USA Today: “The Normalization of Hate”

This article pretty much sums up the broad outlines of new impending crisis between populist nationalism and woke progressivism and why the two are on a collision course.

We’ve reached the point where celebrating “uniquely Anglo-Saxon traditions” and “European architecture” is considered “hate” and “racism.” Clearly, the celebration of ANYTHING about America that is White and European is now politically incorrect and verboten. There is absolutely nothing whatsoever that is positive about White Americans including, say, our existence and the republic itself.

USA Today:

“WASHINGTON – Calling for respect of the county’s “uniquely Anglo-Saxon traditions.” Saying the nation’s infrastructure should express the “progeny of European architecture.” Decrying the influence of domestic and international “globalist” forces.

The language used in the would-be Republican congressional America First Caucus’s platform has alarmed many lawmakers and civil rights advocates who say its white nationalist message shows the growing clout of extremism in the right wing of the Republican Party.

Reports of the new faction in Congress first broke last Friday, when Punchbowl News shared a seven-page document outlining the group’s call to continue former President Donald Trump’s agenda.

“It is the firm belief of this caucus that American policy-making needs to get back to first principles, restore a long-term time horizon amongst our nation’s leaders, and instill a greatly internalized sense of service to the American people on part of our elected leaders,” the document said. …”

You can’t use the word “Anglo-Saxon.”

You can get in big trouble for using words like that these days in anything but a negative sense. We’re just now getting around to using emasculating gender neutral language.

It would be “anti-Semitic” to celebrate “Anglo-Saxon traditions.” I’m not joking. I actually recently saw a “journalist” making this argument. I wish that I had taken a screenshot.

How much longer are we going to put up with this shit from the professional managerial class? Why are we putting up with it? Why are these people making up thousands of new make-believe genders and new -isms and -phobias to pathologize traditional values? Why are the rest of us going along with it? Isn’t it obvious that the wealthy and PMCs are defining the boundaries of the “mainstream”?

The roots of this crisis stretch back to the 1910s when the edgiest progressive liberals embraced modernism. It was around this time that the PMC first began to emerge and America’s modernist liberal intelligentsia came into existence. The Modern “mainstream” began to challenge and replace the Victorian “mainstream” in the wake of World War I. It happened so long ago that now we take for granted that our “mainstream” has always existed and always go on existing. The 19th century had its own “mainstream” which was challenged and replaced by the 20th century “mainstream.”

In the decades that followed, America’s modernist liberal intelligentsia embraced antiracism and cosmopolitanism, which became central to their credo by the 1950s. Political correctness and diversity ideology were added as new layers in the 1980s and 1990s. Most recently, atheism and critical social justice or what we call wokeness has been embraced by PMCs and incorporated into their worldview. This cancer has metastasized into a new religious faith which PMCs are now trying to force down our throats. There is no room in this extreme worldview for anything that is White or culturally traditional. It all must be razed to the ground so that the social order can be flipped upside down.

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  1. Whaddabout the “extremism” of anti white bigotry/ “normalization” of anti white hate in mainstream media publications like USA Today? Let’s put those faggots on the defensive for a change.

  2. 911 was the last gasp of old-fashioned Boomer patriotism .There will never be anything like that type of unity again.

  3. White Women who have large White families…

    this has been nomalized into a hate crime against the majority NONWHITE Democratic Party Voting Bloc…

    THEY WANT US FUCKING DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just remember:JEFF BEZOS FUNDS WHITE GENOCIDE…..think about it




  4. Meanwhile, the same hypocrites that think it’s racist to celebrate White culture have no qualms pushing and celebrating every other culture as long as it benefits their agenda.

  5. Of course they are afraid. Cultural Marxism has name for reason. Natural Anglos Saxon genetical culture is more powerful that Jew infected replacement therapy and because that, mortal enemy of Jews and communists.

    Natural culture is what people like. Genetics is what making culture so natural Anglo Saxon culture hits the gene pool and nerve and gives the people flags around people can unite. White Nationalism is abstract and fake like Jew consumerism or holocaustiania or good war or constitution or whatever.

    After all, natural culture is positive. We are building up something good our people, not fighting with others.

  6. “USA Today: “The Normalization of Hate”


    Whites have had it with looking the other way as our country is stolen from us, and, because it scares the holy hell out of the Jewish World Order, USA today would like to tar and feather us yet another time again.

    Does anyone care anymore?

    I think not…

  7. The good news about the article from USA Today, as well as an endless recent arrays of programs from MSNBC, is that it is very clear that, in response to the changing situation, those who think they own The United States have nothing left in their bag except the same old tricks to which The Body Politick has become largely immune.

    • Yes. Race is everything. Your genes decide your abilities and temperament in this world. Everything else is environmental, and quite lesser.

  8. @ not all “Whites”, but thee “Whites”, of northwest Europe in particular, we are hated and under the gun, because we are covenant people, they hate our god and certainly hate us, we are thee object of satan’s wrath, he is running out of time and thrashing about wildly, we are wicked and sinfulnand our heavenly father is withdrawing blessings and protection, because we as a whole, have strayed from the path, thee enemies of god, are our enemies and they smell blood, our.blood,if we repent and return to the fold, he will restore our strength, if we dont we are on our own, our enemies are under thee command of a supernatural psychopath, we need our lord’s help.

  9. “Students claim soap dispensers are proof of systemic racism. Here’s my rebuttal.”

    These people are crazy and Whites can no longer share a country with them.

    Everything has been tried, but to no avail.

    After the Reconstruction Amendments, the Civil Rights Act, the Great Society, affirmative action, & the election of Obama blacks are still a hostile minority.

    David Duke was right and we need White nationalism.!

  10. “After the Reconstruction Amendments, the Civil Rights Act, the Great Society, affirmative action, & the election of Obama blacks are still a hostile minority.”
    We haven’t tried dropping to our knees, kissing their feet, and worshipping them yet… oh wait.

  11. Both the far left and right are full of disreputable grifters and I refuse to support either unlike the whiners here. Neither cares about the issues important to me and many other upper middle class independents…

    Fair taxation.
    Keeping taxes high for the rich and as low as possible for everyone else. Trimming the welfare state by replacing it with UBI if possible. The far left wants to tax regular people to death and the far right, except maybe the Third Position, wants to enable the Reaganite supply siders. Both are anti-middle class because the middle class is the only obstacle standing in the path of communism and fascism.

    Green issues.
    The far left rejects science when it comes to race and gender and the far right on almost everything else. Both, except perhaps the Nazis, have horrible historical records on animal rights, environmentalism, overpopulation, and conservation.

    Multiparty representation.
    Both the far right and left have always advocated policies that eventually lead to a one party state. Both them, Democrats and GOP oppose proportional representation.

    The Democrats are probably the lesser evil because they seem to do more about these issues and for ordinary people while keeping the far left at bay, but they’re still part of the problem in this flawed system. Vote third party or stop bitching, lazy boomer losers!

    • Ordinary people aren’t White college-educated, upper middle class voters with progressive values.

      1. The Democrats are in power now. They control all three branches of government. Now is their chance to tax the wealthy which they can do through budget reconciliation. Currently, the demand is to end the SALT deduction cap and to cut taxes on households that make over $250,000 a year. They aren’t event willing to raise the corporate tax rate to 28% – half way back to what it was under Trump.

      2. How in the world are people who have already been vaccinated, but who don’t understand why they have to permanently pretend that the pandemic will last forever, “rejecting science”? COVID overwhelmingly kills old people, sick people and fat people. That’s clear now.

      3. We don’t have proportional representation and that isn’t realistically going to chance

      4. Sadly, the Democrats are the greater evil because their position is censoring the internet and criminalizing their opposition as “domestic extremism.” Both parties suck though so it is probably for the best to stay on the sidelines for now.

      • @HW

        Why do you keep lumping in middle class accountants, teachers, veterinarians, lawyers, nurses with upper class CEOs and Wall Street bankers? You can’t seem to grasp nuances quite well.

        1. Only Trump and Hawley (2 Repubs total) and the Dems supported the recent stimulus checks. No Repubs today support recurring pandemic stimulus checks. You choose not to answer how many Repubs espouse recurring pandemic checks, UBI, or higher taxes on corporations and the rich because it undermines your silly ridiculous argument the GOP is the party of average people while the Dems represent the richest.

        2. The vast majority of Trump voters believe Trump was cheated and he didn’t lie to take money from them. Half of them refuse to get vaccinated. You using them as an example of logic speaks volumes about yourself. LOL
        Covid has killed 20 times more people than the flu. Yes, it’s more dangerous to at risk groups, but it’s also killed perfectly healthy HS and college athletes. How many of those kids have died from the flu? Shifting your position because your fans were getting increasingly upset at you? LMAO

        3. We don’t have proportional representation because most American voters choose to keep voting for the status quo instead of changing it.

        4. “it is probably for the best to stay on the sidelines for now.”
        In other words, you’d prefer most voters to not vote for third parties because you prefer to maintain the status quo for your own gain and because you prefer Republicans over Democrats. Thanks for playing, but you lose again.

        • @Vegan WWE Gamer

          “Only Trump and Hawley (2 Repubs total) and the Dems supported the recent stimulus checks. ” The whole business of “stimulus checks” is an aberration. It was labeled as a stimulus check, but if you work a decent job, you didn’t get the money, or a very reduced amount. So it was more welfare…If it was truly a stimulus check, so people would SPEND it, then everyone should have gotten one. But we all KNOW who this is discriminating against, don’t we?

          “Half of them refuse to get vaccinated.” That’s me. What kind of a vaccine doesn’t really immunize you against what it’s supposed to be for? People aren’t immune after taking it, because in several countries, including the US, they can get it again. When you’re vaccinated against Polio, Rubella, etc., you can’t get it, unless a variant comes up.

          ” We don’t have proportional representation because most American voters choose to keep voting for the status quo instead of changing it.” Noooo. We don’t have representation, because no one is representing us, no matter WHO gets in. The whole agenda is anti-white. No matter who gets in, the parties’ agenda is anti-white/ replacement.

    • @Vegan WWE Gamer

      LOL you are such a stereotype of a Special Snowflake.

      You don’t care about any of those abstract issues – those are postures, virtue signals, not anything actionable.

      It’s also cute how you pretend you aren’t just a common partisan Democrat with “social justice” tendencies, but just really transphobic and frankly white supremacist.

      Once you stop with the transparent class and virtue signaling you’ll find living in truth is its own reward.

      Why in the world are you trolling this website and doing a second rate Samantha Bee impersonation? Do you really think you’re impressing us? Why are you so fascinated with all these bad naughty right wing extremist racist sexist boys on fringe blogs?

      You’re obsessed with us.

      • Poor Bannedhipster. Doesn’t have the money, youth, or power to be one of those suave urban hipsters he claims to despise so he has to rant and rave online to conceal his incel anime porn addicted so-called life. LOL

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