MILO Wants To “Make America Hate Again” After Breaking Up With His Black Husband

All you can really do is laugh at this.

How on earth did we ever become associated with people like MILO or his British counterpart Caolan Robertson who was recently featured in the New York Times? What did we ever have in common with these people? Who are all of these professional ex-Alt-Right grifters?

I’ve been enjoying the post-Trump era. You have no idea what a relief it is to wake up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and go to work without the likes of Donald Trump or his degenerate entourage weighing you down. It honestly feels like a heavy burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

Note: In fairness, I am sure that MILO’s anger about his own cancellation is genuine. He was one of the first big names who were “cancelled.” I heard that James O’Keefe was banned from Twitter the other day. It turns out it was a slippery slope.

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  1. This gentleman pushes back Mr. Turchin theory. Such people are not elite, so there is not over production of elite but tyranny of degenerates.

    The fact that such degenerates can run amok demonstrates that there is no elite who can rally people up and push back the degenerate filth. The video below demonstrates how real elite operates.

  2. According to Lee Stranahan, a “journalist” who covered the Alt Right more or less fairly while also exposing some rather interesting dirty laundry about their connection to certain State Department programs, the gimmick about Milo being into black men was nothing but a troll and in fact Stranahan witnessed Milo going in and out of his hotel room with a young “twinky” blond male, which is more or less the stereotype you would expect. Stranahan also suspected Milo of being very fond of cocaine, something else that is quite interestingly seemingly not as uncommon among the Alt-Right of the Trump era than one might think.

    You would think high profile dissidents would never get away with such misbehavior as sex-and-drugs parties in between their political “activist events” – but you would be wrong.

    Milo worked for the Israeli website and he brags about having a “disk” full of hours and hours of “compromising video and audio” of Richard Spencer and his friends. He also brags about his status as an FBI informant. What crimes is he witnessing and relating to the FBI?

    What do you call such a character? The 4chan types say “glow in the dark” which is a phrase coined by the unfortunate schizophrenic computer programmer that died a few years ago, but back in the day we used to just call them “feds.”

    Also interesting about the Milo story is that the people who took him down were the “Reagan Battalion,” a fake astroturf group with only two members, both orthodox Jewish rabbis.

    It was kind of fun, back in 2015, pretending to be a “political activist” though, wasn’t it? Some people even got to be on TV!

  3. Milo is an admitted FBI informant. That’s all anyone needs to know about him to dismiss everything he says.

  4. The novelty of being a flamboyant, outspoken homosexual celebrity is over. M.I.L.O.’s shtick would have been a hoot in the 70s, where he almost certainly would have made numerous appearances on Merv Griffin, Mike Douglass and the Hollywood Squares. His antics would have been covered in the National Enquirer and People magazine. He would have gotten into bitchy feuds with Joan Collins, Truman Capote and Elizabeth Taylor. But I suppose there is something novel about reinventing himself as a “former” pansy.

  5. I want to say that I respect the hell out of what Mr. Yiannopoulis is trying to do in his life.

    It’s one hell of a thing to embrace Christian Orthodoxy and dump the hard-wired habits of degeneracy, in his case fornication, pornography, race-mixing, and sodomy.

    For me to realize what a hard thing that would be to attempt, I can only imagine myself as a young man and attempting to never act on my feelings of desire for women.


    That Mr. Yannoupolis is even attempting to do what he is doing, and do it in a very publick way, is of great benefit for society, and, indeed, everyone in it to see.

    I wish him the very very best, and hope that, if he falls off the wagon a time or two, he gets back on.

    God bless you, Mr. Yiannopoulis!

    • You’ve got to be trolling, nobody is stupid enough to think this Jew-financed degenerate is sincere.

      • @Ricky…

        No, Dear Ricky – just sharing with you my sincere opinion.

        For whatever it is worth, I have a dear friend, from my time in the army, who, though much older than Mr. Yiannopoulos, has done the same thing – embracet Chryst and totally turned his back on his long habituated perversions.

        And, having coming from a life of sin myself, though not one of sexual perversion, I well know the challenges of changing the habits, particularly in the mind.

        Have a great evening!

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