We Can’t Police These People

Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them. – Thomas Jefferson

The trial was pointless. We knew the outcome. We knew the threat. Convict Derek Chauvin of murder, or cities will burn. Jurors surely knew they would be doxxed if they didn’t vote to convict; one potential juror wasdismissed after he dared mention this fear.

There is a debate to be had about police conduct. I’m not going to back the blue unconditionally after CharlottesvilleAshli Babbit, and the ruthlessmanhunt for January 6 rioters. Derek Chauvin would have carried out the same orders against us. However, what Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd isn’t even close to what happened to white man Daniel Shaver, gunned down in a hotel hallway by a police officer who was later acquitted and was paid for his mental suffering. This is about race, not police. I expect police will crack down further on law-abiding whites while ignoring black crime.

The howls for Derek Chauvin’s head were primal. I haven’t heard such cries of triumph since O.J. Simpson was acquitted.

Of course, Derek Chauvin was hardly a champion of white identity. In 2018, the Twin Cities Pioneer Press gave a fawning profile to his then-wife, Hmong refugee Kellie Chauvin. She called her husband a “gentleman” and “just a softie.” Less than two years later, just three days after George Floyd’s death, she divorced him. Her lawyer told journalists about her “utmost sympathy” for Floyd’s family.

What’s so striking about the Derek Chauvin case is that it could have happened anywhere. Every police officer (or white person who lives in a black neighborhood) knows about the sob stories, the wailing, the lying, and the sudden switch from threats to begging and back again when blacks face cops. Floyd himself had tried this soft-shoe routine when he was arrested in 2019. Derek Chauvin and his three colleagues had probably seen far worse.

Yet it was Derek Chauvin’s blasé attitude during the arrest, his business-like nature, that doomed him. If he had acted less professional, by panicking or begging Floyd to remain calm, it would have been different. The other officers were just as relaxed. They must feel dumbfounded that their attempts to subdue a raving man on drugs led to something close to a revolution. The prosecutor’s closing argument was something out of a nursery rhyme, denying that George Floyd’s heart problems and drug-taking caused his death, but rather that Derek Chauvin’s “heart was too small.” (The media loved it.)

Whether a routine arrest like this becomes a cause depends on countless factors. If the teenager Darnella Frazier had not taken a video, nothing would have happened. Even with body cam footage, I suspect there would have been no case. Without a simple image to rouse the simple masses, no one would have cared.

The sanctification of George Floyd makes this even more surreal. The #MeToo movement took down powerful men who had made inappropriate jokes or crude gestures decades ago, but a criminal who spent his last moments on earth trying to rip-off shopkeepers and lying to police has become a holy figure, complete with literal claims of miracles. George Floyd’s life and death were practically a caricature of what the crudest “racist” would conjure out of a hateful imagination. A white man with his record would have been treated exactly the same, but because Floyd was black, journalists made him a saint. Most people let others build their reality. Post-white America has a new faith.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, author of The Bible of Unspeakable Truths and The Joy of Hate, said that even if Derek Chauvin wasn’t guilty of all charges, he thought the verdict was a good thing. “I want a verdict that keeps this country from going up in flames,” he explained. That’s the bravery of American conservatives for you. While the country didn’t “go up in flames,” there were some troubling signs last night that worse is to come.


The guilty verdict didn’t calm the streets. It didn’t even calm the politicians. The President of the United States said that “this can be a moment of significant change.” Kamala Harris, whose parents are immigrants, intones that this won’t “heal the pain that existed for generations.” Barack and Michelle Obama want “true justice,” which requires “that we come to terms with the fact that Black Americans are treated differently, every day.” (I don’t think they mean affirmative action.) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saidthe verdict wasn’t justice and doesn’t want people to think the system works. Empty-headed celebrities demand that more be done.


The guilty verdicts didn’t douse the fire; it fed the flames. It’s yet more proof: rioting works.

And now, we’ve already had a member of Congress demanding that policing be abolished because it can’t be reformed:

Rep. Tlaib represents Detroit, where the already-ruined city saw a hugeincrease in homicides and shootings in 2020, just another part of what was undoubtedly the largest single-year increase in the murder rate in American history. Almost all the added victims were black. “The community” doesn’t seem to care, so there’s no reason politicians should.

Let’s hear no wailing about “black lives.” The main victims of the crime wave are black, with victims including childrenpartygoers, and funeral guests. Voters who elect progressive prosecutors don’t seem to care any more than the “community” does. Do they prefer bloodshed to good police work?

Vox tells us BLM has led to a reduction in “police homicides” in areas where there were protests. Of course, at least some of these homicides would have been justified use of force. Yet the very same research Vox cites says that between 2014 and 2019, there were “somewhere between 1,000 and 6,000 more homicides than would have been expected [absent protests]” in those places. Even if we accept the unhinged premise that police suddenly stopped gunning down blacks for no reasons, the result of BLM was thousands of dead blacks — and nice houses for the movement’s co-founder.

Still, it’s not about blacks. It’s about us. Rudyard Kipling, a poet who wouldn’t get far in our affirmative action worldwrote:

It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,

To puff and look important and to say: —

“Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.

We will therefore pay you cash to go away.”

And that is called paying the Dane-geld;

But we’ve proved it again and again,

That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld

You never get rid of the Dane.

We paid the Dane-geld. We’ve shamefully paid it to people with far less nobility and courage than the Vikings. The Minnesota protester screaming that riots worked is right. They worked because they had media backing. If others ran the press, the Cannon Hinnant case alone could have changed everything. Instead, most whites haven’t heard of it, nor about the others of our race butchered every year.

Our loss of identity leaves us vulnerable to moral blackmail. Whites seem to be in a permanent state of shellshock. White conservatives want to be left alone, with Tucker Carlson saying that what the nation needs “more than anything” is “a moment to catch our national breath.” Really? Conservatives know something is wrong, but don’t dare recognize the real problem. Republicans who collaborate with this rotten system have shut down even halting steps towards white identity.

Meanwhile, over the last decade, white liberals have radically changed their views on race and actively discriminate against whites. It’s more correct to say that new views were inserted into their brains through hysterical media coverage of police shootings. Those who call themselves “very liberal” are hopelessly deluded. A majority think that police gun down over 1,000 unarmed black men a year — almost 100 times the actual number.

Statistics can’t compete with sob-stories, and stories give people meaning. I believe many Americans get their moral purpose for life from them.

There are also specific benefits in keeping the system going. Activists and politicians build careers. Blacks get a chance of hitting the “ghetto lottery” (assumed they aren’t killed) and becoming heroes. It’s a strong incentive to turn a petty scam into an epic showdown. Journalists who want to lead a social revolution or just get clicks (or both) fall right in line.

Even as this is written, there is a case in Columbus, Ohio that could be our next George Floyd-style passion play. Officers arrived at a chaotic brawl and shot a black girl. Body cam footage shows the girl trying to stab someone before she was shot. Nonetheless, the image the Associated Press uses for the story is a Black Lives Matter protest. It looks like yet another case of a degenerate “community” causing chaos, attracting the police, and causing a racial confrontation.

This is what the dead girl’s aunt told The Daily Beast:

The police are going to lie. I’m so thankful that someone from the family was actually on the scene,” [Aunt] Bryant said . . . . “The police are going to lie. The police are going to cover up for themselves. They don’t care. At this point, I feel like they’re just out to kill Black people. They’re not here to protect and serve. That isn’t happening. That’s been over a long time ago. They’re not here to protect and serve. They’re here to kill Black folks.

Like many other whites, I’m exhausted. Unlike Tucker Carlson, I don’t think we need a chance to catch our breath or pursue change more slowly. We need radical change.

Every confrontation between a white officer and a non-white criminal is a potential riot. The process is corrupt because judges, jurors, and politicians know that the mob has a veto over the verdict. The rule of law is dead.

The answer is separation. Without it, this will never stop.

The strange reality is that there is almost no difference now between being a notorious white advocate or any white guy. Derek Chauvin went, in just one day, from a heartwarming “softie” who married a Hmong refugee to the embodiment of white supremacy. A few days ago, it was a soldier who stopped a black guy from accosting women. He had to be chased from his home. Tomorrow it could be you.

You could try to stop a crime. You could fight back against an assault. Maybe you just look at someone the wrong way. Maybe you do nothing at all. But if you donated $10 to a cause the media don’t like — or even if you didn’t — you could be the mark for the next great hate hoax.

I write this reluctantly. Many of us become white advocates kicking and screaming, afraid to see the truth. We all get here through experience, usually painful.

However, no matter how far you run, how earnestly you plead, what you say, or even whom you marry, you will always be white to those with power. That means many despise you. At some point, you must decide to stand or kneel, and a society that kneels before the memory of a George Floyd is not one worth serving or saving.

Whites created this country. They sustain it. Without whites, there is no America. America is an extension of Western Civilization, white civilization, on this continent. Whites pay to support people who hate, curse, and sometimes kill us. We gain nothing. They owe everything. What they have, we gave them, through weakness, folly, and good intensions.

We deserve reparations for trillions wasted in a 60-year effort to babysit a population that pays us back with violence and hatred. Most importantly, we deserve liberation from this albatross that prevents any kind of real national life. Almost any price would be worth paying if we could be sovereign and free, something our ancestors took for granted.

All the quasi-theological abstractions about “privilege” and “critical theory” melt away before one immutable truth: They need us; we don’t need them. Until we have the will to say so, all of us — including you — are just one “viral” incident away from ruin.

First published by American Renaissance on April 21, 2021.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


    • “De facto segregation is well on the way.”

      Nope !

      Not as long as zogs have the cash and power to force integration.

  1. I’m glad I stumbled onto this site in the wake of the Zimmerman events, the bullshit about Pruitt Igoe and the riots in London. Rest of the white population is just catching up. I’d also say that the Amanda Knox case was a red pill on how prosecutors need a white to blame and the press will lynch a white chick instead of a shiftless drug dealing African.

  2. Chauvin didn’t hit Floyd with a blackjack.
    Chauvin didn’t hit Floyd with a nightstick.
    Chauvin didn’t choke Floyd with a nightstick or baton.
    Chauvin didn’t taser Floyd.
    Chauvin didn’t shoot Floyd!!!

    Did Chauvin sharpen his knees with a file?

    • Exactly. He’s a murderer for wrestling. Not shooting or battering. It’s surreal.

      I will say this, the sight of an average built white man dominating a 6’5″ buck was enraging to the nigs. The Jews didn’t like the image either.

  3. “I write this reluctantly. Many of us become white advocates kicking and screaming, afraid to see the truth. We all get here through experience, usually painful.

    However, no matter how far you run, how earnestly you plead, what you say, or even whom you marry, you will always be white to those with power. That means many despise you. At some point, you must decide to stand or kneel…”

    I was an early adopter of honesty about race in my own personal circle. Its caused no end of tension even in my marriage. But I’ve given up trying to convince anybody, even those who are closest. I say my opinion and don’t bother to elaborate. Its easier that way.

    In the end all White people are wearing the same jersey, and we cant take that jersey off.

    There will need to be ways for White people to join the fold once they wake up. But not everyone is going to make it, and many of our friends and family will be lost to us before the end of this. Assuming we aren’t ratted out by them to the mob and lynched first, which is the likely progression of this thing, as it was in the soviet union and other totalitarian systems of recent history.

    All of us should be prepared to lose our lives because thats the most likely result at this point.

    Things are accelerating at a pace that the outcome is unknowable for certain, but given the current balance of power, we are fucked if this becomes a hot conflict.

    Nobody is going to save us.

    • True. Lock and load this is going hot faster than anyone expects. They have come into our neighborhoods and have stated this will continue. The left uses power when they have it, so the next 4 years will be the decimation of middle class wealth (the main goal of the plutocrats) and a massive increase in White dispossession by corporations and the fed.

      Lose faith in this system, and look to God and one another. Fuck anything this government decrees.

  4. Blacks kill each other in large numbers every day but they are capable of joining together to attack a shared enemy. Nothing brings Whites together any more. We are fractured into hundreds of factions and unable or unwilling to overcome our differences for the common good.

    The call will ultimately come for cops to be disarmed. They will say this is only possible if the public is also disarmed.

      • Whites are more fiercely independent. Whites have never over populated their countries. Whites are not as quick to violence as other groups.

    • Yeah. It’s almost like racial nationalism is flawed (while having some meager truth to it). White people have warred with other white people for ages. WW1 WW2 the list goes on and on and on.

      • @AspiretotheStars Agree. Most people have it too good right now, even though so many have slipped into poverty. Until enough people are hurting, will they bother to look up from their cell phones and vacations, and try to figure out how they’re going to survive. The threat just isn’t real to them.

  5. Until white nationalists start not being white nationalists, in the sense of recognizing that the white majority is what enables and coddles this behavior, this will continue. That would require someone to actually seriously critique white nationalism as a valid ideology. Being blind the issues of your group is a downfall.

    The white people who coddle this behavior basically making it acceptable to hate a majority and rioting by pointing to historical oppression are the architects of this. White Nationalists are unable to deal with the “white allies” simply because being white is the only qualifier.

    I say this again and again, I sympathize with WN about the abusiveness of minorities who will use violence and terrorism to gaslight (and nothing will ever be enough). But that’s were my agreements end (and end pretty hard).

    Do I want a “homeland” with a green-haired blue-haired fucking subhuman with different pronouns simply because they’re white like me? Fuck no. For every shitty minority, I can see 10 shitty white people.

    I guess I take from both camps. I see the value of both. I see how both play into each other- like a dance. This is far more complex. Not “black and white” but “rather shades of grey” (no pun intended).

    This is a babysitter babysitting children that hate her. Unfortunately, the babysitter is completely cool with this and see what they do as legitimate to fight oppression. She sees herself as evil and children can literally do no wrong. I do not want to babysit minorities. I don’t give a shit about the white man’s burden (quite liberating actually). At the same time, I don’t worship white people as some collective good, and don’t believe if we had a white society then all things will just disappear like WN’s do.

    This “Hood” guy is slightly closer than most I’ve seen in this sphere (but still far away).

    • White blindness/ willful ignorance is why I am no longer a nationalist. Now, I am a tribalist. Being White is not enough. You must be pro-White, in ways that are actually pro-White, and not just some racist liberal.

    • You severely underestimate the role propaganda plays in transforming public opinion, habits, and culture. Why do you think Jews took control of academia, mainstream journalism, and Hollywood in the first place?

  6. Separation would solve every single problem Anti-Whites claim to care about. I want a divorce.

    • “Separation would solve every single problem Anti-Whites claim to care about. ”

      Except the gibs, they’d starve and they know it.

      • The “hate whitey” thing is a lie. They want the money more. If they really thought they were being hunted down by racists, like they claim in the media, they’d be on the next boat to Liberia.

  7. Plus the media creates this worldview by focusing on particular crimes to generate the hatred of the majority and this worldview. Other crimes do not make the news where the races are different, and if it does the media has other narratives it will trot out. The institutions and media is what shapes public opinion. Period.

  8. Eventually peace will return, because as always happens in these cases, you get secret vigilante groups, like the Baldknobbers were here in the Ozarks, or neighborhood warlords take over to keep the peace. Nobody can function in that kind of social breakdown. So something will happen to alleviate it. It just won’t be nice, or care about “civil rights”. And by that time, nobody will care much what happens to criminals. the mafia used to be this way in many community’s. As long as you don’t challenge them, they leave you alone. For a modest price of their control. But nobody got mugged on the street

  9. Separation is good idea but without well defined plan this comes out like Soviet Union or any other abstract utopia.

    Nation means deep emotional cultural and historical ties. It is impossible to create Nation from strange rootless people who have nothing in common and who do not know what they want. We see this today in UK where nobody of Brexiteers can`t even broadly define what independent UK should look like.

    The only Brexit result was that communism got stronger . They hoped that voting Brexit some supernatural force brings them good life and when it did not happened, those rootless cultureless hapless people have no idea what to do now .

  10. “However, what Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd isn’t even close to what happened to white man Daniel Shaver, gunned down in a hotel hallway by a police officer who was later acquitted and was paid for his mental suffering.”

    We have only white people to blame for that one. An all white jury will acquit police who shoot a sleeping baby in a stroller a hundred times and then stomp on the baby and set it on fire. White people will say the baby was a threat to the police.

    White people worshiping police like a false god is a big problem in Amurica.

    • Didn’t the cop just get to leave the US and take his pension with him? I think he went to the Philippines. When I think of “bad cop”, I think of him.

      • Yep, they gave him a lifetime pension at 28
        a tax-free pension worth $31,000 a year for life .

        The message is simple,
        Kill a black criminal, go to prison for most of you life.
        Kill an innocent WHITE man, retire early and tax free.

        (Mesa AZ, also set aside 3 million $, for lawyers, if he needs to defend himself in civil litigation.)

        • I wonder if there was a civil suit filed by Shaver family for what he went through. The video had shown how he was really tortured.
          Whites are so insignificant now. Every time you see an ad or something from a TV show (don’t have cable), it shows blacks.
          I’m surprised Native Americans back all of this, because when there isn’t enough whites to go to work and generate tax money to fund their food, housing, and healthcare, they will be stuck with the other groups to provide for them (or just go to work).

  11. @ this is a blood fight between thee satanic sindicate and thee southern intellectual elite, when the.dust settles and the smoke clears , this land will be ours or theirs, Gods will be done.

  12. Coloreds can not be expected to act like reasonable intelligent men, most of them seem to be childish, stupid and crazy.

    However why are th9se on the alt right expected to support the police just because the cop in question is white. Do the police support the white nationalist movement? Some Ii would guess as individuals, but not as a group.

    I’ve never served on the police, but I don’t see how somebody lying on their stomach, with their hands tied behind their back and a knee on their neck can really be considered a threat. Apparently passing a bad cheque is a capital offense. Floyd looked like he was another black dumb fuck, overweight, a drug user if not an addict, probably had a bad heart from years of drug use, would he still be alive without Mr Dildo choking him, probably.

    • I disagree. I think he was dying before they tried to put him in the squad car the first time. Chauvin was just dumb enough to create the photo op. If he had shirked his job and stayed back and watched Floyd was a dead man anyway. I’d risk getting leaned on rather than Meth and Fentanyl in my system tbh. I’d probably not fight cops while getting arrested either. That’s how you get thrown down the steps and caught in a closing door.

  13. Fire hoses and dogs worked well in the 60’s but that was a different time and different nation. Whites were still feared. How about black cop police black neighborhoods.

    • They have been majority black police forces in Chicago and Baltimore to my knowledge but they obviously end in failure or can’t keep up with all the crimes being committed on a daily basis. I believe there was a retired black police sargent in Chicago the story was featured here I believe if I’m not mistaken was a year ago. Who went on hunger strike telling the city it would be absolute chaos without a police force

      They don’t want that option because then they couldn’t cry foul and try to win jogger lottery with demoncrat justice system and journalists crying shame at them

    • Why would anyone want more black cops? One shot a white woman recently, it was taken off the news, and nothing happened to him. You really want that?

        • Yes, they want to have South Africa here. You never saw the MSM in the US never, EVER get upset by the massacre of thousands of whites in South Africa.
          That’s also why they are working on “gun control”. They have to take the weapons away, first.

  14. @ who do you want leading the.country .thee satanic sindicate, or thee southern intellectual elite, when we rule our land once more, this all comes too an end, we know who opposes us, thee whites who are too stupid too know, where your proper allegiance should be, you deserve your fate . we thee southern intellectuals, are thee last link to our old republic, we are thee voice of the resistance, we are “Free America”.

  15. Derek Chauvin was aware of being recorded bystandars,why didn’t he let go of his knee? After all Floyd was handcuff behind his back.Could be mental collapse on the police or the job of policing non white area for grunts pay had a breaking point.

    • He’s was senior enough to just stand back and let the younger men around him handle the physical element too. He should have probably joined a force in a rural area at least 5 years ago too. Why patrol a black area like that if you can pick another beat? I think he might have been truly race blind. A wigger cop. We don’t know much about his cultural tastes.

  16. Abive all, Chauvin’s stone-faced nonchalance was what destroyed him. He didn’t have the savvy to understand that being recorded looking like that while doing tha would mean personal ruin, no matter what the police restraint regulations said. As soon as the bitch started filming, that knee should’ve come off the greasy nigger neck.

    It’s not that I personally care for the hapless race mixer, or pigs generally; the vast majority of them will oppress & brutalize Whites on Shlomo’s orders without a second thought just as long as Muh Paychecks & Muh Pensions keep coming. It’s just the fact that he was railroaded because he’s White.

    • That’s a good analysis. The photo op fucked him. Floyd was dying while in the car. He should have just stood back that day. 19 fucking years and he’s still hands on while younger men are around. Ffs.

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