periodic eras of Crisis combust the old social order and give birth to a new.”

The old social order is combusting. That’s what is happening. It has been dizzying to watch.

“A Fourth Turning is a solstice era of maximum darkness, in which the supply of social order is still falling but the demand for order is now rising. It is the saeculum’s hibernal, its time of trial. In winter, writes William Cullen Bryant, “The melancholy days are come, the saddest of the year, / Of wailing winds, and naked woods, and meadows brown and sere.” Nature exacts its fatal payment and pitilessly sorts out the survivors and the doomed. Pleasures recede, tempests hurt, pretense is exposed, and toughness rewarded—all in a season (says Victor Hugo) that “changes into stone the water of heaven and the heart of man.” These are times of fire and ice, of polar darkness and brilliantly pale horizons. What it doesn’t kill, it reminds of death. What it doesn’t wound, it reminds of pain. In Swinburne’s “season of snows,” it is “The light that loses, the night that wins.”

Like natural winter, which reaches its solstice early, the Fourth Turning passes the nadir of public order right at its beginning. Just as the coldest days of winter are days of lengthening sun, the harsh (and less hopeful) years of a Crisis are years of renascent public authority. This involves a fundamental shift in social momentum: In the Unraveling, the removal of each civic layer brought demands for the removal of more layers; in the Crisis era, each new exercise of civic authority creates a perceived need for the adding of layers. …”

A shift in the public mood?

Have you noticed any recent change in mood?

“Fourth Turnings have provided the great pivot points of the Anglo-American legacy. Dating back to the fifteenth century, there have been six. Each produced its own Crisis and its own facsimile of the halcyon spirit today’s aging World War II veterans remember so vividly. From the similarities of these eras, a morphology can be constructed:

  • A Crisis era begins with a catalyst —a startling event (or sequence of events) that produces a sudden shift in mood.
  • Once catalyzed, a society achieves a regeneracy —a new counterentropy that reunifies and reenergizes civic life.
  • The regenerated society propels toward a climax —a crucial moment that confirms the death of the old order and birth of the new.
  • The climax culminates in a resolution —a triumphant or tragic conclusion that separates the winners from losers, resolves the big public questions, and establishes the new order. …

Every Fourth Turning starts with a catalyst event that terminates the mood of Unraveling and unleashes one of Crisis. Chapter 4 explained how sparks of history—sudden and startling events—can arise in any turning. Some sparks ignite nothing. Some flare briefly and then extinguish. Some have important effects but leave underlying problems unresolved. Others ignite epic conflagrations. Which ones ignite? Studying the sparks of history themselves won’t help answer this question, because what they are is far less important than how a society reacts to them. That reaction is substantially determined by the season of the saeculum—in other words, by the turning in which they are located. Sparks in a High tend to reinforce feelings of security; in an Awakening, argument; in an Unraveling, anxiety. Come the Fourth Turning, sparks of history trigger a fierce new dynamic of public synergy.”

The last three Fourth Turnings have all ended in war that separated the winners from the losers, settled longstanding questions and established a new order that lasted about 80 years.

“The catalyst can be one spark or, more commonly, a series of sparks that self-ignite like the firecrackers traditionally used by the Chinese to mark their own breaks in the circle of time. Each of these sparks is linked to a specific threat about which society had been fully informed but against which it had left itself poorly protected. Afterward, the fact that these sparks were foreseeable but poorly foreseen gives rise to a new sense of urgency about institutional dysfunction and civic vulnerability. This marks the beginning of the vertiginous spiral of Crisis. …”

There haven’t been any big events in our lifetime like the War Between the States or World War II.

“The Crisis climax is human history’s equivalent to nature’s raging typhoon, the kind that sucks all surrounding matter into a single swirl of ferocious energy. Anything not lashed down goes flying; anything standing in the way gets flattened. Normally occurring late in the Fourth Turning, the climax gathers energy from an accumulation of unmet needs, unpaid bills, and unresolved problems. It then spends that energy on an upheaval whose direction and dimension were beyond comprehension during the prior Unraveling era. The climax shakes a society to its roots, transforms its institutions, redirects its purposes, and marks its people (and its generations) for life. The climax can end in triumph, or tragedy, or some combination of both. Whatever the event and whatever the outcome, a society passes through a great gate of history, fundamentally altering the course of civilization.” …

“Soon thereafter, this great gate is sealed by the Crisis resolution, when victors are rewarded and enemies punished; when empires or nations are forged or destroyed; when treaties are signed and boundaries redrawn; and when peace is accepted, troops repatriated, and life begun anew.

One large chapter of history ends, and another starts. In a very real sense, one society dies—and another is born. …”

The society that is dying is the post-World War II era.

“History leaves no doubt about the reaction enabler of a Crisis: the Fourth Turning constellation of generational archetypes. Once every saeculum, the archetypes reach a combustible combination, dramatically lowering the threshold for a spark of history to ignite a Crisis.”

Unlike Peter Turchin, Strauss and Howe attribute it to a peculiar combustible combination of generational archetypes at phases in their lives.

“Since the dawn of the modern world, there has been but one Fourth Turning constellation: elder Prophets, midlife Nomads, young-adult Heroes, and child Artists. For half a millennium, that constellation has recurred exactly the same way five times, and a sixth time with a slight variation in timing and consequence. This archetypal lineup has been one of the great constants of Anglo-American history.

  • The indulged Prophet children of Highs, born in the aftermath of one Crisis, foment the next Crisis upon entering elderhood.
  • The abandoned Nomad children of Awakenings become the pragmatic midlife managers of Crisis.
  • The protected Hero children of Unravelings provide the powerful young-adult soldiers of Crisis.
  • The suffocated children of Crises come of age afterward as Artist youths.

Earlier chapters explained how Crisis eras shape generations; now you see how generations shape Crises. This explains the underlying link between the cycles of history and the rhythms of the saeculum.” …

“While all generational transitions are important to create a Fourth Turning constellation, the aging of the Prophet is critical. A Crisis catalyst occurs shortly after the old Prophet archetype reaches its apex of societal leadership, when its inclinations are least checked by others. A regeneracy comes as the Prophet abandons any idea of deferral or retreat and binds the society to a Crisis course. A climax occurs when the Prophet expends its last burst of passion, just before descending rapidly from power. A resolution comes, with the Prophet’s symbolic assistance, at a time when the Nomad is asserting full control.”

So, that’s the theory.

If the theory is true, then we are going to find out shortly. I must say that in light of everything that has happened since last summer like the Capitol Siege that I have grown more impressed with the theory. The future will also not be what any of the DC-based pundits are expecting to happen which is Happy Days Are Here Again with a booming economy and shots in arms and “normalcy” restored. Instead, we have entered a time when the big questions that have long been ignored will be resolved.

In Strauss-Howe generational theory, a Fourth Turning or Crisis era is kicked off by a catalyst and can last for as long as 20 to 25 years and end in revolution, civil war or foreign war.

The normie was never going to “wake up” on the schedule of radicals.

This doesn’t mean, however, that the “normie” would never wake up. Rather, the rise of “domestic extremism” only happens about once 80 years or so and ends in devastating conflagrations like the American Revolution, the War Between the States and the Great Depression / World War II. Alex Jones was screaming “1776 Will Commence Again” because he had become radicalized.

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  1. “What should we do now that the Normie is waking up?”

    Get out of the way and let all those who have brought this about continue their unwitting good work.

  2. Simple rhetorical question for your normal friends…would you prefer 9 minutes of Chauvin pinning you to the floor or the dose of Fentanyl n’ Methamphetamines George Floyd had ingested in your system?

    • “The society that is dying is the post-World War II era.”
      aka the era of jewish supremacy. In order to maintain their existing “order”, they will need to move fast and make drastic actions to use the last of the USA’s waning power to strike down the remaining “rogue states” like Russia, China, Iran, NK, etc. Can’t have any pesky goyim nations left as potential contenders if they want to move the seat of world power to Israel. As a plus for jewish power, they’d also get the USA and Russia, the two countries with the highest White populations in the world, into a catastrophic war. The war of rubbing-hands.

  3. The far right during the 60s like your idol George Lincoln Rockwell believed normies were waking up and a 90% white America would join his side in combating the major societal changes of that decade. He was obviously wrong. The same thing happened in the 80s with Tom Metzger, in the 2010s with Richard Spencer, in the 2020s with Nick Fuentes and guess what? Those all didn’t materialize either. The mainstream dislikes and rejects the violent fringes and that includes you clowns.
    Keep hoping and losing!

    • Jan 6th was something else. Nothing quite like that since the Poll Tax Riot in Thatcher’s UK. Jan 6th it’ll be spooking the politicians for decades.

    • >losers

      Do we want to undertake change, or do we want to undergo change? Are we agents of history? Or patients? Do we want a forge a new America on our terms, or sit back and let other groups drive?

      Look at the infrastructure bill. We could have had one that works for heritage America. But the GOP punted, and now we have the Democrat version. The right may squander every opportunity like this in the next decade. Average right-wing voters are bigger obstacles to themselves than the elites.

      Conspiracy theories, all-or-nothing thinking, impotently whining about double standards, clownishly LARPing as ultimate evil, each indicate we’re in the presence of extremism, but not radicalism. A truly radical right would undertake change and push for high taxes on hedge fund managers, push for worker protections, push for creating new internet rights and regulating tech, push for a UBI that is truly universal, and push for downsizing the Pentagon and our security services with pro-American priorities. Or, it can undergo change, let freedom ring, and see the Democrats implement all of this stuff in a way that is hostile toward whites here and around the world.

      The worst aren’t the kooks who scapegoat others for the problems; no one takes them seriously. It is the Ackhuallly Boomer that chimes in says, “well, actually, hedge fund managers promote efficient price allocation by punishing irrational actors in the stonk market.” Or affluent people who refuse to look at the structural economic policy problems enabling bad actors, and claim we have a problem of the spirit, or of the will, or of courage, or of not worshipping the sun, as if we just need to really really really believe in the policy suite causing the undesirable economic and cultural outcomes for us in the United States.

      • I disagree.

        1.) First, I have no seen no evidence that some these people actually want to forge a new America on our own terms or that they have any idea or strategy about how to do so. The strategy appears to be praising everything that Joe Biden does which is hilarious given the fact that Wall Street and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the most powerful CEOs in the country are on his side.

        2.) Second, the polls actually show that Republican voters SUPPORT spending money on infrastructure. They SUPPORT spending money on the most obvious things which are real infrastructure. While these people largely don’t like the Democratic bill, the polls show that they support the best parts of it. It simply isn’t true that voters are overwhelmingly opposed to infrastructure. It is politicians.

        3.) Third, the polls show that something like 40% of Republican voters support these things: protecting workers, raising taxes on hedge fund managers, a public option in health care and even UBI. The overwhelming majority of Republican voters supported stimulus checks. While it isn’t a majority on a lot of these issues, it is close to being a majority which is a huge change from a decade ago. The politicians are not in sync with the voters. Why on earth should we be condemning voters who support our ideas?

        4.) Fourth, there are Free Marketeer Boomers who are still around, but the reality of the situation is that those people are a diminishing part of the electorate. They aren’t nearly as dominant as was the case five years ago. More working class voters have come into the Republican Party. More professional class voters have left. This is the overarching trend.

        This brings me to my final point.

        In light of this, wouldn’t it make more sense to get a grip and continue to push our own traditional agenda? If White identity is spiking, why should we be upset about that? If more people are concerned about immigration than ever before, what is there to complain about? If something like 40% of Republican voters agree with populist economics, why shouldn’t we just get back to work? We’re triumphing on the social issues. We’re getting closer and closer to triumphing on the economic issues.

        None of this is to say we should go out and join the GOP. All I am saying is that the polls show that things are getting better. We should be optimistic because there are favorable trends at work. It also makes no sense to attack people who agree with us on social issues and economics and support people who literally want to put us in prison for being “domestic extremists”

        • Hunter Wallace comments – “In light of this, wouldn’t it make more sense to get a grip and continue to push our own traditional agenda? All I am saying is that the polls show that things are getting better. We should be optimistic because there are favorable trends at work. It also makes no sense to attack people who agree with us on social issues and economics”

          There he goes pulling another Tucker and trying to get people to view the GOP as the lesser evil and perpetuate this two party structure by continuing to vote for them. As I said, if America had a more multiparty system like some other First World nations, conditions would improve and HW would have to find a job so the status quo suits him.

          It doesn’t matter what the grassroots Republican voters want because the donors ultimately pull the purse strings and agenda for both parties. But the Democratic Party at least gives something directly back to its voters through pandemic checks, more welfare, stronger environmental laws, affirmative action, more SS and Medicare spending, etc. Call it bribery if you want, but they’re the smarter party to do this and that’s why their voters feel compelled to vote for them.
          What has the GOP given directly to its voters who aren’t part of the 1%? Why do they continue to vote for them while receiving nothing back?

          You simps are voting for your own destruction by following HW and the two party apparatus off a cliff and it’s hilarious. LOL

          • 1.) I haven’t said anything about voting for the GOP. In fact, I criticized the GOP in a post that I wrote this afternoon. If I change my mind and decide to vote for the GOP, I am sure you will notice. I will write something about it. We will see who the NJP runs in 2022.

            2.) It is true that our views on the issues are increasingly popular and accepted. That’s a good thing.

            3.) The Democrats propose to declare people like us “domestic extremists” and lock us up. No thanks.

            4.) Why the hell would anyone here support affirmative action? LMAO.

            5.) We got $1,800 checks from Trump and more people qualified for them.

            6.) Oh wow, we better vote for the Democrats. We ought to go vote for people who demonize us for being White, who see us as domestic terrorists and to support our own displacement.

  4. I wouldn’t say people are waking up, far from it. 20 years ago White Nationalists understood the Zionist enemy, these days they’re talking about ‘based Jews’ and telling their followers to vote Republican. We’ve gone backwards in our understanding of the problem. There was nothing positive about the Capitol Siege either, those people were fools following a conman to the very end. That is unforgivable stupidity. It does not matter if their heart was in the right place. What they were demanding was another 4 years of Zionist rule. Another 4 years of being lied to.

    Trump and the alt-right was a tremendous setback on the pathway towards White self-determination. We are essentially starting from scratch at the present time, having lost all our progress.

    • It was normies who stormed the Capitol.

      The fact that something like that happened and that millions of people applauded it and approved of it was the clearest sign yet that we have entered a new era. It is showing up in all of the polls too.

      Are the new people who are waking up going to be fully ideologically formed? No, but that is unnecessary and has never been the case at any previous point in history. No one had a clue in the 1760s, the 1850s or the 1920s what was waiting for them just over the horizon

      • Pipe dreamers like Hunter Wallace were theorizing Pat Buchanan would get the GOP nomination in 92 and 96 and Buchananites would conquer the party by then. HW has been predicting rising and rebellion since 2008 with the Obama and Trump presidencies. Did any of that happen? The late Sylvia Browne had better prediction powers than Hunter could ever hope to have lol

        • Rebellions have tended to be coopted by the GOP/faux conservative establishment. See 2010 Tea Party and 2016 Trump.

          Trump was a last, desperate throw to salvage the old America. It didn’t work: but millions awoke.

          • The Tea Party was a sham to hoodwink schnooks like you and Hunter to keep voting Republican. Where was it when Bush was pushing for amnesty and a baseless war in Iraq?

            Brad Hunter is like Tucker in that they’ll denounce both major parties but lead their fans back to the GOP in the conclusion. If Brad were a true populist or independent, he would encourage his naive enthusiasts to vote for any third party to shake the establishment and mend the system, but he wants to maintain the status quo for some reason. Perhaps because the present system allows him to make a living off this blog by feeding off the anger and donations of his devotees. LOL

          • I voted against George W. Bush twice.

            I’m not sure why you think I am supporting the GOP. I spent years criticizing the GOP and got bored with it. They are not in power anyway

    • I disagree. All the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men can’t put Humpty Dumpsterfire back together again.

      It was a Tax Slave revolt.

    • @Ricky…

      You’ve got such bad political fatigue you can no longer see anything good.

      Take a year off from politicks and see what’s what when you come back.

    • @Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn I agree. Since the Patriot Act, the window of opportunity is gone. Most cannot risk their jobs or doxxing, to have camaraderie or groups. Look at all of the Youtube channels that had to move over to Bitchute, Rumble, or DLive. Some of you might celebrate getting rid of Nick Fuentes, Vincent James, and others…but they had a real quality presence, and definitely reflected my world view.

      The unaware Americans are everywhere. With the new “medical marijuana”, so many are just without any worries anymore. And there’s always so much beer in the grocery stores to help out, too.

      People think being aware these days means they know blacks are targets of constant racism. That’s what they think, and this is why we aren’t getting anywhere.

    • I agree. True, 40% of republican voters now support taxing the rich, infrastructure spending and some sort of UBI, the problem is that democrats are the ones passing legislation for these programs. Trump proposed none of these things. “Infrastructure Week” occurred several times over his 4 years and became a running joke.

      Trump loyalists were so into “owning the libs” that they got owned and are not more consumed with a 2024 run than any of these issues. We have lost friends for staying home in 2020 after voting for Trump in 2016. They are loyal to One.

      We have to start over. Just because more people are vocal about nativism on social media does not mean more people have moved to our side.

      I almost see the opposite, out of sheer disgust for the republican party who is so afraid of losing elections (gub’mint paychecks and perks) they are openly courting everyone except working class Whites.

    • But according to Hunter, this time it’s different because he says so! LOL.He makes interesting observations and theories, but his problem is he can’t really defend them. Americans rejected fascism and communism even during the Depression when 90 percent of the country was white, the economy was the worst ever, and the liberalism of the postwar consensus hadn’t begun. Normies, including Southerners, weren’t radicalized to the far right during the 60s when a social revolution began and Jim Crow was dismantled. Most Southerners in fact laughed at George Lincoln Rockwell’s Nazi Party when they toured the South to protest federal civil rights laws during the decade.

      As white minorities in Latin America have shown, as long as whites have the suburbs, small towns, and rural regions to escape to and rich whites can secure themselves behind gates and private guards, there will be no huge revolt as you dreamers have wet dreams about on a regular basis. The key is to prevent the Mexicanization of America, but you ninnies keep voting for the same and pray that this time is different! LMAO

  5. I am afraid that those 80 years cycles are pure fantasy and what we really see is collapse of the 500 years old Anglo Empire.

    There is no Elite over production, there is absolute lack of Elite who could understand what is going on and what to do. Like in the end of Roman Empire. Mr. Turchin with his cherry picking is good example of that. Take what supports your theory and ignore all other evidence is wishful thinking and pseudo science at it`s best.

    Mr Turchin btw does not want to cycle his home country Russia. 300 years was there no cycles and then after 1917 was many cycles . No 80 years systematic up and down.

    Social science is not so easy. Theoretically there might be also 90 years cycles. 1905 happened Tsushima Naval Battle and 1995 bunch of drunken homosexuals drowned in the lake with rubber boat so every 90 years Russia suffers major defeat on the water.

    It is impossible to analyze like this. For example 80 years ago there were white Western background society but now there are 150 million strong diversity who have also word to say.

    • Going to add that the Anglo Empire just doesn’t produce enough POQ (People Of Quality) to obtain, maintain and sustain primacy. Look back at the 1940s and 1950s – despite the bad eggs, the West was full of quality people. Talk to any 90-something WW2 veteran. And the people running the show were absolutely top drawer. Their children and grandchildren, however, are dumbed-down, drugged up, lazy, Godless, entitled, uncultured, ignorant, negro-copying, TV-watching, sportsball-cheering, porn-fapping, unhealthy, un-Aryan maggot-folk. It’s a big reason why there is a market for Mexican workers, and also a significant contributor to outsourcing to Asia.

      What can be done about this? It starts with us, in our circles of family and friends.

    • I don’t buy this cycle stuff, either. Just looks like a series of crippling defeats and mistakes, to me. Americans and Westerners are too dumbed down and anesthetized with jewish entertainment, sports, and drugs to recover.

    • Turchin analyzes Russia in great detail in his book Secular Cycles, analyzing the Muscovy Cycle (1460-1620) and the Romanov Cycle (1620-1922).

      Russia is a classic case of elite overproduction — that’s where we get the word “intelligentsia.” Most of the radicals arrested leading up to the revolution were from the nobility, clergy, and military, not the peasantry.

      The same thing happened in what Turchin labels a stagflation period in Russia during 1530-1565, as indicated by the growth of church holdings and the increased litigation for administrative positions during that time. This preceded a crisis period (1565-1615) where Russia lost half of its population. Turchin’s attention to plagues stands out to me, as a lack of an orderly pandemic response in any time and place is indicative of a breakdown in social trust.

      I wonder if the UK-USA constitute a single Anglo secular cycle, perhaps beginning around 1780, reaching a crisis period during the world wars, and then entering what will look in retrospect as a decline period — loss of empire, colonization by outsiders, population decline in the native population, etc. While there are booms and busts inside the larger booms and busts, how does the big picture look like?

  6. Maybe a turning is coming, but it won’t result in any renewing of America but total collapse into Haiti. During other revolutions and turbulent times, malevolent forces hadn’t imported 100 million strangers into their mix that may well have a completely different instinctual reaction to the unraveling.

  7. Strauss-Howe generational theory is very interesting. I’ve found that normies enjoy this book tremendously because it “explains” why “it’s” happening – like a story or TV show they can understand. I’ve given this book to boomers, progressives, religious types (PA & RD-NC), Hispanics, and even mom.

    Turchin is also very good, but that’s not for normies really.

    If you’re looking for something less theoretical, a little lighter, and a bit more specific to America’s situation, read Tom Wolfe’s Back to Blood, Hunter.

  8. Anthopocene is the Whitesupremacene. Which as Juri points out may be coming to a halt as the US is now ruled by blacks. 400 years of hegemony. Gone

    • Russians and Eastern Europeans think that there will be Anglo Renaissance. This is the reason why for example Russia and China holding back

      We think that root cause of the madness is the Enclosure when Anglos separated from their roots culture and community and turned into mass of proles. Similar to what communists did to us with their collectivization.

      But they did not changed the genetics so when oppressive regime run out of steam then genetics naturally restores normal Anglo lifestyle and culture what was dominant before 16th century.

      This is a long way back but like it is impossible to civilize blacks , it is also impossible un civilize the Europeans. You do not change the genes. Blacks are similar to those what they brought from Africa 500 years ago and Anglos are similar to those who had community, roots, deep emotional ties to their land and culture and everything before hostile elite with money and assistance of Jewry took over.

  9. Waking up is one thing, doing something is another. Even though Whites are still a majority of the population, half of those have been brainwashed beyond hope.

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