Greta Thunberg: Why We Need To Act Now To Stop Climate Change

Europe’s biggest self-righteous, virtue signaling brat joined Trevor Noah on The Daily Show last night. Greta Thunberg traveled to the United States on a zero carbon emissions boat to lecture Joe Biden about climate change on Earth Day. Biden’s goal of cutting carbon admissions by 50% by 2030 which CNN compared to doing 190 moonshots isn’t extreme enough for Greta.

As I have been happily pointing out this year, it is the White college-educated professional class that watches Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah. The Democratic Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs) are the governing wing of the Democratic Party. The environment and climate change are their top two issues. These people are well off urban and suburban professionals which is why jobs and the economy are significantly less important to them than virtually everyone else in the country.

Note: I like to watch PMC TV and read the PMC media and watch PMC late night comedy shows. I’ve been studying these people. They are monitoring us. I do the same thing.

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  1. Yes. The Earth is more important than jobs. Without the Earth, we all die. The PMC are correct. It should be the highest priority. Unfortunately Biden is doing nothing than virtue signaling along with Democrats. Like Macron when he taxed gasoline but poor people still had to drive). It should not be reduction but complete replacement.

    This could also help a lot of people with creation of jobs you’re talking about. Plus, save a lot of money on gas and maintenance (no oil changes, etc) with a gasoline vehicle which would be huge for lower working class people (if we had a program of taking old cars and giving them new ones). I hate these “issues” being treated as separate. As if “health” is not related to the “environment.” Or “migration” is not related to “health.” Life is organic. Society should be organic. Things are interdependent.

    Another issue I have is this is nothing more than white hating with a veneer of environmentalism. Again, as I said, I don’t take any environmentalist seriously who cannot broch the subject of Africa’s quadrupling population (which is unsustainable) or China’s emissions. Or India’s pollution. If your “environmentalism” is basically screeching at old white liberal boomers “How dare you?!” over and over again or AOC’s “white people are the cause of climate change,” I cannot take you seriously. You’re basically a fucking xenophile who will turn a blind eye to the “other”/people who look different than you (and what they do), to talk about “Western Countries” (code word for white people), which a big factor but not the only factor.

    Both sides are stupid. Increase migration is going to happen due to the planet instability and places becoming inhospitable (more fires, etc).

    • Migration and health:

      A lot of liberal bullshit to weed through but for example:

      “Methods to map human mobility for public health preparedness and response stemming from outbreaks and other health emergencies are needed in order to provide accurate information on population movements, for monitoring the progression of outbreaks, predicting future spread and allocating resources for surveillance and containment strategies. *******Human mobility******* was a critical factor in the spread of Ebola virus in the West African region.”

      “Unease was expressed about the increasingly polarised political viewpoints on migration, often propagated by nationalist and populist movements, which present real challenges to researchers. This may also be associated with a reluctance to finance research exploring discriminatory policies that limit the access of international migrants to health services and other positive determinants of health, including work and housing.

      The increasing complexity of global, regional, and national migration trends, as well as disagreements about the correct way to define and label different types of migrants, create additional difficulties within an already tense and politically contested research domain.”

      Health and the environment:

      “Advances in the field of environmental health have taught us much about human health hazards; for example, air pollution can cause respiratory disease…”

      So CO2 emissions have an effect on the lungs.

      I would probably ban these studies that ask people to lists what is “most important” which reinforces this simplistic binarism. Life and nature is not either or. Everything is organic. Organicism and integrationism.

      Based and PMC pilled. I’m not interested in reactionary Republicanism.

  2. I wonder how much CO2 the Antifa fires released last autumn? Not to mention the environmental damage to wildlife and forests. For those of you on the East Coast these were the worst fires in living memory.

  3. I’m still convinced they made this little goblin the face of environmentalism to damage its image. She’s really bad optics.

  4. ” I have been happily pointing out this year, it is the White college-educated professional class
    Read: government employees

    Hahaha, China in building one giant coal plant a week. China is building coal fired plants faster than the rest of the world is sitting them down.

    Greta should learn to speak Mandarin, not they would listen to that media twerp.

  5. Isn’t this kosher kaffir supposed to be a comedian? He’s not making me laff. Did you unsophisticated hicks know that it’s against the law to smoke up in the Hollywood Hills? Per order of the LACFD. Even if you live in a $2 million mansion off of Mulholland Drive.

  6. Why doesn’t that extremely unlikable and unattractive girl suggest a massive reduction in surplus third world populations and the planting of a billion trees to combat “climate change”? That nigger should have asked her, but he can’t interview for shit.

    • The one unattractive girl in Sweden and they make her their climate change mascot. I don’t get it.

  7. I remember when children were seen and not heard. I can’t believe any adult would listen to this underdeveloped child. She looks like suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome.

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