House Passes DC Statehood Bill

The PMCs who are gentrifying Washington, DC want to be their own state now. They believe that they are entitled to at least two U.S. senators and the right to control our elections.

FOX News:

“The divided House Thursday passed legislation to make Washington, D.C. the 51st state and to grant its more than 700,000 residents full representation in Congress.

The strictly party-line vote in the House was 216 to 208, with all Republicans rejecting the statehood bill, dubbed H.R. 51. The legislation has the support from President Biden but faces long odds of passing in the 50-50 split Senate. …”

As with their proposal to pack the Supreme Court or HR 1 or their push for amnesty for illegal aliens, everything is ultimately a power grab for these grasping people. They believe that they should have the right to lord it over the rest of us. “Democracy” is also hushing everyone else in this country.

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  1. Why don’t they just take their government out of DC, reseat it in some Northern city, and form their own country out of the sixteen Yankee States?

    Somebody ought to start a; “Better off on our own,” campaign in Yankeedom. Get them to secede from us.p

    • I agree, Mr. Owen. In spite of all the homogenization of American culture over the past few decades the Union and the Confederacy remain distinct entities. Both are capable of being self sufficient, they do not need each other. The only issue that remains unresolved is whether Texas should once again become a Rebel State or a reconstituted Republic?

      • Texas is 50% White(mostly MAGAtards) and the other 50% is “Other” (aka Untermensch) – you can have that shithole.

        • I haven’t been to Texas for a while. I guess it’s all changed for the worse, especially after Hurricane Katrina, when New Orleans sent its least desirable Negroes to Houston.

          • @Spahn…

            Texas is not one state, and, given that, I would not be so sure that even Texas stays together.

            East Texas is Dixie, the central part is increasingly questionable and the western part is Southwest in nature.

  2. . “Democracy” is also hushing everyone else in this country.

    That’s the reason the Framers gave us a

    they despised democracy, for the mob rule that it is.

  3. Bring it on! Hit that final nail into the coffin. The sooner people realize it’s a one party system the better.

    • It’s sad that so many still have hope in the Republicans. It’s like kicking the dead horse. Both parties do the same thing. Dems are more brash and loud, Reps are more subtle.

      • Instead of dragging everything back to Republican politicians who are proven failures, we should focus on voters and what they believe. After all, we’re supposed to be trying to build a social movement. We’re not running for office.

  4. Things like this wouldn’t happen, if The Republicans had a spine, but the limp-wristed GOP wants to be socially acceptable.

  5. “All that they see is two new liberal Democrat senators, but that cuts against everything that we believe in about American democracy.”

    -Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md

    What is so special about democracy? It pits every group against another. And it is based on a lie: that of individual equality. It is difficult for me to imagine a worse system of government than this.

    Of course we see 2 new liberal senators coming out of this – 2 new black Leftist senators, to be more precise. No one even remotely on the Right could support that.

  6. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad idea if the new DC state could annex Virginia’s Fairfax and Arlington counties. Without these leftist pestholes, Virginia could go back to being Virginia.

  7. If this means ditching the Electoral College, I’m all for it. With the EC gone we would have more radical parties in Congress, immigration can be curtailed, defense spending can be reduced, and taxes on the billionaire class can finally be raised. You boobs are being manipulated by the GOP to uphold a two party system that works against the 99 percent.

    • I’m sure the Democrats will restrict immigration and take on the billionaire class after dismantling the Electoral College. We’re also boobs for not realizing it. LMAO

      • Replies the genius political pundit that predicted Ron Paul and Trump would, the Democrats are now the party of tax cuts for the top (not GOP), and a small invasion at the Capitol is a sign the masses support him and there’s an incoming revolution? LMAO
        Evidently, you missed the “if” and “more radical parties” part. Keep supporting the GOP and trying to convince your footmen the Republicans are the real party of Joe the Plumber. LOL

        • Democrats objectively represent the wealthiest congressional districts in the country.

          Democrats are objectively financed by Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

          Democrats are objectively on the side of the Chamber of Progress and increasingly the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

          Democrats objectively killed the $15 minimum wage.

          Democrats objectively support higher gas prices to fight climate change.

          Democrats objectively are not pushing for a public option in health care.

          Democrats objectively reduced the eligibility and amount of $2,000 stimulus checks.

          Democrats objectively have not delivered on their promise of student loan debt forgiveness.

          Democrats are objectively fighting over the SALT deduction cap which benefits millionaires.

          Democrats are objectively losing working class voters and attracting professional class voters.

          Democrats are objectively less willing to raise taxes on +$250,000 households because affluent suburban voters in traditional Republican leaning areas voted for Joe Biden.

          Democrats are objectively wrestling with taxing Wall Street and over how much to raise the corporate tax rate.

          Joe Biden objectively told the donors that nothing was going to fundamentally change.

          I’m not alone in making this observation. It is Democrats who are the angriest about it right now.

        • @Vegan WWE Gamer

          > “more radical parties.”

          Do you mean the Democratic Socialists of America, the richest political party in America, or the Greens, the second richest party?

    • You would think someone as seemingly intelligent as HW would see that and quit wasting his time covering the 2 (((political parties))).

    • @Shipwrecked…

      Indeed, in fact, it has had no respect for borders, or laws pertaining to them, as far back as 1861.

      Even the treaties it signs, even the promises it gives (reflect on the promise it gave to Russia, when allowing a reunion of Germany, that it would never push NATO east) it has no respect for.

      The United States’ Government has no respect for anything, or anyone, but that and who advances their agenda, at that moment.

      Everyone else is potential fodder.

  8. “House Passes DC Statehood Bill”

    Great news!

    Yet another bold power grab by The Eilte, which will further drive Red States into secession.

  9. State of Washington, DC

    State Capitol: wherever the National Guard ain’t
    State Animal: Barack Obama
    State Beverage: Bottled Sewer Water
    State Bird: Maxine Waters
    State Bush: George W.
    State Flower: Pillsbury
    Working Canine: Maxine Waters
    State Dog: Maxine Waters
    State Fish: (Freshwater): Mitt Romney
    State Fish (Saltwater): Mitt Romney
    State Flag: Rainbow queer flag
    State Fossil: Nancy Pelosi
    State Fruit: Bill Clinton
    State Gem: Ace of Diamonds
    State Insect: Anthony Fauci
    State Motto: We’re Working on It
    State Muffin: Dough Nuts
    State Name Origin: (We’re working on renaming it to some trans-something non-white abolitionist)
    State Nickname: It sure ain’t that slaver Washington
    State Quarter: a dime
    State Reptile: Nancy Pelosi
    State Seal: Any endangered one will do
    State Shell: Bombshell
    State Slogan: You Make It, We Take It
    State Snack: any illegal drug will do
    State Song: “We’re in the Money”
    State Tree: (tie) Orange road construction barrel and Road Construction Ahead sign

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