Rising: As GOP Rages Against Big Business, Joe Biden Exploits The Shift

J.D. Vance has the correct position here.

We shouldn’t be coddling and catering to oligarchs.

We need to be taxing Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

We need to be taxing the ultra rich who are Democrats now.

We should be denouncing trusts and smashing and regulating corporate monopolies and getting the credit for it. This is what the overwhelming majority of people want to see happen.

In an ideal world, we would take Big Tech and throw it up against the wall and smash those corporations into dozens of little pieces. We should be cutting off their supply of cheap labor from India too. We should be defending the American worker, not the CEOs or the professional managerial class.

While it is true that this isn’t what the GOP believes, it is definitely what I believe. I’m not accepting bribes from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce or Wall Street or Big Tech. The tradition of Jefferson and Jackson and William Jennings Bryan and Huey Long is the tradition that I identify with.

Note: Baseball Crank represents the traditional and unpopular Republican view which somehow defies political gravity and is a loser even though the Eastern states are solidly Democratic now.

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  1. “Joe Biden is cozying up to Wall Street and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce”

    How is it possible for President Biden to ‘cozy up’ to the very powers with which he has been deeply associated his entire national political life, since I was a pitcher in little leagues?

    But, okay, let’s take the statement on face value.

    Maybe a better way to look at this is that The Working Man Ethos which, though it long ago left The Democrat Party in The Clinton Era, has finally been jettisoned as it’s publick awning.

    Now The Democrats, or ‘The Corporate Democrats’, as the Sanders’ Progressives are wont to say, will present themselves as they actually are – thieves and thugs, both on the international and domestick scenes.


    We will go through another cycle or two where Nationalist/Populists will continue to dream incredible dreams of owning and transforming the Grand Ole New England Republican Party to something of the South and Th Heartland, while Progressvies continue to do the same about The Democrat Party.

    The question will be : who will pass this I.Q. test first – either Progressives to abandon The Democrats or Populists The Republican Party?

    In either case, the quicker it, the acceptance of impossibilities and the ensuing abandonments, occurs, and the sooner we have new viable parties, the better the entire body politick will be.

    Until then, we are just morticians in an futile argument over how to make up and dress the corpse.

  2. The premise of your article is saying that there was a political “switch”, and that now the Democrats are the “corporate” party, otherwise indirectly implying that Republican party is now somehow legitimately the “working class, populist” party. The only thing true is the stimulus check part, but only true because the House Democrats passed that second stimulus check, and the House Republicans were pressured and shamed into voting for it. As seen, ALL Republican voted against the third stimulus bill under Biden. Your argument that the Democrats that they diluted or weakened their policies thanks to “Blue Dogs” doesn’t mean they’re against those policies. I find it convenient how you flip the burden on the Democrats, but the GOP. You’re argument is that the Democrats don’t go far enough, but not that the GOP are against ANY of those policies. The Krysten Sinema’s and Joe Manchin’s dont want to raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars, but at least would still vote to raise it – in comparison to the GOP, who DON’T want to raise it, PERIOD. Speaking of healthcare, the GOP spent the majority of legislative trying to get rid of healthcare rather expanding it by going after Obamacare. Of course universal healthcare is the goal, and the health insurance industry is a key obstacle, but not getting rid of any of the laws in place as the GOP wants to do, is not what’s desired. They’re also against the infrastructure bill because “debt”. So what’s your prevailing argument? Face it, you’ve been duped by the oligarchs who use the GOP as their vehicle to consolidate power by enticing whites into voting for them for culture war issues that appeal to whites, hoping those whites don’t care about the pro-plutocratic policies because they’re too fixated on “muh white replacement”. Too bad as the “white replacement” still occurs, and they’re running out of prejudiced white voters, and so the GOP’s response to their shitty polices is voter suppression (at least until HR1 is passed, which will stop that). Your argument is crushed.

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