Ibram X. Kendi Is The New Jim Jones


Does Ibram X. Kendi remind you of a more successful Jim Jones?

It was Kendi who redefined the meaning of the terms “racism” and “antiracism.” He is the biggest “antiracist” influencer who wants to abolish the police because “America has been convicted.” CNN recently had him on to discuss the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting and was hanging on his every word. They didn’t press him on his position which is abolishing the police.

Joe Biden and the entire political establishment has come under the spell of this crackpot. Ibram X. Kendi is Joe Biden’s guru. They’ve all adopted his lingo and doctrines about systematic racism. The Biden administration is pushing his policies into law. Kendi is wielding power through Joe Biden.

Note: Rasputin and the Russian imperial court also comes to mind.

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  1. “Ibrahim X” is just another professional race-hustler working for The Man. No doubt he’s got lots of illegitimate half-castes running around from a dozen white and Puerto Rican girls. Probably has a rap sheet as long as your arm, too. As long as he doesn’t say anything negative about the jews the liberal establishment will continue to let him be their resident Angry Blag Mayne. Sho’ beats workin’ fo’ a livin’!

  2. The last sentence in my previous message should have read “Sho’ beats shinin’ white folks shoes fo’ a livin’!” I sincerely regret the error.

  3. This guys ideology is so crazy, immoral, you know the going to be a reckoning somewhere, someplace. Nemisis is chuckling offstage… Waiting. It always happens eventually..

  4. > “Does Ibram X. Kendi remind you of a more successful Jim Jones?”

    Jim Jones was legitimately charismatic. This guy is just an actor that occasionally appears on TV shows that no one watches.

    If he is hard to pin down it is because he actually does not have an audience. No black people outside of “activist” crowd have ever heard of him. No white people have ever heard of him. And the whole “X” thing was pretty bad ass … back when Public Enemy was around in the late 80’s – but now it is as cringe as those gaudy “Afrocentric” outfits they used to wear back then.

  5. Ibrahim is not Jim and not Rasputin. Jim and Rasputin were evil geniuses, Ibrahim is just low IQ token and incapable to something really big.

    Bad thing is , people like Ibrahim think that they can win nuclear war with China or Russia. Low IQ people tend to be more dangerous .

  6. Kendi the Negro works on behalf of Jeff Bezos….a White Man….steal the wealth of the White Working Class….through use and employment of Hindu-Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRANT SCAB LABOR-this is how White Working Class Wealth is transferred to trillionaire Jeff Bezos…….Kendi…the very well paid house Negro owned by Jeff Bezos…

    Ultimate Goal:criminalize speech critical of the H1B…L1B Visa Program….

  7. I never really saw video of this guy before, so I didn’t notice he was such a pudgy little nerd. The photos he usually has hide it.

  8. The US is going to have to dismantle its nuclear weapons. Camt have a freak like that whispering into the ear of a president, or have acolytes as SecDef etc.

  9. HW, do you believe he is really Biden and Co’s “guru” or isnthat just as he is positioned for optics. I genuinely dont even know anymore, i like to think the elite are more evil than dumb but who knows. You make a good point perhaps delusion has warped minds like the witch trials.

    • Biden himself doesn’t know what is going on around him, but yes this guy is unquestionably where all of this rhetoric which is being pushed into policy is coming from

  10. “When I’m pulled over or stopped by the police, when I comply fully, I still don’t know if I’m going to survive.”

    Copious tears.

  11. I don’t see any parallels between that uppity nigger and Reverend Jones, HW. Jones was a charismatic cult leader whose mostly poor Negro followers were willing to die for him. “Ibrahim X” is a token “professor of anti racism research” at a joke school in Boston. The only people who follow him are shitlibs who listen to NPR.

  12. @ he has no intellectual depth, thee current face of afro/marxism, “Yawn”, he is boring as hell.

  13. @ I know it’s not physically possible, for Ibram X. kendi to be a ” blushing bride”, but i still think, he would make a lovely bride, for ” liberal larry”, between ingesting their daily delusion and sunbathing their anuses together, they could.play stinkfinger with “Dolly don lemon”, a match made in hell.

  14. Kendi is the new Jim Jones, eh?

    Well, then, if Kendi and his followers all go and kill themselves, I’m hip to that.

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